The 1 Hour Date: A Secret Weapon

*The 1 hour date* is not necessarily a new concept, but at times has been
forgotten as one of the most powerful weapons in a man’s arsenal to
infiltrate the female brain. You don’t need to kick the door down when you
can just *pick the lock*.

Have you ever asked any of the questions below?

*How do I come across as busy and non-needy?*

*How do I ask her out without sounding desperate?*

*What should I do for a date?*

There is a quick answer to all of these questions: *The 1 Hour Date*.

The 1 hour date is when you contact the girl in question and suggest a
coffee (even a beer, if appropriate) and put a one hour cap on the date
saying, “I have to meet up with my colleague (friends, family etc.)” Just
remember not to say anything unnatural, a la Johnny Drama trying to get a
marijuana license claiming he has “Legionnaire’s Disease,” a sophisticated
lung disease. Keep it simple and they won’t ask any questions.

*Why is this so effective?*

1. No pressure on *YOU*: The 1 hour means that there is an “ending”
regardless of the content within. You could make every single mistake
possible and still be mercifully ejected after an hour, this is your

2. No pressure on *HER*: She goes in much more comfortably than, say,
a movie-date. This also gives her the freedom (and limited time) to open up
enough to get a gauge on what kind of person you are, and if she isn’t
feeling it, she doesn’t have to pursue it. She won’t have to BS her way
past cocktails and an awkward “hand on small of back” attempt either. She
has a parachute too.

3. It’s *flexible*: You don’t HAVE to stick to the 1 hour. If things
are going well, you can easily extend by saying “My brother said he needs
another hour, you got time?” (if she says yes, you’re in good shape)

4. It’s *strategic*: Just because the date ends in an hour doesn’t
mean it was bad…at all. In fact, you really look busy and active. If she
liked what she saw, she’s clamoring to see you again…and the best thing you
can be at this stage is inaccessible right?

When should you use it?

· As you please, it works in all situations.

· When you aren’t confident about a full date.

· When you would like to add an element of strategy to the

Unless I am pretty sure things will be peachy, I will use this almost every
single first date. It sets the tone and shows that you’re not sitting on
your ass with a bag of funyans, waiting for the phone to buzz. Also,
without the added pressure of having to “seal the deal” or anything like
that, you both have the option of calling it a night early, without hurting
any feelings (this can actually create MORE sexual tension if things are
going particularly well).

All in all, it’s a date plan that is SAFE. And by safe I don’t mean boring.
You basically cut out all the potentially negative things that can happen,
and replace them with ease of mind and a hard out if you need it, all the
while being respectful and not over-booking your stay.



Ry Sullivan is a Dating & Lifestyle Consultant in Tokyo Japan. Look forward to more from him on Way Of The Player

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  • Socram

    Man that is an amazing concept, I am planning to use it a lot Thank alot for sharing your concept

    • Ry

      Socram – Thanks man. It’s amazingly under-used but 100% effective.