Beautiful Women Want You To Wear The Pants


Understanding why you need to wear the pants in a relationship.

I was browsing a couple of seduction forums today. I often do this when I’m looking for inspiration or just feel like giving back to the seduction community that gave me so much.

I came across a forum post. Well, several actually. They mostly seemed to be guys complaining about issues they are having with the very beautiful women they are seeing and in particular, how they are struggling to hold down the masculine role in their relationships i.e. They want to wear the pants but they don’t know how.

This doesn’t just happen with beautiful women either. It’s just more common with beautiful women because a lot of the guys dating them can’t help but feel like they are ‘batting out of their league’. So they go into the relationship afraid to assert their masculine role out of fear that it will scare their new girlfriend away.

It’s really sad how common this is as well. But the blame doesn’t lie solely on men because as men we have been indoctrinated by society to believe that men and women are the same. We are taught from a young age that it’s wrong for one person to be more dominant than the other in a relationship. We are taught that a good relationship is based on equality, understanding and empathy and a whole lot of other meaningless words that hold no weight when we are faced with cold hard reality.

Why Beautiful Women Need You To Wear The Pants

As I’m quite sure that there are many of the feminists out there who would vitriolically deny this. But, in my opinion the truth is beautiful women want men who will make them feel like beautiful women. They don’t want to have equal power in a relationship, they want a strong man to take away that responsibility from them. They want to know that when push comes to shove they are the ones who will break down crying, not their men.

Most beautiful women innately desire to be dominated by men and men want to feel like they wear the pants in the relationship. It is crucial to the survival of any relationship that there is a balance of power in favour of the man.

The Feminazis out there are probably going to want to send a hit squad after me for publicly voicing this. But it’s the not-so-simple truth and if you take one look at your typical hard-core feminists they are usually not the happiest of people and dare I say it… They are usually single with lots of cats to keep them company.

Could this perhaps be because they choose to live their lives by an intellectual ideal rather than their natural instincts as women?

Same goes for men. If you want to hand over your balls to every pretty girl that looks your way then you can expect to them crushed once in awhile. You’re a man, women want you to act like one.

Those men who choose to live life in the belief that it is wrong to embrace their masculinity. Those who believe that no-one should wear the pants in the relationship, well… Their girlfriends always end up wearing the pants because by rejecting their natural roles as men, their girlfriends feel compelled to step up and fill that role. And then the relationship feels unnatural because both man and woman are playing the wrong role and most of the time they are both miserable.

He’s miserable because he feels like an emasculated little bitch and she’s miserable because she craves a real man who will make her feel like a woman.

Why Your Relationships Need You To Wear The Pants

I have had a lot of girlfriends in my time on this Earth. The younger I was, the less assertive I was and the less compelled I felt to wear the pants… Because I too believed in that silly ideal that men who were dominating of their women were bad people and this kind of behaviour was oppressive and unattractive to beautiful women.

It took a lot of failed relationships for me to realize that this was complete and utter tripe; that the reason I was getting consistently ‘walked over’ by beautiful women was because they didn’t think I was masculine and assertive enough to make them feel confident in the relationship and they didn’t respect me as a man.

I discovered years later, when, as part of my development as a player I re-established contact with most of my ex-girlfriends. Then I constructively discussed with them what they felt was the cause of failure in our relationship.

They said things like.

“I don’t think I was over my ex”

“You talked about your feelings too much”

“‘You were too clingy”

“It didn’t really feel like a real relationship to me”

And a lot more…

When I took time to analyse the answers I was getting, one thing became crystal clear to me. I was being the chick in these relationships and when I reflected on it I realized that I was so badly pussy whipped that I looked to them for leadership most of the time rather than leading them.

I was pretty much expecting them to take on my natural role in the relationship because I was afraid of taking control. As a result of that behaviour these beautiful women left me.

Once I figured that out, I did a complete reversal of my approach to beautiful women and relationships and I started embracing my masculinity rather than fighting it.

