What We Can Learn From Kenny Powers.

By Kieran Black

Hey guys,

I’m writing this article for any dude on here who is currently struggling to get his sh*t together and things just seem to keep getting in the way of his dreams. If that guy is you, then this article could be exactly what you need to read to stop letting life pass you by and really start winning.

First things first I want you to watch this inspiring yet strangely unnerving and borderline homo-erotic video I’ve included of fictional Pro-Baseball athlete Kenny Powers getting a much needed pep talk from a baseball recruiter.

Now don’t take this too literally, I’m definitely not telling you to go out there and start sucking d*cks. I really just included it in here because I think Kenny Powers (chubby guy in clip) is funny as hell but there is a lesson to be learnt from his character.

If any of you have been watching the hit comedy series “Eastbound and down” you would be familiar with the character of Kenny Powers, a once famous pro-baseballer whose career has hit rock bottom and he is forced to move in with his brothers family.

Kenny Powers then starts working at a school as a gym coach and has pretty much found himself going from hero to zero in a perpetuating downward spiral with no clear end in sight.

This is the story of a guy who refuses to acknowledge defeat no matter how humiliating and degrading his situation becomes.

Although he has a few remaining fans who think the world of him, the majority of people in his life begin to think that Kenny Powers is actually a bit of a loser ‘has been’ who no longer deserves their respect and admiration.

We see Kenny Powers humiliated time and time again, finding himself in situations so embarrassing, so wince inducing degrading that it would make Lindsay Lohan blush.

Yet throughout all this Kenny Powers does not give up hope, Kenny Powers refuses to acknowledge defeat and through incredible hardship he actually manages to get his life back together and is eventually able to return to his dream of playing professional baseball.

Kenny Powers game

Kenny Powers as a seducer has one thing going for him and one thing only, he has massive balls and a bucket-load of confidence.

Even though he lacks in just about every other important quality that a Player should have, such as style, class and charisma; his unwavering confidence enables him to continue to attract beautiful women against their judgement and without it, Kenny Powers would just be a dead beat who nobody cared about.

The game, the essence of Kenny Powers as a man and a seducer lies in his belief that he is capable of anything that he sets his mind to. When he wants something, he goes after it and doesn’t let anyone get in his way. He is an alpha male, a leader among men and as an alpha male he dominates the personalities and the individual vibes of those around him.

When Kenny Powers opens his big loud mouth to talk, people stop and listen because when people seem as self assured and confident as Kenny Powers, they are normally worth listening to. People will instinctively give a perceived alpha male like Kenny Powers more consideration than they would give weaker, less commanding personalities.

Kenny Powers wouldn’t be considered to be an intelligent man by many, in fact half of the reason why he is such an entertaining character is because of his overwhelming stupidity.

Yet despite his intellectual inferiority we see him consistently coming out on top when he is challenged by those who are smarter than he is because despite the gift of their intelligence they havn’t developed the alpha male characteristics that Kenny Powers has and the strength of his conviction is overwhelming.

Kenny Powers is an Alpha Male

Kenny Powers is not what I would call a Player because real Players encompass so much more than an iron will and an inflated self-opinion of oneself but although he is not a Player, he is a true alpha male and this is something we can respect.

Kenny Powers is not just any alpha male either, he is an extreme example of an alpha male, if we were to have a scale of how alpha a man can be with 10 being a silverback gorilla and 1 being Justin Bieber, then Kenny Powers would be right up there around the 10 mark and so would all the best Player’s in this community.

All aspiring Players need to learn to take control and lead like alpha males, if they don’ t, then they will always live their lives in mediocrity. Embrace that primitive part of your brain that wants you to be in control, that tells you to forget the rules of society and go after what you want.

True alpha males like Kenny Powers wont let anything or anyone get in the way of their dreams, they meet resistance at every turn, they get knocked down time and time again but they always get back up again and if you have ever watched a televised fight you would know that it isn’t the strongest guy, or the smartest guy that wins the fight, it is the guy who doesn’t give up, the guy who keeps hitting the mat and getting back up again for more.

This is the most important lesson we can learn from Kenny Powers, true winners, leaders and alpha males, do not give up, they never concede defeat, they just keep on fighting their way to the top until they get there and nothing can weaken their resolve.

So learn from Kenny Powers, start sucking the d*ck of your dreams today and make it happen.

By Kieran Black

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