The Life Of The Player


Players don’t just attend the nightclubs and parties. Players are a well known force while their out living the life.

When a player steps outside the confines of his home, his presence is a well know entity in the air. Sure, he expects to socialize and hang with women but more importantly he’s out to entertain and be entertained.

Girls can’t wait to be the next victim of his flirtatious ways and guys can’t wait to shake his hand. His energy is naturally magnetic and everything around him just seems to be drawn into his field. He doesn’t walk around like he owns the place; within the core of his heart and the depths of his subconscious he truly believes the night is his. And everyone else… Well, they’re just lucky they get to be in the same room as him.

His stare so powerful, he can stop a women in her tracks by simply looking into her eyes. He walks with a grace, striding with confidence, chins up, while his eyes are gaze just below the horizon. Stylish, fashionable, and voguish are incapable of describing how he wears his garments. He dresses like royalty, behaves like it, and as a result he is habitually treated with admiration, courtesy and respect. Every male around him is a potential friend. Although, as the world isn’t perfect he can’t befriend them all. So occasionally he does attract enemies, but they know to keep their distance.

Ambitious and driven; once he lays his eyes on something he wants, God himself couldn’t reach his hand down to stop him. Whether it be a personal goal, competition, or a beautiful woman; he cuts on his tunnel vision and anything outside of the light of his destination becomes non-existent. The spirit of a winner radiates from every pore in his body, extending from his heart, into the room, pervading throughout the atmosphere. While everyone else aims for success, he embodies it, death becomes the only other option.

Spiritual, he lives his life with purpose, believing he can have the world with the snap of a finger. His self-esteem drastic enough to make even the most powerful men on the planet envious. Compliments are nice to hear, and he is grateful for every flattering assertion that falls upon his ear but, since he is already at the top, the compliments are nothing but words; appreciated but expected.

Women are known to bear flushed rosy red cheeks if he decides to converse with them. Charming he is, but more so than charming, he is deep; articulately cutting through the bullshit women throw at men to test their ability to handle their deepest feminine gift. He does it effortlessly; simply because, he is exactly who he presents himself to be. His first impression is his only impression, he always is who he always was.

Usually while the Player is out, laughing and enjoying the company of many he will spot a woman with allure so unbearable he must stop his conversation and without hesitation make his approach.

He must discover whether her beauty and radiance protrudes deeper than the surface. He has no game plan, no rehearsed pick up lines, just his true core genuine character. Eye contact is made, his smile is shown, and his introduction begins. Before he feels any genuine interest, he screens her; observing her morals, standards and view points on life. If and only if, she lives up to the quality of women he shares is masculine gift with, will he proceed with the interaction. If she does, he rewards her, with interest, a compliment, and perhaps a touch.

For the Player touch is second nature, he can touch a woman at any time he pleases but he often waits until the moment is most ripe and she is on the verge of mental ecstasy before he makes physical contact.

His touch is swift, soft, and smooth; increasing with resilience and exertion as time wears on the interaction. Before she knows it, he is within inches of her lips; she’s begging for it, but he holds… and holds… right up until her body is pulsating with delight and then he acts. Making sure the first kiss is passionate, but short-lived; he always leaves her wanting more. He now knows its safe for him to invite her to his palace, if she denies him, he confidently persists. If the logistics just are his ideal, he grabs the number and must escape off into the night; there are many more adventurous ahead of him.

When a woman who he considers to be of high quality is accompanying him home he is always kind.

The Player is passionate and committed as a lover, holding onto the virtue that we all learn as young men; “ladies first”. He is in complete control over his orgasm, he refuses himself the right to ejaculate until his mistress’s eyes are rolled back in both bliss and ecstasy. When she can no longer speak and is vibrating with joy he knows its his turn. Elated, she is glowing with euphoria, thankful, and willing to return the favor at any cost. Her enjoyment is fulfilling enough and he embraces her close before kissing her goodnight.

The Player is a master of seduction; he wasn’t always this way, he’s been through enough rejection and failure that has turned many men away. Men that have attempted to travel the path he completed to get to his current position. With persistence and dedication he has managed to reach heights many only dream of. He is always enjoying his life spends time guiding men down the road success; a road that is now easier to travel because it has been paved by himself and other Players before him. The Player is the ruler of his on reality, and works to ensure other lesser men become the ruler of theirs.

By Eddie Fews


I’m Dedicated Player & Seduction Coach Eddie Fews; I work with men on various things from improving their text messaging to approaching and meeting women on the sidewalks, stores and coffee shops all over the world. Although we have shortcomings, we should constantly be working on improving and building ourselves into better more efficient people.

If you need that extra push and motivation to get out there to meet and date more women and want to expand upon your seduction skills Email me: to check my availability, rates, and you will be contacted by me or one of my representatives within 48 hours . I do in person one on one coaching along with consultation through Skype, Instant Messenger and phone calls. And for basic advice on dating, sex, and relationships you can become a member of my new player forum here

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