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By Kieran Black

The media has always had a major influence in how we perceive ourselves and the world around us.

The media tells us how we should dress, how we should act, how we should think. It’s no wonder that in order for the modern player to be successful he needs to keep up with the times and because the best reflection of ‘the times’ is what’s hot in the box office, this is usually the first port of call for many aspirational young men.

How many guys reading this have managed to build a connection with a girl they were interested in, simply because they shared something in common, because they like the same music, the same fashion or in this case the same films? Whether we like to admit it or not films and the media are an essential part of Western society and our individual lives and therefore they can be a very useful tool for drawing on what is popular with the general public.

In this particular article we are taking that to the extreme and we are taking a look at what society generally perceives to be the ideal ladies men. We can tell this because of the reception these films received; if the characters in these films had not rang true to their roles then these films would have been flops but they weren’t, which means that there is something we can learn from each of these individual film players.

don juan player1. Don Juan Demarco (Johnny Depp) – Don Juan Demarco

One of Johnny Depp’s earliest roles. In ‘Don Juan Demarco’ he plays a young player who claims to be the infamous Don Juan (Demarco)

Don Juan dresses in explemplary Turn of the the 18th century Venetian attire and wears a mask at all times. He ostensibly appears to be wholeheartedly committed to the belief that he is in fact the legendary Don Juan and his impeccable skills at seducing beautiful women with a silver tongue gives credit to the otherwise outlandish idea that this charasmatic young man in the 20th century could actually be a fictional character who was created by the esteemed poet and writer ‘Lord Byron’ over a century earlier.

Impossible that Don Juan could be a time traveller? Perhaps, but this film is sure to leave you guessing.

In the film, Don Juan Demarco seduces and charms beautiful women with a skill and ease that even we must admire. His smooth words are augmented by his exuberant confidence and his absolute sincerity; beautiful women find themselves unable to resist the tender charm of this powerful seducer and poet and when they succumb to his affections their actions are surprisingly believable, which is a rare occurance in the exagerated climate of Hollywood romance and seduction.

2. Giacomo Casanova (Heath Ledger) – Casanova

Another depiction of an aristocratic charming character from another time, only Giacomo Casanova was as real as you and I and is clearly amoung the first of histories most romantiscised seducers.

In the film ‘Casanova’, he is played by the recently deceased Australian actor ‘Heath Ledger’, who pulls off an impression dipiction of the 18th century Italian womanizer.

What is particuarly interesting is that Casanova was traditionally described by his peers as being something of a dandy, which in essence is a rather emasculated non-threatening form of seducer who is able to attract women by assuming a fairly non-manly role in the relationship; the famous foppish actor/comedian Russel Brand is a classic example of the modern dandy.

Although there is little elaboration on how Casanova came to be in his position of relative infamy among the beautiful women of Venice, his actions and manner throughout the film are reasonably true to the historic depiction of the celebrated dandy Casanova and his intelligence and class is undoubtably evident in his interactions throughout the entire film.

3. Alex Hitchens (Will Smith) – Hitch 2005

What would this list be without Hitch?

No doubt a character that many of our seduction coach writers can relate to; the movie ‘Hitch’ shined a public light on an otherwise secretive occupation which until 2005 had rarely entered the realm of public opinion.

Hitch was a movie about a lifestyle/dating coach who specialised in helping men attract beautiful women; he wasn’t the first to come up with this idea, there have been lifestyle coaches like him all around the world since God know’s how long, it was only a matter of time until they made a film based on the fascinating lives of seduction coaches.

Like all good seduction coaches, Hitch would walk the talk and was entirely capable of attracting the same quality of woman he was teaching his clients to be able to attract; we see this in a couple of the token seductions/approaches which he performs throughout the duration of the film and his technique revolves around a combination of clever planning and excessive confidence. It would appear that he is not one to settle for a direct approach, he leaves little up to chance and makes sure he pulls the trigger everytime.

4.  Alfie Elkins (Michael Caine) Alfie 1966

Not to be confused with the ‘Jude Law’ re-make of Alfie, which was a piece of crap. Michael Caine was the original Alfie and was probably the guy who started the whole ‘treat em mean, keep em keen’ movement.

Alfie is confident, charasmatic and masculine but beneath his attractive veneer he is a cruel heartless asshole towards women and very misogynistic. Throughout the movie he commonly refers to his women as ‘it’ rather than ‘her’, which indicates that he mentally dehumanises the women who love him in order to keep himself separate from feeling any empathy or affection towards them.

In the movie we witness Alfie Elkins seducing and impregnating two women, including one of his best friends wives who he knocked up, so many viewers are no doubt left with a sour taste in their mouth after watching the selfish and obnoxious antics of Alfie.

Despite the way that Alfie treats the beautiful women who fall for him, he does have an impressive confidence, wit and charm which allows him to seduce them and this is what makes ‘Alfie’ a movie worth seeing, just don’t take on his bad qualities and you should be fine.

