The Top 10 Sexiest Male Professions.

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Top 10 Sexiest Male Professions

We at Way of the Player have diligently surveyed hundreds of beautiful young women from all around the world for the sole purpose of establishing once and for all what are the sexiest male professions.

Our efforts yielded some interesting results with some jobs such as ‘male modelling’ ranking very low as an attractive occupation. This leads us to believe that many women see male models as being feminized, shallow and regardless of their good looks, their narcissistic tendencies make them generally undesirable. No girl wants to have to share her make-up with her boyfriend.

We also discovered that construction workers ranked surprisingly high with a lot of women preferring men who were good with their hands and resembled a more traditional semblance of man rather than the liberal sensitive ‘new age’ types being churned out by expensive universities.

These results although surprising, do enforce one of the fundamental principles of what we teach at Way of the Player; that women do in fact, want men who will make them feel like women and are biologically hard wired to feel attraction towards masculine confident men.

Of course that doesn’t mean that you can’t be a masculine confident man in a job stereo-typically occupied by feminine soft skinned nerds; in fact if you can beat this stereotype then it actually serves to make you quite an interesting guy.

For instance, if you were a male nurse but you had the body of Arnold Schwarzenegger and the confidence of Jack Nicholson, then your occupation would become largely irrelevant and it would add to your general quirkiness.

It’s not the job that makes the man, it’s the man that makes the man. You can work in almost any profession, no matter how emasculating and/or degrading but as long as you make up for it in every other way, it won’t necessarily matter that much to the girls that you date.

That being said, it does help to have a sexy job just because status is often tied in with occupation and if a woman is dating a man who has a stereo-typically attractive male profession then it raises their own status in the eyes of her friends and family.

”For instance if a girl says that she is dating a Doctor, then they will think ‘Wow he must save lives and make lots of money’ as opposed to a girl saying that she is dating a plumber, ‘Eww he shovels through peoples poop all day long, who would want to come home to that?’

This might seem somewhat superficial but most people are fairly shallow creatures and these kinds of things matter in the long-run.

Now without further adieu, here is our 1-10 lists of the sexiest known male professions.

Male Profession 1. Astronaut

In order to become an astronaut you pretty much need to be awesome at everything.

Not only are you expected to be in amazing physical condition but you also need to be a total nerd at everything academic, especially maths and science.

The equipment that space agencies give their astronauts to use is worth billions of dollars! So there is no way they are going to risk putting it in the hands of an idiot.

Not only are astronauts essentially scientists with huge muscles; they are also given near heroic status within our society because of their pioneering accomplishments. Women go gaga for men with heroic status and it’s for this reason that astronauts make number one on our list.

Astronaut pick-up line:

“Im an Astronaut and my next mission is to go to URANUS.”

Male Profession 2. Pilot

Ever since planes were invented, women have been crazy about the men who can operate them.

Maybe it’s the uniform. Maybe it’s the debonair attitudes, or maybe it’s the free plane trips to anywhere in the world. Whatever it is, it works baby!

Pilots are often seen as being daring, adventurous and fabulously wealthy, this is probably derived from the old days of dashing fighter pilots and super expensive charter flights.

Flying was once a luxury reserved for the rich and the culturally elite and women have always been attracted to wealth and grandeur. So it’s no wonder that the men that could provide such an amazing luxury as flying became very popular.

Perhaps one day in the distant future when we are all driving flying cars around and the glory of flying has died away we might see the pilot drop a few places on the sexy occupation list but until then, they will continue hold the mantle of second place.

Pilot pick-up line.

“Hey baby, do you want to see my cock… pit? Awww snap”

Male Profession 3. Fireman

A far more grounded occupation (he-he) in the last few decades we have seen the role of fire fighters romanticized by main stream society for their bravery and valor in the face of danger.

Although they serve society in much the same manner that police and other government agencies do, firemen are generally better perceived by the public because they are typically seen as ‘only being there to help’ and have saved a great many lives since their original inception.

They are also renowned for having great bodies due to the extreme conditions of their work environment and are generally expected to have a lot of practical skill when it comes to performing manly tasks.

Fireman pick up line:

“Is that a fire in your crotch? Let me put it out with my big hose!”

Male Profession 4. Carpenter

Ever since Jesus first walked the Earth, carpentry has been a cool occupation.

Without the skill and knowledge of  carpenters, we would still be living in caves; sitting, sleeping and eating on big dirty rocks.

Carpentry is traditionally a very manly role and requires a lot of heavy lifting, practical skill and endurance. It takes a certain kind of man to be a successful carpenter.

Like most construction jobs there is an expectation between different tradesmen that everyone involved in the manly business of building stuff is essentially very masculine and rough. For some women this is very appealing, especially in an age where we are witnessing a mass feminization of men and these rugged, black coffee drinking, flannelette wearing types are becoming rarer and rarer.

So if you are looking for a sexy occupation which doesn’t require a College degree and amazing business contacts, then carpentry might be the job for you.

Carpenter pick-up line:

“You ever been on a date with a carpenter? First we get hammered and then I nail you.”

Male Profession 5. Plastic surgeon

Anyone who has seen the FX hit series Nip/tuck, no doubt knows all about the kind of elitist lifestyle plastic surgeons can lead. Although Nip/tuck is obviously exaggerated for dramatic effect, the characters of Christian Troy and Sean Macnamara are fiction based on fact.

Plastic surgery is one of the hardest medical specializations to get into and it requires an aptitude and skill which few men have. It is because of the distinguished nature of the role that a lot of women find Plastic surgeons to be a very appealing option and the excessive wealth doesn’t hurt the sex appeal either.

