Was Jesus Christ An Alpha Male?

What is An Alpha Male? This is one of the most common topics within the Pick Up Artist community that I find when I’m on boards and forums dishing out advice. Every guy is trying to figure out how to behave like or how to become an alpha male. The latest post just happened to be “ Was Jesus Christ …

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Quiz: How Likely Are You To Get Laid?

Want to have a greater chance at success tonight than that odd libido that always leaves you in front of a computer screen at 5 a.m. with some Vaseline? Well look no further: this questionnaire is designed to test your awareness while simultaneously increasing your knowledge of your female counterpart. While we cannot guarantee that taking this quiz will ensure that …

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The 25 Facts You Didn’t Know About Attraction

Here goes 25 facts about attraction that are sure to widen your pupils a bit. Regardless of the number of sexual partners a man or woman has been with, the more attractive a presumed new sexual partner is, the less likely a person is to take safe-sex precautions. Men are more attracted to women whose bone structure is similar to …

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The 21 Most Clever Pick Up Lines Of All Time

The 21 Most Clever Pick Up Lines Of All Time   As  you may already know; at WOTP we are completely against using anything canned or rehearsed on women- but If that is what you’re looking for, you can Google ” Pick Up Artist”, there is a big community of guys running around saying the same stuff to women. Although …

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The Womens Guide to True Happiness

So lets face it… Hollywood has fucked us! They design movies to sell fairly-tale like ideas of what romance is to the overly emotional; and like ignorant idiots we mistake it for real life. I’m sorry sweetheart, but you’re not a princess, you don’t live in a castle and I’m not a knight in shinning armor. Besides, what makes you think you would …

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The 48 Laws Of Player

By Eddie Fews   1. Lead Whether you are in an intimate relationship, a social circle, or among colleagues you have one main priority as a Player and that is to LEAD. Indecision is lower than the ground we walk on as Players. A Player knows what he wants and he gets exactly what he wants. ” Hey guys, lets all go grab …

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how to play kings cup

How To Play Kings Cup

The wonderful game of Kings Cup Here is a short tutorial provided by the Way of the Player team which will teach you how to play Kings (also known as ring of fire), the popular international drinking game. Our Player’s have found that whilst on the move in foreign countries the game of Kings Cup has been instrumental to many a successful seduction and if played properly …

How To Play Kings Cup