The Most Important Thing – Strength In Love And Life

strength in life

By Chris Manak

From the heart of someone who has done most of what a lot of guys out there are striving to do, if there is only one thing that I can teach, let it be this – BE STRONG.

Life is hard. You think a girl not talking back to you warrants depression? Wait until you’re in a relationship and jealousy strikes, wait until you’re working hard and wondering how to make ends meet, wait until you have kids and face tough times in a marriage, etc. Dwelling in negativity in Game is like whinging during the first kilometre of a marathon; this is just the beginning you need to be prepared for the challenges that lay ahead.

Strength will get you through everything in life, it’s the only thing. And it’s the ONLY way that you will get solidly good with beautiful women in the end. SOLIDLY good that is, not flashy. If you got six numbers this week, went on three dates and seduced two of them into your bed – great, but it means nothing unless you have the strength inside of you that would have been ok with not having any of that.

Let’s face it, a very attractive man can do all of the above in a day or two – but it certainly doesn’t mean that he has kicker where it counts (In fact a lot of really attractive guys are terrible with women, despite having them, for this very reason).

A girl gives you a nothing reply, you have a bad night out, you have a girl flake on you – you can have a cry and stagnate in self-pity … OR you can feel the twist of pain inside you, accept it, and develop the ability that resides deep in your soul to stand up and say “I am better than this! I deserve more!” Live life like a shark – if you stop swimming, you’re dead. You need the strength to CONSTANTLY brush off ANYTHING that holds you back and you need to keep moving forward. Your life and your goals will sort themselves out in the trail of your persistence. Lack of strength stops your life force flowing. You get so scared of the pain that you do nothing. And thus you get nothing.

If you can’t walk away from a bad approach or a bad night, then you’re not ready for women – because once you have one (or some), your precious little heart will be shattered. You will NOT be ready. Life knows this, as do you on a deep level, and it will keep away what you WANT until you learn what you NEED. Unfortunately I need to inform you that for the most part, how you feel right now WITHOUT women is exactly how you would feel WITH women (once the orgasmic glow wears off, which it inevitably does). And if you’ve not found that strength inside yourself to deal with crap and to face the tough times head on like a solider ready for war, then you’re going to be buggered in the end either way – be it by her walking all over you, by you STILL feeling as helpless as you do now but just with the added pressure of being in a relationship, by you not being able to deal with the other guys in her life, by you not being able to be emotionally stable like the man that she needs, etc.

Use this opportunity to DEVELOP that strength inside you NOW. Diving head first into the dating world – approaching, conversation, dates, rejection, success – is a fantastic way to develop strength! Just keep it in perspective. I developed my own strength through heart shattering breakups, through literally thousands of approaches, rejection, embarrassment and shocking nights out. And I continue to do so now facing any drama in my life. I’ve had some shit times, but that’s exactly my point – looking back, I can see that my life only ever moved forward (and generally forward massively) when I summoned that warrior inside me that fought his way through. You can generally spot IMMEDIATELY people who have developed this in themselves. They radiate positivity and enthusiasm. They motivate themselves and others. They have drive, direction and dreams. They face life head on and seem to magically get what they want. But ironically, you don’t need any of this to be strong. Strength is the PRECURSER to all of the above. If you learn to be strong, you will learn the priceless gift of your own abundance. And unless you do, you will never find true happiness in my opinion. You will be forever at the mercy of the elements.

Stop your whinging and bitching. If you complain a lot, or if you’re “just a realist”, or if you find the negatives in anything that you do – you have two choices. You can continue this path and think back on this in however long that it takes you to realise: “Yeah wow, NOTHING has changed in my life” … OR you can decide now to accept that that FEAR – the one thing behind all of this – is OK! Decide that you’re going to feel it and deal with it all like a man. Courage is not the absence of fear but the ability to feel fear and do something anyway. I’m not saying switch off from your emotions. Feel sadness, feel hatred, feel anger and frustration, feel scared! What I’m saying is, own these emotions, don’t let them own you. House them like a tenant – let them in but keep them in check. Don’t let them smash the joint up. Stand up like a man and move forward, even if you are feeling hurt or that things are moving slowly. Pick up a shield and just walk, because life will certainly shoot some arrows at you. And if you don’t learn to block them during the march, then you’re going to be annihilated once you get to the real battle.

By Chris Manak

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