The Player’s Guide To Fashion And Style, Part 2: Accessorising For The Modern Player. (Continued)

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Part 2 (continued): Accessorising For The Modern Player

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Jewellery is like alcohol, good in moderation terrible in excess.

When people who have never had money suddenly obtain large amounts of it, the first thing they want to do is spend some of it and buy some luxury items, often this is in the form of jewellery.

In many cultures, a show of jewellery is a show of wealth and power and the more gold you wear, the richer you are. In such places, it might very well be beneficial to your game to wear excessive amounts of gold and jewels.

In particular, in places where wealth is often very unevenly distributed and the poor are extremely poor and beautiful women prioritise wealth in a partner out of necessity for survival.

The Slavic nation is a perfect example of this. In places such as Russia, Ukraine and much of Eastern Europe, it is very commonplace for men in a position of wealth and power to wear excessive amounts of jewellery, in particular gold necklaces and ornately carved jewelled rings and their women are similarly adorned.

However, in the West ostentatious displays of jewellery are usually more apparent in lower socio-economic communities such as the Ghetto’s of the USA, where some African American’s from poorer families; typically wear excessively expensive and ornate jewellery around their necks in order to show their financial success.

Unless you are from such a culture where this ostentatious behaviour is expected, we would recommend for the modern Player that he keep his jewellery somewhat conservative so as to appear modest about his wealth because excessive gold and jewellery generally isn’t considered by mainstream society to be classy, it is tasteless.


As stated previously, silly pretentious cufflinks will not win you any love with beautiful women, the best you can hope for with your ‘Cartman’ (from South park) cufflinks is a small giggle and some words of encouragement from that lonely obese co-worker of yours who sits in the corner cubicle surrounded by pictures of her cats.

If you don’t have a fat weird cat lady at your work then swap that with smelly bearded hobo with yellow teeth who sits on the curb laughing at his own dirty jokes and playing with his privates. Either way the point is, silly cufflinks are not cool.

If you want your cufflinks to stand out in a good way, then diamonds and shiny expensive metals are a good way to go. Even better, you could get some engraved with your initials or coat of arms and modestly inform people of that when they compliment you on your lovely cuff links.


As mobile phones become more and more advanced with more functions than we can point a stick at. When phones can do anything from telling us the time to providing us with an instant detailed map of whatever region we are in, not to mention a thousand other uses; we find ourselves less and less reliant on the traditional versions of these tools and in this particular case we are referring to watches.

Not so long ago it was customary for every serious businessman to own a watch and it was their responsibility to maintain it regularly and ensure it was always on time, they didn’t have the correct time transmitted to them digitally and constantly. They relied on each other and multiple appliances to ensure the clocks were running on time.

Now it is becoming less and less common for men to own watches because it is just as easy to put their hand in their pockets to find the time and a watch can often seem like an extra unnecessary hassle so why bother?

Well a watch is one of those things that comes under the category of ‘attention to detail’, it might mean a little bit more work but it is worth having a nice one for appearances sake.

If you are going to wear a watch, you are best off sticking to the traditional analogue (hands instead of numbers) and it is better if it is made out of some nice shiny metal.

This is just one of those things that if done right, beautiful women will likely notice and ask you about it; jewellery with a purpose or history carries far more social value than jewellery with neither.


Just to clarify we are referring to ‘hand rings’ and not the kind that go around your junk.

As a player you really shouldn’t wear too many rings but if you really want too, just make sure that they don’t sparkle.

One modest ring is generally enough to add some character to your hands. If you play in a band or you’re part of a motorcycle gang then you can definitely get away with it a lot more and chicks who are into that genre will find it attractive.

But… That would also mean you are subscribing to a very particular genre style which is generally not good for your game because as player’s we want to be within the mainstream in order to attract the widest array of beautiful women possible, we do not want to limit our options to a specific genre.

This is the subject of ongoing debate, yet our most successful Way of the Player members are all relatively pretty mainstream, so if it works for them it should work for you.

Wrist bands

Older men, be careful with wristbands.

When you are in your early twenties backpacking and going to wild parties there seems to be a prevalence of wristbands but the older you get the stranger it looks to have them as they are typically reserved for teenage boys.

Wristbands can look pretty funky but they can also make someone appear to be less mature than they really are and this isn’t good for the image of a layer.

If you are dead set on wearing a wristband and you are above the age of 16 then make sure it has some kind of historical, philosophical or sentimental meaning, otherwise you will look like a tool.