5. Tony Stark (Robert Downey Junior) Iron Man

The character of Iron Man was actually based on the renowned American womanizer Howard Hughes, who we have written about in “The greatest womanizers of all time“.

The movie ‘Iron Man’ was created from Stan Lee’s popular comic about an industrious engineer and billionaire playboy, Tony Stark. In the film we see him living up to his comic book legend and attracting and seducing some exceptionally beautiful women in between beating up bad guys.

Tony Stark is your typical Playboy, he loves beautiful women, fast toys and money, yet he focusses passionately on his work, which makes him so attractive to so many women. Since we can’t all be billionaire playboys, what we can learn from Tony Stark is that beautiful women love a man with a passion and drive for their work and a charming confident demeanour doesn’t hurt either.

6. Nick Marshall (Mel Gibson) What women want

In this movie we see Mel Gibson in a light we have rarely seen before, as a charismatic ladies man and a talented seducer.

Nick Marshall is a high flying execute with a lust for single life and a pubescent teenage daughter, his confidence is excessive to the point of cockiness and he assumes that all women love him and believes firmly that he understands women and knows what women want.

However, what we discover later in the film was that Nick Marshall wasn’t actually as perceptive as he originally thought and when he starts to hear the critical thoughts of beautiful women he begins to re-evaluate his approach to love and lust.

One important thing that we learn from Nick Marshall is that despite whether all women are attracted to you or not it is always better to assume they are because this is the basis of having great confidence, assuming that all women want you and all men want to be you.

tom cruise player7. Frank T.J Mackey (Tom Cruise)- Magnolia

Frank T.J Mackey is a misogynistic public speaker who seeks to empower men to be able to aggressively seduce beautiful women, for a profit.

His seminar is entitled ‘Seduce and Destroy’ and Frank Mackey uses lines like ‘Respect the cock’ and ‘tame the cunt’ and enthusiastically encourages men to adopt an asshole attitude in order to stop being the victim and become a predator.

Although Frank Mackey is a powerful speaker his attitude towards women borders on utter contempt and he seems incapable of any genuine affection towards women. Although we at Way of the Player do not agree with Frank Mackey’s attitudes towards women, we do acknowledge that he does have great confidence and alpha male qualities which are fundamentally attractive to beautiful women.

8. Jacob Palmer (Ryan Gosling) – Crazy Stupid Love

In this entertaining comedy we see a recently divorced man played by Steve Carroll in search of new love. He is in pretty bad form and very out of practice and he manages to make all the right mistakes until he is noticed by bachelor and player Jacob Palmer who offers to show him the ropes and help get him back on track.

Jacob Palmer is an impressive character and what we like to call a true player, he is attractive, masculine, assertive and attentive; he has a genuine fondness for beautiful women. He know’s what women want and he knows how to give it to them.

Jacob Palmer isn’t the kind of guy who gets sad over a rejection or ‘friendzoned’ by every pretty girl he hits on, he is unashamedly ‘alpha male’ and he isn’t afraid to show girls that he wants them, he has the unwavering confidence of a movie star and this allows him to relentlessly persevere with women who have ‘difficult attitudes’. He is easily one of the best modern examples of the true player to hit the big screen.

9. Marcus Graham (Eddie Murphy) – Boomerang

In the movie Boomerang, we see a very successful young African American man in the prime of his life.

He is looked upto by all of the men around him and is a true alpha male with a talent for seducing beautiful women. He is attentive and he know’s the value of listening to women in order to build attraction but he is also a compulsive liar and gets caught on more than one occassion for being deceitful.

Along with being very successful with women, Marcus is also very picky and has exceptionally high standards. Although this helps him attract a higher caliber it also ensures that he mostly stays shallow and single and like many of these kinds of films, Marcus only realizes the value of true love and a meaningful relationship once he has lost it.

10. James Bond (Sean Connery) – James Bond franchise

Although many would argue that there were better James Bond’s than Sean Connery, few would argue that there were ever any quite so smooth and innately masculine that played the role.

Interestingly, most of James Bond’s films were set in a time when men were clearly men and drank scotch and wore conservative suits to work. It was a different time and perhaps the excessive chivalry and occassional ‘woman beating’ that James Bond indulged in back in the day would be frowned on by today’s critics but nonetheless everybody knows that Mr Bond was a very charming (and hairy) Scotsman with a quick wit and an confident gaze that would make women weak at the knees.

James Bond was the man who made spies sexy and Sean Connery made James Bond sexy. Perhaps one of his most defining qualities was his uncompromising dominance and masculinity; James Bond apologised for nothing, he was the kind of solid male figure that every secretly craves and the metro-sexual latte sipping men of today’s generation could certainly learn a few things about being masculine from the infamous James Bond.

By Kieran Black

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