Where To Find The Hottest Women In The World

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The Players guide to backpacking part 1.

Where to find the most hottest women in the world.

If you have ever been backpacking around the globe, then you would of no doubt noticed that some countries tend to have more beautiful women than others, that’s just the way it is. So wouldn’t it be awesome to know which countries these were and avoid disapointment? After all, if you can’t get laid backpacking then you can’t get laid anywhere because the fact of the matter is, chicks dig foreign guys.

What many men don’t necessarily realize until they buy their tickets, put on their backpacks and arrive at their first hostel, is that there is actually a massive sex culture associated with travellers. In many of these hostel bars you will come across a multitude of fascinating travel stories told over a couple of cold beers and most of them in some way or another pertain to sex whilst backpacking.

Casual sex is so common when travelling that if you were to go overseas for an extended period of time and you didn’t pick up then some people would think that there must be something wrong with you and that is for one very simple reason, It’s easy.You will never have greater sex appeal than when you’re an attractive foreigner in a brand new country so you would have to be stupid not to take advantage of that.

Since it is generally true that some countries are renowned for having more attractive women than others, we have taken the time to survey a great many of our well travelled members and affiliates in order to provide you with a comprehensive list to show you where to find the hottest women in the world. Enjoy.

The Americas

1. Argentinian women

Buenos Aires (the misleading translation meaning ‘good air’) is the capitol of Argentina and was once one of the richest cities in the world attracting wealthy and eager capitalists from all over the world but mainly Spain and Italy.

Affectionately labelled by visitors and locals alike as the ‘Paris of South America’, the splendor of the city although somewhat decayed since it’s economic peak of the early 1900’s is still very impressive to any who gaze upon it.

The beautiful women of Buenos Aires mostly congregate close to the center of the city and many are descended from Italian and Spanish Aristocrats.


Mendoza is the olive oil and wine center of Argentina; nestled in against the Andes to the West it boasts panoramic views and beautiful buildings and streets.

Much like the rest of Argentina the women are mostly thin and curvy but here they are exceptionally beautiful, we think it must be something in the mountain air that does it.

In Argentina, University education is free so most of the women there are highly intelligent and savvy, if you try to talk to them like they are idiots then they will embarrass you! Argentinian women mostly crave passion and intelligence in men and tend to have a particular fondness for men of Northern European persuasion.

Slutty Argentine women are rare and most wont sleep with you without going on a few dates first, these beautiful charming women are unlike any in the world and Argentina is full of expatriots who travelled there on holiday and fell for their stunning women.

2. Venezuelan women

There is one word to describe the women of Venezuala, ‘wow!’, curvy, volumptuous and olive, these beautiful women have a tradition of always being amoungst the winners of the Miss Universe and are only marginally second to the USA (obviously biased!)

These beautiful Latina women are naturally exotic and enthralling and Venezuala as a country is well worth the trip.

3. Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico although a small island nation of only 4 million people, they are renowned for their good looks and sexy curvy bodies.

Puerto Rican women are particuarly sought after in the USA where they are desired by many American men for being sexy and alluring and the full embodiment of the beautiful Latina.

4. Colombia

The Mestizo women of Colombia are renowned for being beautiful and feisty characters, better yet they also have a reputation for being relatively sexually liberal and have a love for foreigners, in short, even the most hapless virgin can get laid by a hot chick in Colombia, they’re everywhere!

Unfortunately Brazil, The United States and Canada didn’t quite make the cut for hottest women of the Americas but as far as cities go, there is.

Florianopolis, Brazil

An exceptionally wealthy city in Southern Brazil renowned for producing great fashion and famous super models, such as Gisele Bündchen (who in our opinion is definitely one of the hottest women in the world).

The city of Florianopolis is a lot more European than most of Brazil and has an aristocratic air to it, the beaches are hot and luscious and filled with bikini clad Brazillian babes and surfers all year round. The city is beautiful and the streets are tidy and well kept, rich beautiful women strut down pathways and sit alone in well manicured parks marvelling at the natural beauty of their city and people.

Miami, Florida, USA

Originally discovered and claimed by the Spanish then taken by the US in the early 1800’s, Miami still retains a lot of it’s Hispanic culture and people, with a recent census confirming that Latino’s constitute over half of the 2,500,000+ people that call themselves Miamian.

The women are renowned for being hot, sun loving and adventurous and they dress scantily; Miami is definitely the number one spot to go if you’re looking for a beachy exotic holiday with all the comforts of Western civilisation; it has also been ranked by Forbes Magazine as ‘America’s cleanest city’ and UBS also ranked Miami as the fifth richest city in the world!

Hollywood, California, USA

These days Hollywood is sleazy to say the least but it does attract it’s fair share of wide eyed actresses and models trying to make it big; Hollywood is renowned for attracting some of the hottest young women from all over the world.

