The Wingmans Code

wingmans code

The Wingmans code was developed by the Way of the Player community as a set of rules and guidelines designed to eliminate any confusion as to what is expected of a wingman.

The longer you stay with one wingman the more efficient and productive your team will become as a result of improved communication, it is a well known fact that disputes over wingman etiquette (i.e. the bro’s over ho’s cogitation) are the number one cause of break-ups between wingmen.

Should you and your wing take it upon yourself follow the wingmans code devoutly and thoroughly, you will ensure a productive and long lasting winglationship and can look forward to an abundance of attractive beautiful women for all.

1. Stick to your original target.

When you and your wing spy your prey of the night make sure you work out before you approach them exactly who is going for who.

If the girls have their own obvious preference which is contrary to yours then take a breather with your wing and offer a trade, if your wingman refuses then respect his decision and go with it; there is no bigger wingman crime than cock-blocking.

2. Choose multiple targets.

Before you go for a girl suss out whether she has agreeable friends or not, if she is on her own then you should’nt aim for her without the consent of your wing, if circumstance puts you in a situation where you are talking to her solo and your wing is made to stand on his own, ask her if she has attractive friends, if she does not, then grab her phone number and excuse yourself to find some groups of beautiful women for you and your wing.

3. Don’t ditch your wingman.

Don’t abscond on your wing without his blessing or leave for a booty call before the night is out, you have made a commitment to undergo this sacred rite together and to leave your wing alone and sexless is a heinous crime against wingmandom. If you pick up before your wingman then you are expected to continue to help your wingman pick up until both of you have girls.

4. Don’t compete with your wingman.

Don’t ever compete with your wing for the same girl, you are supposed to compete collectively against other men, not each other. If you both understand the code of the wingman then it should never even get to this stage; competing with your wing is social suicide nine times out of ten behaviour like this will blow both him and yourself out of the race and is the epitome of stupidity.

5. Work as a team.

Establish yourself as a team like any other, the better the communication between the team-mates the better the team functions. 

Where deemed necessary establish secret codes and signals to prepare yourself for difficult situations and have pre-meditated strategies for dealing with competing males and bitchy friends. 

6. Don’t change the original dynamic.

Quite often when you are out you’ll meet friends and new guys who we think are cool and want to hang out with.

Do not ditch your wingman for these temporary wings, your wingman bond should be stronger than that, do not take on extra wingmen either; they wont understand the relationship and subtle communication between you too and this will cause logistical problems.

Beautiful women are also intimidated by groups of men larger than their own, you will cock block yourselves if the ratio is off. As the saying goes “too many cocks, spoil the broth”.

(Note: You can of course, still talk to your other friends but unfortunately they can’t logistically be a part of your mission.)

7. Stick up for your wingman.

Don’t let anyone put your wingman down, whether it be a girl you are talking too or some guys you overheard, if your wing looks bad to girls then you look bad by association.

If a girl doesn’t like your wingman and criticizes him then they are critising you, so it is your job to talk your wingman back into her good books.

If you agree with someone that your wingman is a loser then by default that makes you a loser for hanging out with him and therefore you blow both him and you out socially.

8. Keep yourself in good form.

If you get wasted and loose control then you let down both yourself and your wingman.

Even if everyone else is completely loaded you should both maintain enough composure to work towards your original goal of getting laid.

You and your wingman should also keep an eye on each other to make sure that you are both in a reasonable state and discourage your wing from intoxicating himself excessively when necessary.

9. Don’t guilt your wing into dropping his standard.

Don’t try and make your wing hook up with a girl he doesn’t want too so you can pick up her friend.

If you want to hang out with an ugly loser who is happy to take whatever he can get then you will ultimately end up dropping your standard as well because they look prettier in comparison.

It is unfair to expect your wing to ‘jump on the grenade’ for you and this will always come back to haunt you, so keep your standards high for both of you.

If you won’t kiss her, don’t expect your wing too.

10. Be careful with sharing.

If you and your wing should find yourself in a position where you meet a particuarly adventurous attractive girl, who offers you both an opportunity for a no strings attached  MMF (Male Male Female) threesome. Then if both you and your wing are willing you may agree to partake in this activity, so long as you stick to the following conditions to avoid making it feel gay.

1. You never look your wing in the eye.

2. You never ever cross swords. (touch dongs)

3. You stick to your original holes.

4. You never penetrate the same end at the same time.

5. You do not talk about your feelings afterwards.

In the event that you or your wing should have an exclusive invitation to have an hot threesome with two sexy Swedish bikini models (female) then this and only this event alone overides the wingmans code.

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