The Top 10 Pros And Cons Of Internet Dating Sites.

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So you consider yourself a bit of an internet Casanova? You have a way with words but you prefer to type them rather than speak them. You are extremely photogenic but present poorly in person. You are currently serving time for crimes against humanity.

Whatever the reason you prefer to meet women online, we’re not judging.

We do however suggest that you use this as a secondary means of meeting women rather than a primary; for a Player, internet dating should only ever be considered as an investment in easy pussy and just like any investment you can not rely on it for your primary mode of income otherwise you will probably end up poor and destitute.

The same goes for internet dating, if it is your only way of meeting girls then chances are that desperation will seep through your profile and you will end up only being able to shag desperate 40 something ex strippers with annoying kids who like to remind you how much they like their other Daddy’s better than you.

Therefore you should make sure that you’re not putting all your eggs in one basket. Create your internet profile, cast your bait by hitting up all the pretty girls on there (that look like they definitely don’t have a penis) and wait to see which ones bite.

If you have never used online dating before or you want to learn more about it, then there are definitely some pros and cons you should be aware of before you click that mouse. So here are the top 10 pros and cons of internet dating to help you make your decision.


1. Less time searching for ‘your type’

With specific search and compatibility parameters you are a lot more likely to meet a girl who is more compatible with you and you will know this before you approach them on the other hand when you approach a stranger in real life, often you will have no idea whether you’re compatible or not until you have gotten to know them. So this scanning option could be a great perk and save you a lot of time in the long run by increasing the likelihood of meeting someone you are more likely to get along with and that’s why so many people find love and long term relationships through the internet.

2. Easy way to hit on lots of women in a short amount of time.

If you’re a busy man but enjoy hitting on and flirting on to copious amounts of women (which we do) then dating sites are a great way to do it. You can literally be hitting on girls throughout the entire day, using your downtime at work to flirt on dating sites and your off time in the afternoon and morning to hit on girls in real life!

Of course we don’t recommend that anyone should spend THAT much time on dating sites as that would be kind of sad and you would probably get fired from your job, moderation is the key here.

3. Your friends won’t give you shit when you get knocked back.

One of the best things about internet dating is that there is no one there to judge you! Unless you see someone you know on there, in which case the two of you share a dirty little secret and they can’t blab on you without revealing their own saucy internet activities.

With no fear of being judged there is no reason to fear getting rejected! And you won’t lose any cred in your buddy’s eyes because they only know what you tell them.

4. You don’t have to reject girls to their faces (fewer confrontations)

When some thugly girl has a crack at you online, you don’t need to try and make up some ridiculous excuse to get rid of them. You can just send them on their ugly way, at the click of the mouse! Without any fear of her throwing some sticky alcoholic liquid in your face or getting all spiteful and telling all the cute girls at the venue that you’re a flaming homo or a drink spiker.

5. If your e-date isn’t going so well then porn is only a click away.

Unlike conventional dating where you would need to sit around trying to impress your date with them watching your every move, judging you on every little thing you do; with internet dating if things are getting boring or if she starts talking about a very sexy tattoo in a very naughty place… Then release and enjoyment are only a mouse click away! Just send a quick ‘brb’ (be right back) go have a glorious tug and prepare yourself for round 2.

I guarantee you it is much more difficult to do that in a crowded restaurant than in the privacy of your own bedroom.

6. Less chance of being beaten up by a dude for hitting on his girlfriend.

When you’re out on the town and you approach a girl, there is always a chance that she has an over protective gorilla boyfriend close by who would like nothing better than to assert his masculinity by throttling you.

By communicating with girls on the internet you can see their relationship status before you even talk to them, there is of course a chance that they could be cheating but that’s not really your problem now is it?

7. Introverts can pretend to be extraverts.

If you’re someone who doesn’t excel in expressing yourself in person, then this might be your best chance to show off your ability to be outgoing and spontaneous, regardless of whether you actually are or not.  You might struggle when it comes to actually meeting them and your true introverted nature comes out but either way as long as it gets you a hot date then you can cross that bridge when you come to it.

8. Relatively high success rate. If they agree to meet up with you they are probably going to hook up with you.

If a girl has agreed to meet a stranger on the internet and actually goes through with the meeting, then chances are they are going to go all the way with you and not muck around. If you have already spent so much time chatting online then they should already feel like they know and trust you enough to have sex with you or at the very least hook up.

Since they already know your intentions from your dating profile and they know that you know theirs, there isn’t such a big need for games. This makes internet dating perfect for the excessively lazy and forthright.

9. Use it to find easy hook ups overseas.

Planning on going travelling? Why not hook up some contacts before you touch down so you already have some options when you arrive in a new country.

Without the internet the only way you can really meet these foreign girls is when they travel to your city but by using the internet you can meet literally hundreds of girls in a specific area without even having to step out the door.

If you are particularly tight with money and loose with morals you could even employ that charm of yours to hook up free accommodation.

So when you plan your next trip it might be worth hitting up some dating sites to link up with some hot foreign chicks (See ‘Where to find the hottest women in the world’

10. Breaks down cultural barriers.

Feel like trying something a little different? The internet is a fantastic way to break down cultural and language barriers and allow people to gain understanding and perspective of people from backgrounds and cultures very different from our own. It also helps ugly old Western dudes marry hot young Asian women.