If you have a multicoloured wristband which says ‘Best friendz 4 eva’ then you should burn it, this may be sentimental but it is also totally gay.


One necklace is enough necklace for any man, any more than that and you are just trying too hard to be Gangsta.

Necklaces are another accessory which should have some historical, philosophical or sentimental meaning behind them. If you didn’t inherit a necklace, then try getting one with a meaningful symbol on it and research its origin.

Be prepared for girls to ask you about your necklace and have a story ready about what the necklace means to you and how it applies to your life, this is best followed by some kind of vague philosophical statement which makes them think you are deep and insightful.

For example.

Her: Nice necklace, what does it mean?

Him: Oh this little thing? I was given this as a gift by a Kyaukpyu fisherman after saving his eleven year old son from drowning. The locals told me it was the symbol of Pali, the Burmese Goddess of love. It is rumoured to give its wearer a vitality and sexual stamina which would rival any man or beast.

Her: Really? That’s splendiferous!

Him: Yes I think there is a lesson to be learnt from the Goddess Pali, perhaps we all spend too much time fighting and not enough time loving, if only there was a willing female somewhere close by talking to me now who I could share my incredible sexual gifts with.

Her: I don’t know why but the way you described that necklace made me suddenly wet in my panties and I must have you now.

(Note: aforementioned dialogue might be slightly exaggerated for effect)

If you insist on wearing a necklace, then make sure it is interesting and also slightly hidden from view. If you walk around with your shirt wide open or put your necklace on the outside of your apparel then you will look like a tool.

It’s also worth noting that necklaces are a great gift for women (especially Pearl ones) A necklace says to a woman “I enjoy/want to have sex with you, so I am willing to spend money on you to show my appreciation but this isn’t a commitment.” Just make sure you don’t buy it from “Tiffany’s” unless you’re in it for the long haul because a “Tiffany’s” necklace implies a diamond ring is next.

Prescription Glasses

Prescription Glasses are interesting because they can be both a good and a bad addition to the individual.

On the wrong person they can make him seem nerdy and weak but on the right person they can make him seem intelligent and distinguished, if you are someone who wears glasses you should definitely figure out which one you are.

To put it simply, if you have an athletic/muscular body then you can afford to wear glasses because they will add character to you and make you look like an intelligent and athletic man, the perfect combination.

If you are too fat or too skinny and wear glasses then chances are you will just look like a weak nerd because glasses feminise men to a certain extent and they imply fragility and weakness, if you are already fragile and weak then glasses will just augment this further and you will be doing yourself a disservice.

The current fashion trend with glasses for men seems to be the small rectangular frames with black or silver arms. These are quite conservative and look far more sophisticated than the bulky square black framed glasses you see stereotypical nerds wearing on television.

Otherwise if you think that you need to ‘man up your look’ then it might be time to invest in some contact lenses.

Colored contact lenses

A player should never wear colored contact lenses.


Sunglasses are fantastic, they come in a very wide range with designs to suit any face or style. They are however intended for outside use only and if you wear them inside them you are a tool. Even if you are a Blues musician or Bono, you will be a tool if you put a pair of sunglasses on indoors because they clearly serve no practical purpose and you are just wearing them because you think they look cool.

Fashion is a delicate balance between practicality and tasteful design, too much of either and you are not doing it right; you will find that your style will not be attractive to the majority of the people you want it to look good too.


A Player should never wear an earring.


Hats like sunglasses should generally not be worn inside by the modern player unless it is a part of a special costume you are wearing i.e. pilots cap, gladiator helmet, hot blond girl etc.

Hats are great for outside use because in this environment they are a practical item which can be tastefully styled to increase your attractiveness and you will not look like a tool wearing one.

A player should never ever wear a tiara, a beret or a purple fluffy hat.


There is an art form in appearing only marginally over dressed as opposed to looking like someone tricked you into thinking it was a dress up party, making that distinction requires common sense and a second opinion never hurt either.

As player’s our image is everything to us and we have to be so very careful that we uphold it diligently, it is the price we pay for choosing to live in the spotlight and be leaders among men but it is a price we pay gladly.

Ultimately if you are very attached to your current style then there is nothing wrong with that but if you want to become the best Player that you can be then you might need to face the fact that you will need to make some changes to your wardrobe to achieve this.

We believe we have covered most of the common accessories however if you can think of any important one’s that we haven’t thought of then please contact us at

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