The result was instantaneous. Beautiful women started responding to me in ways they never had before and this new attitude of mine shone through, I started making girls blush every time I spoke to them, their hard demeanours would just melt away once they realized that I was a real man and I saw right through their silly acts of defiance and bitchiness to the scared little girl inside.

I started having relationships with beautiful women and when things weren’t great anymore, this time it was me leaving them.

I never got left again period. Because real men hardly ever get dumped by beautiful women for no reason, most beautiful women appreciate a strong powerful alpha male and they find it hard to let go.

These beautiful women saw me as an emotional anchor for their own inner turmoils and they felt like they needed me because in some cases I was the strongest male figure in their lives, I was their alpha male and they trusted in me to take the lead and revelled in being sexually and spiritually dominated by me.

This was a game changer for me, probably the most significant lesson I ever learnt throughout my long awesome journey of self-improvement and it is a lesson I would hope to impart unto you now.

If you want to have a lifetime of happy successful relationships with beautiful women then you need to unashamedly embrace your masculinity and wear the pants with pride because relationships involve a level of intimacy which doesn’t allow for bullshit and if you are with someone long enough it starts to become more about feelings and instincts rather than logic.

No matter what some clueless liberal intellectual Prat preaches to you about equality, at the end of the day we are animals and in the Animal Kingdom the men take charge and take care of their women.

Why Your Genetics Need You To Wear The Pants

Inside every man there is a desire to lead, to be an alpha male and to wear the pants. For some this might be interpreted as a hunger for power, a natural driving force of mankind since Adam first met Eve in the Garden of Eden…

Just kidding, if you don’t believe in evolution then you should probably stop reading now because sh*ts about to get a little scientific.

There is a reason why men are made bigger than women; it’s because we are physically and mentally designed to be the hunters and the leaders of the tribe, women have numerous other talents like they are more skilled socially, they are more perceptive than men and numerous other wonderful things that I won’t get into now.

When men were still living in caves and a lot hairier and dumber than we are today the leaders of the tribe were often determined by their physical ability to take leadership rather than being democratically elected.

Just look at our primate cousins in the Congo. A Gorilla’s DNA is approximately 97% the same as a humans so after chimpanzees they are our closes primate relatives, so we share a lot in common both mentally and physically.

In the Gorilla Kingdom there is one alpha male silverback Gorilla and he is usually the biggest and the strongest and he gets to mate with all the sexy gorilla women until another gorilla comes along and beats the crap out of him and takes his place as leader of the pack.

The silverback gorilla is a pretty extreme case of an alpha male but what would happen if the silverback gorilla suddenly decided that all the gorillas in his tribe should share power equally and no-one should lead the pack; in fact what if, as humans our world leaders suddenly decided that no-one should be in charge and everyone should have equal power?

It would be anarchy and everyone would be trying to fill those new positions of power because unlike amoeba bacteria we are intelligent self serving creatures and unlike bees and ants we have individual sentient minds and we will always act in our own best genetic interests regardless of whether we realize it or not.

For example, attracting beautiful women is within our best genetic interests because it ensures that we have attractive children and in doing so we increase the likelihood that our children will reproduce and our genetic line will be carried on.

When a woman has the option of choosing between two male partners who are both physically identical, yet one partner is more dominant and confident than the other, they will always choose the more dominant and confident one because this is a personality trait they would hope to be passed onto any children they have.

What we often forget is that from an evolutionary perspective sex is primarily for reproduction and the associated pleasure is just an incentive to engage in behaviour which results in children being conceived.

Today in Western society, most people have sex primarily for pleasure rather than reproduction and in an evolutionary sense this is unnatural. In fact a lot of our behaviour as humans could be considered ‘unnatural’ because it is counterproductive to evolution.

And this is the nature of humans, we are constantly in conflict with our most basic animal selves, quite often our instincts contradict our higher reasoning and sometimes when we should listen to our natural instincts logic tells us to listen to our higher reasoning.

