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Understanding what women really want.

I once heard a quote that went ” The condition of the spirit is a reflection of the mind and the condition of the mind is a reflection of the body”. Now although I decided to keep my body and mind healthy to maintain a healthy spirit I never had a real example of how a healthy spirit would benefit me until recently. (Now before you think this is some “New Age” metaphysical ramble, there has been scientific evidence of the existence of a spirit/soul being a part of the make up of humans.)

I had been going through a lot of things that I choose not to talk to anyone about; this resulted in a few ruined friendships and a huge falling out with my family. I felt as if I hit rock bottom and there was only one way to go from there. I began being more conscious of how I was using my time, the choices I was making unconsciously and what I was putting into my body. I started exercising daily, eating more whole foods, and centering my life around my purpose.

As a result of this I began to grow strong internally; I developed a new found confidence in myself and I felt untouchable. I also noticed that the people around me believed in me and my abilities more than ever. When I would go play a team sport the entire team looked at me to be the leader and make decisions; it was as if the people around me could feel like I was on the right path. I also took more risk and felt immune to negative emotions.

My good friend has a dog that’s really aggressive, he bites everyone. Because of its aggressive nature I’m usually really tense around the dog. However once I began to correct my bad habits which built my spirit I felt absolutely no fear around the dog. The dog then actually had a new found respect for me, I was able to play with it and give it orders with ease, all because I made my growth and development a priority.

And of course women were throwing themselves at me like never before.

Make your health mentally and physically the number one priority in your life.

Eat better, by better I mean eat more whole foods(preferably organic whole foods); foods that only contain one ingredient( Brown Rice, Steak, Spinach, Eggs etc). Have you ever checked the label of some of the stuff we’re eating? I bet you can barely pronounce it, let alone know what it is. The more ingredients on the label the less healthy the food is on the body(mind, and spirit).

Refrain from masturbation, shortly after masturbation many men feel sluggish and lazy about life. Most can evil feel something missing on the inside; which is semen, the most vital fluid in the male body. Lack of semen in the body is also a contributed to depression, which seems to be the number one mental issue people are dealing with today. Its funny how congruent this is with the increase of internet porn. Think of it like a car; when you have a full tank, you’ll go anywhere and drive any distance, and when left with a quarter tank you try and conserve gas and only make trips when necessary. Masturbation makes you appear less attractive to women, it removes the natural glow we each have about us. Refrain from masturbating for 3 weeks and see if you don’t notice a significant difference in the way your skin looks and the way women respond to you.

Think positive, A primary contributor to stress and depression is negative self talk; therefore if you begin practising positive self talk and positive thinking you are on the path of redemption.

Along with positive thinking comes a positive attitude, which means seeing everything that comes into your life as something that will benefit you and help you succeed. Fired from your job? Great! Now you can pursuer brighter and more self fulfilling careers that will add to your happiness. Rejected after an approach? Awesome, now you get on with finding the girl for you. Imagine if she talked you to death, a took your number just to flake on the date, she just saved you a lot of time.

When you are on the road to pursuing things you are passionate about and serving your life purpose very little will be able to get you down. You begin to plow through the world easier, men will admire you, and women will find you ten times more attractive than ever before. So what are you waiting for? Get started on improving the quality of your life now!

By Eddie Fews
Dating & Seduction Coach 


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