What Do Women Really Want?

what women want

What do Women Really Want. This is the question that men are asking themselves today.

Women tell us through the media, books, magazines and television that they want a kind sensitive man who will put their needs first, listen to them constantly and likes all the same things that they do.

But is this really what they want? Are the sensitive new age guys getting laid all the time, or are they the ones pulling out their hair in frustration?

In fact, are they describing what their ideal sexual partner, or are they really describing a best friend?

Women Don’t Know What They Want

Women by nature are ambiguous when it comes to describing their ideal mate.

They will say that they want a nice guy but then they always end up falling for the bad boys.

Women are not stupid, they are just driven primarily by their emotions. Due to a hormone known as Estrogen, they find themselves frequently attracted to men on an instinctual level who do not fall into their own preferred criteria. Given the right situation, these instincts can be more powerful than their higher consciousness and women can find it hard to resist them against their better judgement.

So what do women really want?

Women want men to be men.

Women want Bad Boys because Bad Boys are often more in touch with their masculinity and natural instincts than nice guys. Bad Boys make their own rules, they take what they want instead of asking for it and they know how to make a woman feel like a woman.

That doesn’t mean that if you are a nice guy, then you should try to be a bad boy. Not at all.

Become A Player

There is actually a great middle ground, and we call this ‘being a Player’. Not in the sense of how many women see Players, as lying cheating scumbags. Quite the opposite.

Players have all the attractive qualities of Bad Boys but they are still nice, friendly, honest like-able people. Players understand what women really want and they don’t change themselves to fit into this but rather, they change their approach and learn to get in touch with their own sexual instincts and natural selves.

We all have a Player inside of us, but there are many lessons society has taught us, that we need to unlearn in order to get in touch with our inner Player.

Lessons like.

-Idolizing beautiful women as divine creatures who can do no wrong.

-Tolerating bad behavior in women because we want them to like us.

-Ignoring the differences between men and women because it is ‘politically incorrect’

-Feeling shame and embarrassment when a woman rejects us because we let other people decide our true value.

And countless more…

Becoming a Player is not just a process of learning but also a process of ‘unlearning’ all the things that are holding us back.

In our natural states, we are all quite attractive. We act on impulse. We go after what we want. We are not terrified of women.

If you have a pet dog, you have probably seen him/her going up to other dogs sniffing their butts, saying hello. They don’t sit around at the side of the park paralyzed by approach anxiety, they go after what they want because they don’t have the mental faculties to talk themselves out of it.

Dogs act on instinct when it comes to sex and so should men.

Women Want Instinctive Men

Have you ever read a woman’s romance book, like ‘shades of Gray’ or ‘My secret garden’?

They are literal porn.

They delve into all sorts of erotic fantasy, things that would make most grown men blush and women get off on it. But instead of sitting in front of a computer with their pants at their knees rubbing away to Red Tube. Women will go run a bath, light some scented candles, pull out their favorite book and have some one-on-one time with the vibrating shower head.

Male sexuality and female sexuality is very different. But both men and women are very sexual and there is a lot of value in recognizing this.

What really turns women on, as opposed to what they tell us turns them on. Is totally different.

A lot of men think the biggest aphrodisiac they can give a woman, is a bouquet of flowers or a nicely wrapped box of chocolates.

I will tell you now, this is Bull Sh*t.

If you really want to turn a woman on, then you would be better off grabbing her and throwing her passionately against the wall attacking her like a ravenous sexual beast, than you would by taking her to dinner and filling her with wine and pleasant conversation.

Women want men who are beastly. They want men who will act on their impulses rather than suppressing them. Just think of how Spanish men are with women in movies. That’s what they want and as a man it’s up to you to give it to them.

Get out of your head. Start acting impulsively and instinctively. From the moment you see them at the bar, to the moment you are with them in the bedroom. Stop giving women want they say they want and start giving them what you want and chances are you will be giving them what they want.

By Kieran Black

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