There has always been a lot of hype surrounding plastic surgery because of the hope that it represents, plastic surgeons can improve the aesthetic appearance of just about anyone. Sometimes they take it too far but generally their work makes girls hotter and who are we to complain?

If you are a vain girl and you are dating a man who can add years on to your life rather than take them off, then you are doing pretty well.

Plastic Surgeon pick-up line:

“How about a new set of tits? My shout”

Male Profession 6. Lifeguard

Even though life-guards are paid very little and this line of work offers little room for promotion, life-guards are still considered to be very sexy by most women.

It probably has to do with the fact that they are generally tanned and in great shape. It might also be because they save lives and are heroes in their own rights, then again maybe it is the tiny incy wincy shorts.

Lifeguards have always been considered great ‘eye candy’ by beach going females and this has no doubt caused a large number of ‘mock drownings’ by desperate women hoping to be rescued by these muscular bronze beach boys.

If you like a good swim and enjoy a bit of sun then Life guarding is a good option. You get to perve on lots of sunbathing babes and operate cool equipment and occasionally you get to do mouth to mouth with a total hottie. Unfortunately however, the most common demographic for drownings is your run of the mill 60+ man, so be prepared to pucker up and lock lips with some unfavorable as well, it’s all part of the job!

Life-guard pick-up line:

“When you press your ear to my shorts you can hear the ocean”

Male Profession 7. Architect

Architects have always ranked fairly highly in these kinds of surveys. They are generally very artistic, logically minded and their designs lead to the construction of beautiful cities.

The job in itself is very rewarding because every building you design and is subsequently built, is a standing monument to your own artistic brilliance. There is nothing better than walking down the street with a pretty girl and pointing to a beautiful building and saying ‘I did that’, ‘I thought of that’.

Architects generally make pretty good money and they are encouraged in their profession to ‘think outside the box’ which makes them very creative. Architects are essentially artists, which is attractive in itself but in addition to being an artist they can be quite well off financially and tend to have a few less weird eccentricities when compared to your run o’ the mill canvas painter.

Architect pick-up line:

“I just erected a monument in my pants”

Male Profession 8. Bartender

This would definitely have to be the easiest sexy occupation to get into because in most cases it requires little to no prior learning. Can you pull a tap? Can you hold a glass under that tap? Great, you’re hired!

Bartending really isn’t rocket science, just about anybody can do it; some choose to take it to another level and whip out all sorts of fancy tricks, spinning the bottles and throwing them behind their back etc. and this is initially pretty impressive unless you’re really thirsty in which case you just want your bloody drink.

The truth is, you really don’t need to do any of that fancy stuff, all you need to do is be an attractive option in an often lonely and desperate environment. At the end of the night when the single girls haven’t found a nice guy to go home with, who is the best option, the taxi driver? Unlikely. It’s the nice handsome bartender.

Sometimes just being in the right place at the right time is enough to get you laid and if you bother to put a bit of an effort into your service then it can definitely pay off at the end of your shift and since a lot of bartenders are beautiful women you can work off that angle as well. All in all, bartending is a lazy Player’s dream job.

Bartender pickup line:

“How about a ‘sex on the beach’? And then we can cuddle after”

Male Profession 9. Lawyer

Just how much is your soul really worth to you anyway?

Despite lawyers being among the most reviled members of society, (just above mass murderers and a little below tax collectors) they do tend to be typically wealthy and intelligent and this makes them seem like an attractive option for many beautiful women.

It takes a lot of hard work and dedication to become a lawyer but at the end of the day you know that there will always be plenty of work and a stable financial future. It would seem that the stereotypical televised image of the high calibre, intelligent handsome lawyer has transcended into real life, with a lot of women perceiving this to be the customary ‘get up’ of lawyers.

The unfortunate truth about lawyers is, the richest ones are often the biggest bastards but I guess if you are screwing everyone else then no-one is screwing you, except for the babes that are into that kind of thing.

Lawyer pickup line:

“If I told you, you had a great body, would you sue me for sexual harassment?”

Male Profession 10. Doctor (General practitioner).

Although GP’s aren’t as specialized as plastic surgeons they still have a pretty impressive title and status in contemporary society due to the nobility and eminence associate with the role.

In most countries it takes doctors approximately 8 years of study before they earn the title and the right to practice medicine, therefore you can probably understand why doctors are so proud to be able to put a Dr. in the place of Mr. on any paperwork they fill out.

It is every mothers dream for their daughters to marry a doctor and it is therefore quite common for women to be conditioned from a young age to believe that marrying a doctor is akin to winning the matrimonial jackpot.

Considering how much of their lives they need to spend laboring away learning medicine it is only fair that there should be a nice ‘poonani’ pot of gold as well as a hefty paycheck at the end of the rainbow.

Doctor pick-up line.

“How about you come back to my place and ‘open wide'”


At the end of the day, you should obviously do what makes you happy and not what your parents or anyone else for that matter tells you would be best for you.

Even if you have the worlds sexiest job, if you are miserable in it then it’s unlikely that you will attract a lot of women and even if you do, you probably wont enjoy them because you hate your life.

If however you do find yourself in one of these fantastic careers then we recommend that you take full advantage of it and use it as a great perk to spread the legs of beautiful maidens far and wide and make sure you share your awesome sexscapades with your bro’s at Way of the Player.


Note: We strongly advise that you do not under any circumstances actually attempt to use one of the aforementioned pick-up lines on any real live females or disastrous testicular crushing may soon follow.

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