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Guide To Not Being Desperate

I’ll be turning more of the advice I give into articles that can be read, since its a lot of information that can be helpful to more than just the person in the emails I give it to. This is from a guy that asked me about a remedy for his desperation. Hey Eddie, Are there any […]

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Man Vs. Woman: Biologically & Psychological Differences ( The Wounded Womb)

So I just finished reading the first half of this book called ” The Wounded Womb by Dr. Phil Valentine” – Its a rare book. Used versions on amazon are starting at $225 USD. So if you desire to know the women’s in’s and out’s and if you have a little extra cash I strongly recommend […]

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Going Through A Break Up? Read This Now

The holidays just seem to be the time in which everyone decides to save money on gift buying and break up with their partners and as a result I’ve gotten a share of emails asking about getting back with ex girlfriends, dealing with heart break, etc. I decided I would make a public post about […]

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Be Abundant In Mentality and Attract More Women

What’s up guys, It’s been a while since I’ve made a blog post mainly due to all the writing I’ve been doing for my upcoming book titled ” The Worker Ant Syndrome” . That, combined with the answering emails, staying current with the forums, and the increase of clientele after the holiday season has left me with little time […]

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Dear Facebook, Fuck Your “Like” Button

Today I was hit with a brief epiphany regarding the famous cliché “If you believe them when they say that you’re great, you’ll believe them when they say that you’re not”. I had been made self-aware that I had been seeking and fishing for compliments from other people as a way to validate my own […]

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A Real Player Doesn’t Blame The Game

One thing that I constantly find astounding is the reluctance of individuals to take responsibility for their own lives and communities. When something goes wrong, when people try to change something and they experience resistance; the first thing they do is blame the “System”. This mentality is completely okay for your average Joe, who is […]

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My Threesome Relationship

Hi my name is James and I have a threesome relationship. Some of you may have read some of my stories on here before. Here’s to hoping this one gets published as well. The first one I sent in was the story of how I picked up this amazing hottie in Bogota, Colombia. The second story I […]

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Eddie Fews: The Power In A Proper Compliment

There has been a myth going around the seduction community for sometime that you should never compliment a woman on her looks. That instead you should point out something unique that a guy doesn’t usually compliment her on to get her attention. While I agree that an indirect compliment will definitely lift a woman’s spirits, […]

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Elliot Rodgers

Elliot Rodgers: A ‘Nice’ Guy

I’m sure by now everyone in the world is familiar with the now infamous Elliot Rodgers. The arrogant little Prick who took it upon himself to murder women who’s only crime was that they were beautiful and had standards. This little creep ‘tried’ and failed at becoming a Pick Up Artist. He signed up for the […]

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10 Tips To Getting Everything You Want

I am writing to you now as someone who is living at the top but started at the bottom. To put things in perspective, a few years ago before I found my way with Way of the Player. I was a deadbeat loser. I was unemployed and living off welfare, I drank too much, I […]

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