There Is No Magic Pill

By Eddie Fews

As I browse through these seduction forums on the internet, from day to day I realize that every guy is looking for the same exact thing; A quick fix.

Some type of instant game changer that is going to permanently improve the success that they are having with beautiful women.

Sometimes it’s a post like this…

“This girl texted me this….. I can’t think of a response back. Help!!!”

Or this…

“I like this girl at work/school, what do I say to her?”

One thing that these guys need to understand is that, a guy’s mentality has to change before he can even think about having success with beautiful women at all.

There is no one text that is going to save you; sure you may get a solid lengthy response from the girl, but what happens after that? Will you keep returning over and over for new text messages to send the girl?

You want the girl to like you, not the guys millions of miles away creating witty responses for you. In order to succeed guys have to be willing to work hard, you may have to just let this girl go and the next girl after that until you learn how it’s done properly; It’s a work in progress my friends.

How can you expect one piece of advice to change everything?

People don’t seem to realize that this instant-fix mentality applies to other areas of their life as well.

For example, when you want to get in shape, lose some weight, or build muscle you don’t think that you have to only lift one dumbbell one time and you’re going to look just like the body builder you’re trying to emulate.

The understanding is there that this is going to be a long process, a change of diet, a workout regimen and goals that have to be worked toward every day.

This is something that will need to be kept up with and maintained consistently if you have any interest in achieving your desired results.

The same principle applies to players in training; even when you do reach one of your goals and get some success with beautiful women, you will still have to make an effort keep your skills sharp and on the rise.

Let say you find a quality woman and you decide to make a commitment, that’s fine but don’t stop socializing with people.

The woman you are with is attracted to the man you were when she first met you, not the guy that decided to stop hanging with his friends and socializing.

That’s where a lot of guys mess up and have girls cheating on them. They become a new man once they ‘get the girl’, they no longer talk to strangers, and they stop hanging out with their single friends and surround themselves with other boring couples.

That is not what she wants; she may enjoy it for a few months but eventually she will tire of it and miss the guy she wanted all along. Whoever you were then, maintain being him throughout your relationship and it will last a lot longer.

Too often we men don’t want to hear the truth; we want a piece of information tailored to the fictional reality we’ve created in our minds that tells us to do things that are easy.

Maybe it’s the culture of the 21st century; microwaves, Fast-Food, television etc. all of these things can be accessed simply by the push of a button and they all arrive at lightning speed.

We are spoiled and in this day and age we are lazier than any generation that’s come before us.

We don’t have to do as much; expectations are lower. There are a couple of big names pulling all of the strings while we as people follow like robots.

The competition is slim my brothers, if you can come to that understanding and diverge from the current tradition, you will excel in ways you can’t even currently comprehend.

This makes attracting beautiful women so much easier for us guys! Most men are more self conscious, less brave, less creative than ever.

We have a community of guys who are more confident, bolder and take more risk than the usual generic guys.

And that is something we can use for a lot more than just meeting and dating beautiful women. We can change the world when you think about it. We have the power, let’s use this opportunity for more than just satisfying our own immediate needs.

Don’t  just play beautiful women, play life as well.

By Eddie Fews


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