The European Beauty That Tempted Me To Cheat

Hi guys, it’s In$tinct here and today I’m going to talk about something I’m not quite proud of. I’m really not this kind of person but as a human being I make mistakes, even more when I’m under pressure and the circumstances are also bitch-slapping me.

So where to start… Probably pressure and circumstances.

Because of unforeseen events, I had two exams left for this summer. Biochemistry and Neuroanatomy. I study at a med school, and these are among the hardest subjects. So I had to try and keep my focus on studying. This was a bit problematic because of the really warm weather, so I decided at first that I would study in the evenings. But then some exchange students came here and being the social guy I am, I couldn’t miss the opportunity to meet these people and have fun with them during the evenings. I changed grounds and decided I would get back to studying during the day and in the evenings I will reward myself for the hard work with some fun.

So here’s where things become interesting. I spent most of the evenings, with a Hungarian friend of mine, and two Turkish girls. One of them was pretty much into me.

The girl was driving me crazy. She was constantly sending me signals, and played real unfair, when she told me that “she would bang me if I didn’t have a girlfriend, but she doesn’t want to interfere”. So pretty much she was acting like a forbidden fruit all the time teasing me.

Now this got me some problems… I was thinking way too much about this girl and what the fuck to do with her. I didn’t want to cheat on my girlfriend but she was just way too tempting. Normally I would simply ignore it, but she spent quite a good amount of time with me and also I realized, that because of this I am kind of losing focus on my studies.

I made the decision(morally not too good, but for once in my life I give myself and my exams priority) that I would just bang her and then this misery would finally end.

I started physically escalating and acting more sexual with her and first time she rejected my kiss with the same BS reason, that she doesn’t want to interfere. That’s when I became really pissed off, and I decided I would give her her own medicine of being an unfair manipulative bastard.

I can manipulate people way too well, and I hardly ever use this skill, but it can come in handy in fucked up situations like this.

And that’s when I started doing other things I am always preaching against, and I absolutely hate: lying.

Next time we talked with this girl I told her that I had some fights with my girlfriend and that I wasn’t happy with how it went. None of this was true. I started shifting the frame and soon enough, I was a guy who’s suffocated by his girlfriend and needs some fresh air. She bought all that BS and she had no luck hooking up with the other guys(total Average Frustrated Chumps or completely uninterested, one was actually gay). So I knew she was also desperate.

Now all I needed to do was wait. She told me she was having fights with her boyfriend too and I couldn’t give a damn about that so before a night-out I told her: “Fuck relationship problems. Today We’re going to party and just go with the flow”

So I put the cherry in front of her face… And then I took it away. I was hanging out with almost every single other girl that was there and made her feel like she hardly exists. I knew that she was really that kind of girl that is attracted by being unavailable because she was talking about some Portuguese guy she had a crush on who didn’t give a damn about her.

Next day we haven’t even talked.

And yesterday it was about time. I greeted her in the evening like nothing happened. I was just being neutral and she was sending me all the signals. I escalated with ease and fucked her. Didn’t even have resistance to deal with, though I thought that being as experienced as she seemed, she would be better in bed. Well…never-mind.

So now finally this is over I can focus again on my studies.

I’m a bit upset with myself for being such a tool but this was a lesson from life and I learned many things about myself during this shitstorm.

Morals of the story:

Don’t be a tool if you don’t have to.

Sometimes you need to make decisions you don’t want to.

Turkish girls are easy(lol just kidding)




In$inct is an avid WOTP reader who is committed to improving the dating lives of men all across the world. For his previous article on inner game take a look here:

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