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I know the problem; I see the main issue, why 90% of men are struggling with when it comes to dating and meeting women.

Most of you guys simply don’t not love people! You don’t enjoy meeting people, you don’t like helping other people grow, and you don’t enjoy giving to people. Many of us go into every interaction, every hang out with the guys, and every date thinking ” What will I get out of this night or situation?”

We all want to know what the other person has to offer us and we all want to know what they can do for us. And this leads us down an empty road; a road of repetition, stress and often times of depression. If you aren’t giving you aren’t receiving. A study was conducted and what was concluded in the study was that people who spent money on other people got happier; people who spent money on themselves, nothing happened. It didn’t make them less happy; it just didn’t do much for them.

The most unhappy man i’ve ever known was a next door neighbor of mine; this man was determined to avoid spending every dollar he possibly could. He taught himself how to cut his own hair so he wouldn’t have to give a barber a dollar, learned how to do fix his own cars, do his own plumbing, and the list goes on and on.

Although, it wasn’t like this guy couldn’t afford to pay anyone to take care of these things for him, he had money and lots of it but he only wanted it spent on himself.

Old, single and bitter; and to my knowledge he still has never been married.

You see, if you can afford it put the money in rotation, its great to learn to cut your own hair but don’t let that stop you from giving the money to a barber every now and then.

Hell, you may make a new a friend or possibly come across the girl of your dreams on the way there. You never know who you will meet and where you will meet them so its best to get out there in the world and begin interacting.

Pay the plumber, pay the mechanic and pay the dating coach (wink haha) as long as they’re being fair. By doing this you bring joy into their lives and you are allowing them to feed their families.

The american economy is in such terrible shape because of greed; the wealthiest people seem to be in competition to see who rack up the biggest bank account. The winner gets what?! Nothing… It great to be ambitious but its even greater to channel that ambition into something that going to bring life in to lives of others.

When you are out approaching and meeting women make it your primary mission to go into every interaction, every conversation, and every night of sex with the intention of giving something to the other person. Do this and I put my life on it that you will have ten times more success than you have ever had.

If its a conversation, give them your full personality, tell them what makes them incredible, point out how much you like their out fit and WHY(important) you like it.

If its sex, give her your best, have sex with her better than you’ve ever had sex with any girl your entire life, make her cum over and over again. Give life all you have and life will give you all it has. And I promise you that life will give you more love than you ever thought was possible.


By Eddie Fews

Dating and Seduction Coach


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