Hollywood is also home to most of America’s A list media icons and the glamour and energy that they collectively generate is evident in the people and the stores of this ‘make it or break it city’.

Montreal, Canada

Stunning French speaking Canadian women sip lattes from store fronts and read from poetic authors in colourful parks.

The culture of Montreal is second to none and the women are easily the most beautiful and charming in Canada, like most French derived cultures they take pride in their language and heritage, so a good way to earn some brownie points is to pick up a French/English dictionary and play the cute foreign guy trying and failing miserably at French, it’s a great gimmick for picking up French girls.

Now that we have explored the Colonial talent of the Americas it is time to head to our next big continent, you guessed it.



Look no further, many will argue that Scandanavian women are by far the hottest women in the world!

The Scandanavians are definately a case of quality over quantity, with a total population of around 20 million people for a landmass twice the size of Texas there is quite a lot of breathing room in Scandanavia.

However as beautiful as this region is the three winners of Scandanavia are.

1. Iceland

Maybe it is the thermal Springs that nourishes their smooth tanned skin, but many a man who has set foot in Iceland has been awed by the beauty of these women who are arguably the hottest women in Scandinavia and subsequently, the world.

Legend has it that back when the Vikings were travelling up to Iceland from Norway they raided the coastal villagers of Britain on the way and stole away their hottest women to make them their brides when settling in Iceland; those hotties and their Viking men gave birth to the Icelandic race.

2. Sweden

All red blooded men would know that Sweden isn’t only famous for IKEA, they also have a plethora of busty blonde babes with cute jumpy accents which make men dote.

For a place with freezing cold beaches, Swedish women seem to look especially good in swimsuits and the stereotypes of hot sexy Swedish babes are true; one visit to Stockholme will leave you in a drooling stupor, so long as you arent intimidated by tall women.

The one problem with Swedish women is that they know they are drop dead gorgeous and their excessive confidence can make them quite challenging to pick up if you don’t know how to handle strong willed liberal women.

3. Finland

Finland is nestled between two infamously babelicious countries with Sweden on one side and Russia on the other.

Finnish women are typically blonde, pretty and full of confidence like their Swedish neigbours; the Finnish language is particuarly difficult and unlike any other so don’t even bother trying to learn as all the Finnish speak perfect English anyway.

The women of Finland are quite unique in the fact that they are traditionally more sexually aggressive than their male counterparts. In Finland men are surprisingly meek when it comes to talking to women they don’t know, which makes it a lot of fun for travelers from less shy countries who suddenly find themselves chatting up these stunning ladies with little to no competition.

Western Europe

In Western Europe the Spanish, French and Dutch women dominate in terms of Euro hotness and the culturally rich and carefree attitudes of these women is a big part of their appeal.

1. Spain

Spanish women are a particuarly intriguing bunch; they are very culturally enlightened and fun loving and quite often closet talented musicians and artists as well.

Spanish women have achieved worldwide notoriety for their fiery tempers and passionate expression so be careful not to stir them up in the wrong way!

Every city in Spain has it’s own cultures and traditions and there are four official varieties of the Spanish language, wherever you go, the women are often happy and social and you are most likely to find Spain’s numerous beaches full of bronze hotties on any good day.

2. France

The French are renowned for their famous lovers and poets and are ingrained with an unusually strong desire for love and romance.

French women are typically more difficult and challenging than most and more often than not they expect their men to seduce and romance them with an impressive confidence, if you lack the confidence to vigorously challenge and pursue them then you will spend many a lonely night in France.

French women are also typically adventurous and active, they like to be out and about and will rarely spend a nice day in front of the television or sleeping off a hangover so if you want to date a French girl make sure you can keep up with her.

3. Holland

The Dutch are a surprisingly serious bunch yet fundamentally more sexually outgoing than most European cultures.

Despite the city of Amsterdam being considered by many as the party drug epicentre of Europe, many a foreign traveller has made the mistake of assuming that all Dutch are big drug takers when in reality the drugs are mostly for tourists and most of the locals very rarely touch the stuff.

Dutch women are generally a lot of fun and enjoy a good drink, they love most foreigners and will appreciate you taking an interest in their language and culture just don’t mistake them for Germans otherwise they will probably get offended.

Eastern Europe

On the whole Eastern Europe is home to some seriously beautiful women wherever you go, however if want to save yourself some Euro’s and  find the creme de la creme of Eastern Europe then your best bet is to visit the following countries.

1. Slovakia

Many men will testify to Slovakia having the most bodacious women on the planet and we’ll admit that it is definately up for debate.

What is so fascinating about beautiful Slovakian women is that they are everywhere! Even the older ones are still total babes and they love foreign men.