There are many women from backgrounds you probably haven’t even considered that would be totally interested in getting it on with a guy their Daddies would hate. If they come from a very orthodox religious background then they might need to sneak around to hook up with guys outside of their own creed and this is where the internet comes in.

If you are going to use dating sites then try it out, you might just find yourself hooking up with some really hot exotic women, do it, do it for us.


1. Internet sluttiness is common.

If you are chatting a girl up on the net and you think that you have something special then you’re probably fooling yourself. Some girls get 100’s of chat requests per day and it can be pretty hard to forge intimate bonds with so many other options on the table.

Some girls just love being massive sluts and will use internet dating for the same purposes men do, to get easy lays. Either way, it’s important to understand that internet sluttiness is very common and it’s best to not get too pre-emptively attached.

2. It can be time consuming getting a girl to trust you enough to meet up with you.

Sometimes you might find yourself chasing after a girl and exerting lots of energy trying to get that one girl to take the plunge and meet up with you. Some of these girls never will and you’re only wasting your own time pursuing them. Unfortunately it’s difficult to tell which ones will be a waste of time and which ones will pay off but either way be prepared to spend a lot of late night hours typing fruitlessly away on your keyboard.

3. Most of the time they look worse in person or not at all like the person in their picture.

It’s pretty rare for a girl to actually look better in real life than in her picture.

When meeting up with a girl be prepared for her to be significantly ‘less good looking’ than her picture and lower your expectations accordingly.

If you can only see a girls face in all of her pictures then chances are she is a total fatty, if she wears lots of makeup in all of her photos then chances are she has bad skin, if she has bigger shoulders than you do then chances are she also has a penis.

This is perhaps the biggest con of all of dating sites because you rarely ever ‘get what you paid for’

4. You won’t know for sure until you meet them whether you’re actually attracted to them physically or not.

You might have a great connection with a girl online but in real life she could an annoying obnoxious troll. You might find yourself attracted to the idea of the girl rather than the girl herself so it is best not to over commit prior to the first date.

5. It’s hard to tell just how sane someone is from an internet conversation.

The internet has and always will be a haven for disturbed weirdoes. Even if a girl seems pretty normal on the internet you never know whether she keeps her ex’s heads in a jar in her basement so make sure you don’t ignore the important signs for the sake of getting your dick wet.

Example signs of insanity.

-She refers to herself in the third person.

-Her profile primarily consists of photos of her cats.

-Sh3 wRiTEs LyK DiS iN Ev3Ry SeNTanCe

-She is a fan of Justin Bieber.

6. There are lots of girls on there who are just on it for a confidence boost and won’t give any guys a chance.

As harsh as this may seem dating sites are full of cockteasers. Many of these girls have boyfriends or their friends create them a profile and all they are interested in is getting a confidence boost from having a bunch of guys drooling over them on the internet.

Some of these girls think lowly of people who use internet dating, you can normally tell whether they are sincere or not by the inconsistency of their conversation and their lack of response to you.

7. You may find that you get more requests from homosexual men than you get from heterosexual women.

Many men will join internet dating sites expecting to be bombarded with a plethora of requests from hot single women only to find that despite them setting their profile as ‘interested in women’ there seems to be an abundance of creepy gay men sending friend requests.

If you are going to set up an online profile then be prepared to be hit on by creepy gay guys and even get sent the occasional cock picture, it happens to all of us.

8. It is quite hard to appear unique.

With just about every man and his dog on dating sites, claiming to be ‘outgoing’, ‘nice’ and ‘funny’, it can be quite hard to make yourself appear unique and stand out from the rest of the herd.

Therefore you need to try and come up with clever ways of appearing to be unique without being weird, creepy or sleazy and when you are trying to do this on the internet it can be very challenging.

9. A big majority of the hot girls on there are MILF’s so they generally come in a package deal.

Internet dating is the number #1 preferred dating option for young single Mom’s. With raising a kid solo and working hard to keep a roof over their heads they don’t have a lot of time to spend dating so they often prefer to save time by putting down exactly what they want on the no-nonsense internet.

If you have a thing for MILF’s then great, you will find yourselves swimming in desperate single Mom’s but beware most of them are on a mission and before you know it you might have some other dudes kid calling you Daddy and a mortgage to boot.

10. There is a significant chance your hot internet girlfriend is actually a young Nigerian man trying to scam you.

Internet dating scams are astoundingly common and most of these internet scammers are living in Nigeria.

These men (and women) make it their jobs to go on internet dating sites posing as attractive men and women in order to lure desperate singles into sending them money.

When using dating sites always be extremely suspicious of anyone asking you for money no matter how small the amount (this is how it often starts), if you are really into a girl and suspect that she might be a Nigerian con artist then ask her to Skype with you (preferably naked), so that way you can see for yourself that she is in fact, the real deal.


Keep in mind that if you find yourself spending more than an hour a day on internet dating then you have a problem and need to get out in the real world and work on your real life seduction skills. Players only use the internet as a secondary means of pussy accrual and our primary means should always be out in the public seducing real life babes. It’s the Player’s way.

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