The Pursuer Becomes The Pursued – How to be Chased By Women

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A few of my clients have asked me if there is anyway to be sought out and approached by beautiful women.

Meaning, is there a way to become so desirable to women that they muster up the courage to approach you on their own; similar to what Players do when they see an attractive woman.

When asked this question my initial thought is “this guy is looking for the easy way out”.

A second thought suggests that maybe the man I am working with is thinking on a higher level; a mode of thinking where you exert less effort and inherit more benefits.

This would obviously take a lot more practice than the art of approaching and picking up women does… “So, you can chase women down, seduce them and win over their hearts? Big deal.. Women chase me down, seduce me, and attempt to win my heart. ” So you wonder, what exactly must be done? What trials and tribulations must you go through to become as desirable to women as a hot girl is to men? You’ll find out in a second.

But first lets take a look at a few examples of men that women typically chase after.

Rockstars, Pro Athletes, Actors, Self made Multi-Millionaires etc. Now sure you could make a couple of million dollars, lace up your Louboutin’s and run for the hills, but is this the only way? Is an eight figure bank account mandatory to be chased by women? Other than money; what is it that all these types of men have in common?


Anyone who has ever made it to the top of their field has developed a love and passion for their craft. Women have become secondary(if not 3rd or 4th) because what’s most important to them is the fulfillment of their dreams.

This is completely opposite to many men who often dream of finding the woman of their “dreams”. The primary reason these publicly successful men are ‘on’ the minds of women is because they’ve taken women ‘off’ of their minds. Women fill their bedrooms with posters and their computer desktops with pictures of men who have no idea they even exist. Have you ever been around a girl that you had absolutely no sexual attraction for? What you may often find is, it is these very women who develop crushes on you. Men don’t usually treat them this way, there must be something ” Special ” about you.


At the age of 8 before I knew anything about women, I had a best friend named Trevor  who taught me everything I needed to know about standards.

Trevor’s Mom and my Mom were good friends and they would always take us to the park together to play with all the other kids. I ran around playing tag with the other kids and Trevor just watched in amusement.

Trevor wouldn’t play tag with us , he would only play if girls were at the park and he could play with ALL girls. And guess what? He never wanted to be “IT”. This was his STANDARD and he NEVER compromised.

To the untrained eye it would appear that Trevor was missing out on a lot of fun by not playing with the guys, but he was onto something. While I was making male friends adding to my cuts and bruises; Trevor would gather 3 or 4 girls and have them all run after him. And because he refused to accept less than he ” DESERVED” they would always comply.

So what is it that you think you deserve? Do you feel you deserve to be chased down by women? Are you that attractive? If you believe you are then you are. I haven’t spoken to Trevor in sometime but I’m willing to bet my last dollar that this pattern has carried on into his current adult life. I can only imagine what it has transformed into.

If you decide that you no longer want to chase after women; understand that you are going to have to spend a lot of time without women. You will have to push yourself to the threshold and refuse the urge all us of Players have to approach the women that men drool over. If you want to become the type of man that women approach, you will have to make this your standard and refuse the temptation of approaching attractive women

In the beginning it will be tough but with consistency and persistence I have no doubt that women will be chasing after you just as they did Trevor and as they do Rockstars. Figure out your standards and refuse to take anything less and your life will transform into the one that you dream about.

This is a path for Players who have already developed their skills with women, this is not the road for guys just getting into the game.


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