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Articles by professional seduction coach Damien Diecke from the School of Attraction, Sydney. Amazing tips on how to improve your game.

Become A Player

How Our Decisions Define Us

How many decisions do you think you make in a day? Perhaps 20 decisions in a day sounds fair? Wait… what about the small decisions? Perhaps more like 200 decisions in a day. Wow that’s pretty overwhelming huh? Every day you make around 200 decisions. God, how daunting… Wait, there is research that has been […]

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How To Tell If A Beautiful Woman Is Approachable

5 tips to drastically improve your success. By Damien Diecke My students are often left stunned and amazed at how consistently I can walk from one woman to another, opening successfully every time; getting huge interest, really obvious and overt signals of attraction, a solid phone number and then leave to find my next target. […]

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hanging from rock

One Small Step A Day To Unstoppable Self-Confidence

By Damien Diecke   What is true Self Confidence? It’s a question I always ask clients in my very first session with them. Endearingly they often try to define it by using the same word in a sentence such as “It’s when you are confident in yourself”, but although we all know it when we see it, […]

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