This is why as men in contemporary society we struggle to know how to attract and seduce beautiful women and quite often the more intellectual you are the more difficulty you will have in this regard because you are more out of touch with your instinctual self.

How To Wear The Pants

If you have been with your girlfriend for a couple of years now and you have become whipped and subservient to your woman, then if you think you can just turn the tables now, you have another thing coming.

The thing about being in charge and having power over another is that over time we begin to enjoy it to the point where we would do just about anything to avoid losing it and if your woman has you whipped and obedient she is not just going to roll over and let you start calling the shots, it’s too late for that now you had your chance to assert yourself and you blew it.

Imagine if you started treating your father like an ignorant child and ordering him around, do you think he would just accept that or would he remind you who’s boss?

The longer a woman has you whipped the harder it is to get control and start wearing the pants, it’s not impossible to do it after a few years it’s just incredibly unlikely and believe it or not this is actually why a lot of divorces happen, a power struggle takes place when the guy gets fed up with being whipped by his woman and he starts looking around for other options.

To avoid this whole unhappy marriage saga you need to make sure that you set this precedent of you being the assertive benevolent leader in the relationship from the very beginning and we do this by taking care of our women and taking away as much of their decision making responsibility as possible.

If you were someone who was relieved to discover that ‘chivalry is dead’ you shouldn’t be.

Chivalry, the act of treating women like they are essentially fragile, helpless creatures was actually one of man’s best tools for establishing masculinity in their relationships.

Opening the door for a woman, lending her your jacket when she is cold, taking her hand as she steps out of a vehicle; these seemingly insignificant little necessities have been developed by men over centuries in order to help distinguish between the sexes and for the most part, women enjoy it.

By accepting your chivalry they are actually letting you wear the pants, by offering that chivalry you are showing her that you are a masculine confident man and you will treat them like a woman and most beautiful women will enjoy this.

It’s quite easy to go over the top with this so just be careful, we are living in the 21st century after all so try not to come across like some creepy 19th century butler but rather just take the lead and show her that you can take care of her and her needs.

Be protective of her when she feels threatened, fight her battles for her whenever you can, always insist on paying for your date whether she makes more money than you or not.

By letting you do these things for her, she is letting you wear the pants, that is the hidden price of the special treatment she gets from you.

It isn’t as simple as just being bossy and ordering your girl around, you need to earn the right to do that first by showing her that you a strong capable provider and a man worth opening her legs for.

If you and I were trapped on a desert Island somewhere and I told you to go collect some coconuts, your first reaction would most likely be, why should I go collect coconuts, why don’t YOU go get the coconuts?

And you would be right in thinking that.

However if I went and built us a massive cabana house for us with an irrigation system and bamboo deck chairs and then I asked you to go collect some coconuts, then you would have to be a real ass to tell me to get lost after I have been so good to you.

Leadership works the same way, if you have something to offer that people want then in most cases they will be willing to let you lead and tell them what to do because they appreciate you as a leader, sometimes all you need to offer is leadership itself, sometimes all it takes is a little decisiveness but most of the time people want you to prove yourself to them first.

A relationship with a girl is exactly the same, if you want to wear the pants then you need to be able to offer comfort, security and leadership, first and foremost, when a man can offer a woman these things he can get her to do just about anything, you’ve probably seen a pornographic film before, who’s idea do you think that was?

Not to say all women are porn stars because that’s definitely not true but rather being able to offer these things to a woman is an essential part of being an alpha male and you can offer them through your strong confident personality, not your wallet or your zipper.

If you take away one thing and one thing only from this article, let it be this.

Start being the strong alpha male leader you should be from the beginning of your relationships and you will save yourself a lot of trouble and heart-break in the long run, that’s a promise. Men are natural born leaders and if you don’t step up to the plate wear the pants from the beginning then she will never respect you as a man and you have essentially doomed your relationship.


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