Where To Find A Girlfriend

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Finding a girlfriend can be quite hard if you don’t know where to look, we come across beautiful women all the time in our everyday life but there is no sure way of knowing which one’s are ‘girlfriend material’, all we can really do is go out of our way to meet as many as possible and go through a sifting process to sort the short-term’s from the long-term’s, but wouldn’t it be easier if you didn’t have to sift for as long and as thoroughly?

That is why you are much better off searching for a girlfriend somewhere which will yield you quality over quantity.

The biggest factor in finding a girlfriend is ‘long-term compatibility’, if you are searching for beautiful women with similar interests to you then this will take care of a lot of the superficial compatibility issues then there is just the matter of creating sexual chemistry and figuring out whether your personalities suit one another. There is no guarantee that this is how you will find your next girlfriend but it does increase the likelihood of finding one sooner.

Another thing worth considering is that there are some girls who are not interested in having a boyfriend and are just looking for a good time, these girls will often hook up with you if they like you but they wont necessarily want to stick around in the long run because they enjoy being single too much, if you are going to lots of nightclubs and bars to meet beautiful women then this is probably what you are encountering a lot of.

If you are sure that you don’t just want casual sex and you want something more meaningful then you will want to look into going to places where you will find beautiful women interested in the same thing.

Community groups for instance are great for attracting the kind of girl who is suitable for a long-term relationship; girls involved in sporting clubs, church groups, volunteering to name a few, are normally a lot more centered as people and they have more traditional priorities.

A lot of beautiful women tend to go through a bit of a party phase before they want to settle down but there are just as many if not more who are just looking to settle down and aren’t interested in getting loose with their girlfriends on a nightclub podium with a bunch of horny drunk men leering nearby.

Workplaces and schools are very common places for guys to attract girlfriends but unfortunately these places come under the “shitting where you eat category” so it’s better to find alternative hunting grounds if possible. There is nothing worse than having to see someone day after day, after you have had a messy breakup with them (or drunken sex after an office Christmas party), so if you are going to go for a co-worker or fellow student, make sure she’s damn well worth it.

The catch 22 is, a lot of the places you would go to find a girlfriend aren’t usually the kind of places where ‘being direct’ or sleazy would be appreciated, most girls who are girlfriend material tend to like to get to know a guy before they jump into a relationship with them, any girl who is ‘overly’ eager to be in a relationship with you probably has some dependency issues which will wind up causing problems down the track.

The best thing to do when you do meet an attractive girl who you think might be ‘girlfriend material’, is to not try to rush things as this is a major turn off for beautiful women who are apprehensive about dating a guy. The best catches play a bit hard to get.

When you do start dating or hooking up with this dream girl of yours, tell her that “you really like her but you want to take things slow” (or some variation), this will alleviate a lot of the initial pressure both parties feel when entering the courting stages of a relationship and she is less likely to get overwhelmed and run a mile before you even get the chance to figure out if you are right for each other.

That being said, a lot of  beautiful women will put you in the friend category if you don’t make a move, so it is best to get to know them better under the pretence that you are interested in a relationship with her. You would do this by letting her know you’re interested in her as more than friends from the beginning by subtely saying things like…

“Let me take you out on a date sometime”


“I think you’re pretty cute and I’d like to get to know you better”

You can put it however you like as long as you indicate to her you are looking for more than a friendship so there aren’t any awkward misunderstandings.

Ultimately you can find a girlfriend just about anywhere, but pro-actively going to places where you know you are more likely to meet attractive compatible women will give you a leap forward in finding her, just remember to be yourself (or rather the best version of yourself) and don’t act too desperate or needy in the initial stages.

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