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I had just gotten through watching a Stand-up comedy performance by the great Patrice O’Neal(R.I.P) in which he reminded me of something I’ve been doing subconsciously with women that has allowed me to become this successful as a seducer. He had gotten to a point in the show in which he asked the women in the audience how they would keep their boyfriends/husbands happy if suddenly they woke up without a pussy. The women from the audience screamed “Anal, Blow jobs, handjobs etc.” all actions related to sexual pleasure. He then made a point that this is the reason men view women as sexual objects; because that’s the only effort they take in relating to men. He goes ” None of the women said they’d learn to play video games, tell better stories, bring another woman into the bed etc. ” He goes on to say women have bored him so much that he only has sex with them to have a memory to masturbate to later – ” I’ve been jerking off in the shower so long I’m surprised a baby hasn’t crawled out the drain yet.. But after all, women just want to be desired but they just don’t know how to make men desire them. And most men lose the desire they once had after 6 months in a relationship.”

I instantly went into my mental file cabinet and began reliving all of the moments in which I preyed upon a weak spot located within the feminine nature of almost every woman on the planet. Awareness of this weak-spot could completely revolutionize the dating and seduction game; but I trust our readers at Way Of The Player and I trust that you will use what I am about to reveal to you with extreme caution.

I had left this part out of the story I told in my last article ( Stop Lying To Women) for personal reasons, but I figured what the hell; I’ll do this for the readers.

So once I revealed the truth to my last girlfriend in my bedroom, we talked for a bit, but she had grown incredibly distant towards me. At her request I called her a taxi and she began walking toward the door. As I watched her walk down my hallway, the visual of her amazing ass and sexy legs walking away had turned me on immensely. I caught up with her at my living room where I sat on the sofa staring at her with sexuality and a bit of lust lingering in my eyes, as she stood up waiting for the cab to beep its horn to call her outside. I threw my hands around her waist, looked her in the eyes, and began expressing to her how badly looking at her was turning me on. I said something like ” You have no idea how bad I want to have sex with you right now” all while caressing her around the waist. I followed up with more statements of desire as I watched a woman who was once disappointed and angry with me turn into an helpless female begging me to tear her clothes off of her body.

And this is exactly what Patrice O’Neal was talking about toward the end up his performance. ” Women just want to be DESIRED”. Women do their hair, paint there nails, wear make up etc. because they WANT TO BE DESIRED.

All over the world there are men and women living together who are supposed to be in relationships. The only issue is, married couples have become more like roommates than actual lovers. The wife spends her time in one room and the husband spends his time in another. They just can’t seem to get it to work which is why the western society divorce rate is at an all time high of 55%. Women want to be desired and a man wants to desire his woman. But there seems to be a gap between actually making this thing work.

If you want to succeed at using a woman’s need to be desired to be more seductive it first has to come from an authentic place. If you still see women as innocent, delicate creatures who don’t have wild raunchy sexual fantasies then this isn’t going to work. The majority of women aren’t innocent and they aren’t pure, they just pretend they are because our culture judges them for anything else. Just ask Veronica Slut.

All women want to be loved, but even at the times when they are sick of love or too focused on themselves to have time for it, women STILL  have an undying need to want to be desired. There is never a point in a woman’s life where she doesn’t want to be desire by men sexually.  Too many of you guys get friend-zoned or rejected by the women you go up to because there is absolutely no sexual emotion bubbling inside you for the women you talk to. The guy that gets to cuddle with the girl, the guy that she gives sweet little kisses to, and acts like a little girl in front of is the same guy banging her and slapping her around with his cock in the bedroom. Women love sex! Just as Eddie Murphy said is his stand up titled” RAW”, “there isn’t one woman sitting in this crowd tonight that wouldn’t rather be at home in bed with a nice stiff one in them. ”  And its true.  There are women all over cleaning their boyfriends apartment, buying him food, and paying his bills just because the men have a hold of the woman’s sexual desire; not that this should be your goal, but it just goes to show how powerful sexually desire really is. When you learn to have a genuine sexual desire for the women you want to seduce you’ll have more women than you can hold in Gasby’s mansion.

By Eddie Fews


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  • Awesome. This is a great insight into the female mind.

  • Sean H.

    Hey Eddie,

    This is awesome! It definitely reminds of the S & A thing you were teaching me about during our last session.

  • Peter Ross


  • Paulette

    I’m a women, and this is actually very true!

  • Marcus

    Feminist toss and turn in their sleep at night still because of stand up’s patrice oneal has done in the pass Haha. The article itself is eye opening – these things are right in front of our faces and we just ignore them.