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My Slovenian Nightclub Experience

By Ciaran Okay before we get started, my name is Ciaran pronounced ‘Key-er-an’ and I am from a lovely green place called Ireland. Every year just before Easter I make a point of picking out somewhere new and interesting in Europe and then I go there and spend a few weeks taking in a new culture and generally just […]

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I Wanted To Become Hank Moody

Hunter’s journey to become like Hank Moody Ever since I first got my very own home PC at the age of 13, I have been addicted to porn… Ever since I looked up my first bit of sleaze on the internet with the door bolted shut and my tissue box out. I have repeated this ritual […]

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Threesome Relationship

Hi my name is James and I have a threesome relationship. Some of you may have read some of my stories on here before. Here’s to hoping this one gets published as well. The first one I sent in was the story of how I picked up this amazing hottie in Bogota, Colombia. The second story I […]

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Story: How I Finally Lost My Virginity

By Dean A few weeks ago I lost my virginity to a hot girl. This would not seem like a big deal for a lot of guys but it was for me because I am 26 years old. That’s right I was a 26 year old virgin. “some kind of virgin freak” I am not an […]

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Story: The Best Revenge Story Ever

By Anonymous. I was dating a girl for two and a half years, we met in college and she was the third girl I had ever had sex with. During the time that we went out she went on a trip down to Tijuana, Mexico with her friends and while she was down there she cheated on […]

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Story: The Girl On The Train From Spain

By Juan Hello, my name is Juan, like Don Juan, I come from Spain. I am going to tell you the story of how I seduced a girl on the train on the weekend. I apologize if you experience difficulty reading this; English is not my first language. I have been reading articles on Way […]

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Story: How I Got My First Threesome With Two Beautiful Women

By James Lancaster Hi, my name is James and I’m going to share with you, the readers of Way of the Player, the story of how I got my first threesome with two beautiful women. Normally I post quite a bit in the forums of Way of the Player but this news just seemed to good […]

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Story: Saucy Debauchery In London Town.

By Ken This is the story of how I seduced and shagged a very hot American girl in a London hostel the same day that I met her. It was on my third night in London and I was just recovering from a long haul flight and a bender that followed. When I had first arrived at […]

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Story: Getting Laid In Bogota.

By James Lancaster Hey guys, My name is James a few of you may know me as Dark Angel, I post on here a fair bit but this is my first time writing in. I read that we are able to send in our stories and I remembered that I had a pretty good one […]

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pick up girl with mom

Story: How I Picked Up A Girl In Front Of Her Mom.

By Ken Hi my name is Ken and I would like to tell you a special story that happened to me. When I was about 4 years younger, I was single and loving life. After years of ‘being bad with women’ I had finally decided to do something about it, so I read just about every […]

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