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Amazing tips from veteran seduction guru, Kieran Black.


A Real Player Doesn’t Blame The Game

One thing that I constantly find astounding is the reluctance of individuals to take responsibility for their own lives and communities. When something goes wrong, when people try to change something and they experience resistance; the first thing they do is blame the “System”. This mentality is completely okay for your average Joe, who is […]

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Elliot Rodgers

Elliot Rodgers: A ‘Nice’ Guy

I’m sure by now everyone in the world is familiar with the now infamous Elliot Rodgers. The arrogant little Prick who took it upon himself to murder women who’s only crime was that they were beautiful and had standards. This little creep ‘tried’ and failed at becoming a Pick Up Artist. He signed up for the […]

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10 Tips To Getting Everything You Want

I am writing to you now as someone who is living at the top but started at the bottom. To put things in perspective, a few years ago before I found my way with Way of the Player. I was a deadbeat loser. I was unemployed and living off welfare, I drank too much, I […]

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Why You Can’t Get A Girlfriend

Why You Can’t Get A Girlfriend Hey guys, I am writing this article because there are a lot of guys on here who tell me, “I don’t want to pick up women, I just want to get a girlfriend”. This seems like a fair enough request right? Kind of like, I don’t want to catch […]

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elephant in room

Great Conversations – The Elephant In The Room

This article is the second in a series titled ‘Great Conversations’, you can read the first by clicking here. The Elephant In The Room It’s a Saturday night and you are feeling pretty good. You approach a pretty girl and you initiate a conversation. You are talking, she is politely listening and talking back but there is […]

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Great Conversations

Great Conversations – Why You Can’t Think Of Anything To Say

Have Great Conversations With Women This is the first of a series I will be writing over the next few weeks for the Way of the Player community revolving around.. You guessed it. Having great conversations with beautiful women. One of the most common things I come across in our community is men who are […]

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You Are Your Friends

Hey guys! Some of you may have noticed that we haven’t updated the blog in awhile and I just want to let you know, it’s not because we have run out of awesome things to discuss, it’s just that we have been super busy perfecting our new book which should be coming out in a […]

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Socialize With A Stranger A Day

Whenever my girlfriend and I go running or walking in our local park, I always make a point of saying hello to the people that we pass. My girlfriend always put this down to one of my many idiosyncrasies (funny habits) and for awhile she didn’t make any mention of it; until the other day when […]

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Never Get Rejected Again

Do you fear rejection? Are you afraid of trying and failing? I’m about to tell you two ways that you can make sure that you NEVER get rejected ever again. It is not a strategy it’s not a technique, it is just reality and out of these two options that I present you, one will […]

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learn a martial art

Learn A Martial Art

I don’t think it’s a coincidence that many of the most successful driven people I have met in this community also practice a martial art. The same kind of man who can see the benefit in constant exercise, stretching and training towards perfection, is the same kind of man who can employ those skills towards meeting and […]

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