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If you are living in a Western country with access to a television or the Internet, then you have no doubt at some point watched the Olympics and marvelled at the highly trained, physically immaculate athletes that you see on the TV.

It probably crossed your mind at some point that in order to get in peak physical condition and train their minds and their bodies to perform these incredible athletic feats of strength, endurance and skill; they probably train pretty hard to get there.

You don’t many stories of Olympic gold medalists who sit around all day eating junk food and reading about the successes of others on the Internet. Why is this? Because they are too busy working towards their Olympic dream to slack off and procrastinate when they could be doing great things with their lives.

Even the dedicated athletes who don’t make the Olympics still achieve a level of discipline and personal glory which very few people ever get to experience and they are better people for it.

You could know everything about a sport, you could know all the rules and have watched every single game and know every players name but that doesn’t necessarily make you a sports pro.

Unless you actually train and play, you are just another guy who appreciates sport yet would rather sit in the grandstand than put in the hard yards necessary to play on the field.

I guarantee that some of the guys who read this article will think about it for five minutes and then go straight back to what they were doing before, mindlessly scrolling through the internet looking for a miracle cure to their problems with beautiful women and social anxiety.

Rather than being in the game and pushing themselves to great new heights, they find it easier to be Olympic spectators; nameless faceless lemmings who serve no other purpose than to support and elevate the great leaders, innovators and heroes of our time.

This is how many men choose to live their entire lives. Turning away from anything which looks like it might be a bit of hard work and never actually making a solid personal commitment to help themselves but this doesn’t have to be you.

Train For Your Olympics

This lifestyle of hard work, discipline and following your dreams isn’t just for Olympic athletes. It can be anyone. Athletes are just a great example because everyone can see just how hard they trained to achieve their dreams.

How many people look at Bill Gates and think, “From a young age that man made sacrifice after sacrifice and worked harder in one decade than most people work in two lifetimes.He deserves to be rich”

Not many. Most people just think to themselves, “What a lucky guy, I wish I had all that money”

Yet when we look at Olympic athletes, we have an entirely different perception. We see them with their chiseled bodies and their amazing skills and we can see straight away that they trained their asses off to get there and they are training their asses off still to stay at the top of their game.

It’s no different to become a Player.

When you see guys with beautiful women that you want, it’s totally natural for you to feel envy, jealousy, anger but what you should be feeling is inspired.

This guy obviously worked his ass off on becoming socially adept, confident, stylish, fit. Here is someone who is living your dream, here is living proof that it’s totally possible to get a girlfriend like that and if he can do it and he’s only human, then why can’t you?

If your dream ‘your Olympics’ is to become a Player and if your ‘Gold medal’ is to meet and date the most amazing women, then why shouldn’t you be training as hard as an Olympic athlete?

Most Olympic athletes seek out the best possible coaches and train at least 6 days a week. How many times a week are you training for your Olympics?

How do you feel about competition? Are you afraid of approaching beautiful women because you’re afraid they might have boyfriends or because other guys are talking to them. Do you think that Olympic basketballer and NBA star Lebron James is afraid of competition? Do you think that he ever would of grown to become the worlds most famous basketballer if he had avoided the court because he was afraid of going up against the other players?

This was a guy who grew up poor in the ghetto with an unstable home environment and a father MIA; yet he still managed to pull it together through incredible adversity to follow his dream of becoming a pro-basketballer. Look at him now.

I could tell you this plus a hundred other stories of athletes and legends prevailing against the odds and making their Olympics happen. But you’ve already heard these stories and if you’re like most of the guys out there you have probably told yourself that you don’t have what it takes to achieve that level of Olympic greatness.

Well I guarantee you that you do.

How do I know that? I don’t know you.

I know this because you are on here reading this in the first place, which means that you know that your life could be better and you have taken the first step in getting your Olympic dream. You have found people who have what you want and you are here to learn from us. Which is good, because we’re here to teach you.

You have one opportunity to make your dreams realities and you have the power to make your Olympics happen but unfortunately most of us take the easy option, we try, we fail, we give up, we move on.

Until you start taking control of your life and you stop giving up on yourself and your dreams this pattern will follow you to the grave.

If you ask anyone who is very successful, what the one thing is that made the difference; that allowed them to achieve all the great things they have achieved in their lives. It usually boils down to one answer. ‘They didn’t give up’

They kept going when most people would of quit, when their friends, their loved ones, everyone doubted them. They persevered driven by the belief that they were destined for greatness, they refused to be lost in the pages of history, they refused to settle for mediocrity.

These legends among men, these inspirational characters are fundamentally no more capable than you or I are. You might think to yourself, hold on. I have a knee injury or I have the wrong body shape, I’m not good looking enough, I’m not smart enough, I’m not charming enough.

There are millions of reasons why you shouldn’t try and be great and go after your Olympics and if you search for these reasons enough then you will always find them. But there is only one reason why you should be the greatest that you can be and that reason is simple.

Because you can.

If not for the women beautiful women, if not for the happiness and self-fulfillment, then become a Player because you can.

Do you think I’m asking too much by expecting you to be extraordinary rather than ordinary?

Do you begrudge the idea of hard work and serious life change?

Ask yourself why.

Is your life really so amazing right now, that there is no room for improvement? You can always get better, there is no finish line here, once you start winning in life you will never reach a point where you will think, “that’s it, I’ve achieved everything I set out to do, my days of hard work are over”. Once you have done that, you are just waiting to die.

The truth is, that it never ends, there is no finish line, just a series of goals and desires and the internal and external battles we fight along the way to get what we want but the reason we do it is because of the quality of the journey. We do it because being a legend among men is hard work and at times costly but a full life is priceless and too valuable a commodity to be wasted in mediocrity.

If you have a dream to become a player, then make it an Olympic style dream and train like you would if you were an athlete competing for gold because the only thing worse than failing our Olympic dream, is never even trying.

By Kieran Black


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