Thoughts On The Ride Home – Eddie Fews

By Eddie Fews

A big part of Seduction is  making a girl feel like she wants to be a part of you.

Girls go after the successful men because they want to be successful themselves. Now everyone isn’t successful(from societies stand point) and everyone won’t be successful however, everyone can learn to have a successful attitude.

Beautiful women are attracted to the kinds of guys that believe in themselves and have confidence; they are attracted to men with aspirations of grandeur.

What’s even more intriguing is it doesn’t matter if you have good or evil aspirations, there is just something attractive about ambitious men.

Take Scarface for example, he started off as a nobody in the underworld but gradually rose through the ranks to become a full scale drug trafficker and this lifestyle endangered him and anyone around him, yet beautiful women still found something innately seductive about him.

It was his cut throat ‘I want it all or nothing’ attitude and it was obvious that Tony Montana was going to work his ass off until he got what he wanted, this ambitious ruthless spirit set him apart from other men.

There is a lesson to be learnt here. Become ambitious, seek out opportunities to succeed in every area of your life. Be bold, be courageous and fight for what you believe in. Ask your self what do I believe in?

Write these things down on a piece of paper and study them and or correct them if you feel you they should be corrected.

Not enough people take the time out to take an look at themselves. The way the world is desgined now there is very little peace and quiet, we don’t get enough time to reflect and plan how to make our dreams realities.

There’s always some electronic device ready to take your mind away from your being.

Shut down the computer, turn off the television and power off your ipods; unplug from the noise for a bit and get to know yourself.

Electronics are used nowadays to escape reality(boredom/procrastination). Last time I checked people use drugs for the same reason. If you turn to a machine every time you have to deal with reality wouldn’t that make you lower than the machines?

Have we as humans become lower on the scales of life than our televisions and ipods? Use them as needed but as a whole be better than the machines so many people rely on to dream for them.

Your imagination can show you visuals far greater than anything television will offer in the next millennium.

My mind plays tunes on shuffle and repeat daily in my own head. We are greater than these machines we are carrying around in our pockets. Anything they can do we can do better. Better yet, anything they can do “I” can do better. Can you?

Work on your minds people, its a muscle.. Stretch it and exercise it. Let your growth continue after this article… I implore you.

Let’s get up off our asses people and do something worth something once in a while. We are greater than technology already, the future is here. Just look inside of yourself; we are only using 6 percent of our brains, something isn’t right here.

You have an amazing gifted tool that you are wasting 94% of? Where is the logical explanation behind that? Who throws away 94 percent of their dinner?… Yet we throw away 94 percent of our own brains….How confusing?

These were just my thoughts on my train rise home from work, this is what I discovered when I unplugged myself from the machine and plugged into the most incredible machine I have ever used, the human consciousness.

By Eddie Fews


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