Many foreigners have visited Slovakia and have found themselves searching for the ugly girls out of disbelief but they don’t seem to exist, how can every girl be hot? It makes no sense, this is Slovakia.

Being a relatively poor country many Slovakian women are looking for a way out of the Eastern block so it isn’t too uncommon for them to marry a Westerner solely for the purpose of living and working in another country. Although this might sound great to be married to a total babe, be warned that you will probably end up supporting her family as well if she doesn’t leave you once the green-card runs out.

2. Poland

Poland was once a proud empire with a formidable army that defended and expanded it’s borders against it’s fearful neighbours.

However since it was taken over by the Soviets after World War II, Poland like many Eastern European countries has struggled to rebuild it’s economy but despite that it’s people are still well educated and it’s women are bold and beautiful.

Polish women are generally quite confident and are not afraid to pursue men they find attractive, they tend to have high cheekbones and seductive eyes and they take a very relaxed attitude to sex, as an attractive traveller it is quite difficult to not get laid in Poland.

3. Croatia

Tall slender and beautiful women everywhere you look, the towns and cities of Croatia resemble the catwalks of Milan, it seems unusual that somewhere where the men are so big and hairy that the women would be so divine but this is what is to be expected in Croatia.

The people are unusually blonde for the region and they seem to have a year round tan, the Croatian people tend to be quite nationalistic and the men gaurd their women fearlessly so in order to seduce the lovely women of Croatia, first you’ll need to find a way to separate them from their big Croatian men.

Croatian women are friendly and talkative when you can get them alone and often quite curious about the rest of the world as it is unusual for Croatian girls to travel; the coasts of the Adriatic seas are dotted with beautiful tanned women and little islands to explore, if you’re ever in the region take a trip to Dubrovnik for the sweetest of Croatia’s eye candy.

4. Ukraine

The city of Odessa (the capitol of the Ukraine) is one of the most historically rich cities of Europe. At one point or another it has been controlled by the Mongolians, the Ottomons and various European countries and this is evident in much of Odessa’s exotic looking architecture and in particular their exotic women.

Ukrainian’s tend to have a very relaxed attitude towards love and sex and are often desperate to get out of the Ukraine and into the West, that being said they are also a proud people and Ukrainian women are exceptionally beautiful so don’t just expect them to jump on your lap at the drop of the hat, you will still need to woo them.

5. Estonia

Estonia is the poor Soviet cousin of Swden, it was once considered a part of Scandanavia by many and was ruled by Sweden, Denmark and Russia for several hundred years and only recently became self governing.

Estonia has many old beautiful cities with a variety of foreign influences apparent; the women of Estonia are generally tall stunning and exceptionally well built by European standards and don’t they know it.

In the summer the women love to dress scantily and shamelessly show off their sexy tanned legs and slim well defined bodies, beautiful young women are celebrated in Estonia and you will most often see them working as street vendors or in retail stores, it is rare to see an ugly Estonian native and the nightclubs of Talinn are sensational for picking up tall sexy blonds.


1. Thailand

Thailand is a country renowned for having very beautiful women with very low standards, it is also renowned for having very beautiful men who look like very beautiful women so be careful to ‘check under the hood’ before committing to hooking up with the locals.

2. Vietnam

Vietnam is a lot more traditional than Thailand but still many beautiful Viet women flock to the main cities and tourist traps in the hopes of meeting rich Western men who will take them away from poverty and into a life of luxury, try not to get too drunk when in Vietnam as many a foolish tourist has over indulged in the spirits and woken up a married man.

3. Japan

Japan is by far per capita the most technologically advanced country in Asia and many would say the quirkiest, with everything from torture based telivision shows to soiled underwear dispensing vending machines, you are in for a culture shock when visiting this part of the world.

Japanese women are often very interested and attracted to foreign men but they are also very career orientated so if you don’t have a good job or ambitions don’t expect her to stick around for more than just a quick fling.



Queensland is the number holiday destination for Australian’s and international travellers, the beaches are beautiful, the women are tanned and laid back, the nightclubs are pumping and the resorts are numerous.

This is truly the best destination for hot women and adventure in Australia, from the iconic ‘meter maids’ to the sexy beach babes, Queensland has a reputation for attracting the best of Australia’s cuties to it’s beautiful sunny shores.


At the end of the day, if you want to know where to find the hottest women, it is just a matter of going out and finding them and no matter where you go in the world, beautiful women will always be intrigued by foreign charming men.

It is also important to remember that you need to be respectful of other cultures and traditions at all times as this is one of the surest ways to turn off a hot foreign babe who would have otherwise been interested in you. Be smart when you travel because as beautiful as many of these women might be, many of these countries are also quite dangerous and criminals have a keen eye for lost foreign tourists.

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