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Learn how to attract beautiful like the best Players do by reading and implementing the awesome material provided by our professional industry instructors.

Women Are Attracted To A Man With An Identity

A good friend of mine once told me that ” 20% of men sleep with 80% of the women.” As I’ve grown up and matured, I’ve began to see traces of how true that statement honestly is. Let’s take High School for example: In high school there are a few guys (Jocks, Popular Guys, Pretty […]

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25 Tips For Approaching Girls

By Chris Manak   1. Look your best This is an obvious one, yet it is still largely overlooked. If you’re overweight, or are really scrawny, or could use a tone up, spending time at the gym will get you much better results than just approaching, approaching, approaching. If you wear old “comfortable” clothes, buying […]

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How To Be Funny Without Trying

How To Be Funny Without Trying Humor is something we all love and enjoy. It has the ability to transcend linguistic, cultural and sexual barriers. It is an integral part of how we interact with and relate to others. Without humor, life would be a sad and sordid affair. It’s the spin we can place […]

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How To Pick Up On Holiday

The Players guide to backpacking Part 2. How to pick up on holiday Choosing the right places to stay. When traveling to foreign destinations you are always going to be bombarded with a variety of options for accommodation and without having been to a place previously you can really never be sure what you are booking yourself into. […]

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How To Get Rid Of Your Competition

An important facet of being a true Player is understanding and often practicing the notion that we are able to date multiple women guilt-free without the fear of them leaving us because we are secure in the fact that we have an abundance of options and will always continue to have abundant sexual options no […]

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How To Make Beautiful Women Fall For You

Ten great tips for winning her heart. 1. Don’t put her on a pedestal.   Beautiful women are accustomed to being worshipped and idolized by low value men on a constant basis. They get out of parking fines, they get doors opened for them and they get treated better by just about everyone. If you’re […]

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10 Easy Tips For Talking To Girls.

As the world populations grow and different cultures and races continue to expand and intermingle with one another we find ourselves entering the age of digital communication with an increasing demand for new computer and phone technologies which allow the average person to regularly communicate across the world with a plethora of people on a […]

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The 10 Pillars Of The Modern Player

Become a Player Every sane adult person alive lives by their own set of values and morals, their own individual code. This code determines how you interact with the world about you; it determines your character, your strengths, your weaknesses and most importantly your self-esteem. It is probably not something you are entirely conscious of, […]

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How To Make Beautiful Women Want Sex.

Make Beautiful Women Interested In Sex With You We at Way of the Player are going to show you in the simplest means possible how to make beautiful women interested in sex with you. It isn’t a magic trick or cauldron potion, it isn’t some kooky psychological mental trick, it is simply the ability to be bold and sexual […]

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