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8 Reasons Why Your Politics Are Holding You Back

Everyone has their own politics. Some opinions are more developed and better informed than others. Some people will inevitably be wrong, and others are right. One thing is common. Most people across the political spectrum believe that they know best and others with different opinions are either stupid and/or ignorant. For that reason, most people […]

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Amsterdam fashion

The 5 Fashion Essentials Needed For Summer

1. White Sneakers Anyone that knows anything about fashion knows that white sneakers are a summer essential. Darker colors were always meant to absorb heat and sunlight in the winter to keep one warm, and light colors were intended to reflect that light to keep one cool. And the best part about white sneakers is […]

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learn a martial art

Learn A Martial Art

I don’t think it’s a coincidence that many of the most successful driven people I have met in this community also practice a martial art. The same kind of man who can see the benefit in constant exercise, stretching and training towards perfection, is the same kind of man who can employ those skills towards meeting and […]

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attractive couple

The Player’s Guide To Fashion And Style, Part 2: Accessorising For The Modern Player.

Part 2: Accessorising For The Modern Player Welcome to Part 2 of the Player’s guide to accessorising. If you have not read Part 1 then we advise you read it before continuing as there are references in here that might confuse you otherwise. In Part 1 we covered what attires are generally suitable for a player […]

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attractive couple

The Player’s Guide To Fashion And Style, Part 2: Accessorising For The Modern Player. (Continued)

Part 2 (continued): Accessorising For The Modern Player Return to beginning of article (first page) Jewellery Jewellery is like alcohol, good in moderation terrible in excess. When people who have never had money suddenly obtain large amounts of it, the first thing they want to do is spend some of it and buy some luxury […]

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beating depression

Beating The Blues, Dealing With Depression.

By Kieran Black As an ex-depression sufferer myself, I felt somewhat compelled to write an article based on my own journey through depression and research I have undertaken in order to improve my ability to help friends of mine who are suffering from depression. There was once a time when I was in the depths of […]

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player with girlfriends

The Player’s Guide To Fashion And Style

Part 1: Mastering the basics We at Way of the Player want to make one thing crystal clear, players do not peacock. Peacocking is a practice taught under the PUA (pick up artist) guidelines for attracting women, it revolves around sporting loud obnoxious attire for the purpose of attracting female attention to oneself. Peacocking is for […]

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how to play kings cup

How To Play Kings Cup

The wonderful game of Kings Cup Here is a short tutorial provided by the Way of the Player team which will teach you how to play Kings (also known as ring of fire), the popular international drinking game. Our Player’s have found that whilst on the move in foreign countries the game of Kings Cup has been instrumental to many a […]

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