The Way of the Player Forum

The New Player Forum!

Come See The New Player Forum

We have set up for your benefit a brand new Player Forum. Here you will be able to post your questions and journals and receive regular feedback from us and Way of the Player’s extensive membership base.

We did have a forum set up previously but unfortunately the software had way too many bugs and was not so user friendly. So now, we have installed the web’s latest and most popular forum software, to bring you the best Player Forum on the web.

This Player Forum is being monitored by our team regularly to ensure that questions are answered quickly and the forum is kept clean, efficient and user friendly.

The Player Forum is just one of the many improvements we are making to Way of the Player to ensure that we continue to be the best natural seduction resource on the internet.

The Player Forum Is Just The Beginning

The Player Forum is just the beginning of many great things to come. We will also soon be releasing a comprehensive Way of the Player Guide Book! Written by acclaimed seduction coaches and Way of the Player columnists ‘Eddie Fews’ and ‘Kieran Black.

This book will be better than anything yet produced by Way of the Player writers and we expect it to become the leading Natural Seduction Guide on the web.

We will also soon be releasing a wide range of free digital media. This includes Player Cartoons, Player MoviesPlayer Comics and many other cool little things that will make our community even better!

If you are new to Way of the Player then please come on our new Player Forum and introduce yourself! We need to work together to get it jump started because even though it has amazing forum software, it is only as good as the community that uses it!

Click here to register an account and introduce yourself!c

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The New Player Forum!