Story: The Best Revenge Story Ever

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By Anonymous.

I was dating a girl for two and a half years, we met in college and she was the third girl I had ever had sex with.

During the time that we went out she went on a trip down to Tijuana, Mexico with her friends and while she was down there she cheated on me. The only reason I found this out was because I caught gonorrhoea from her.

Naturally I was pretty outraged and I broke things off with her immediately but then somehow we got to seeing one another again and I didn’t pick up while we were broken up and she swore that she hadn’t been with anyone other than the guy she caught the clap from, so idiot me, I forgave her and we got back together.

Less than a year later I was going through her text messages, creepy I know but I had good reason, and I found some text messages from a guy in her ‘social studies’ class and it turns out she had been cheating on me with this guy as well.

What really got me was that this dude wasn’t even good looking, he was pasty, unshaven and a bit overweight and he was one of those ‘occupy activist types’ and they had gotten together while they were going to protest meetings and shit like that.

It stung that some stupid dirty hippy had been fucking my girlfriend behind my back, of course it was over but now the two of them were together and I was alone and super depressed.

“my game went from bad to worse”

I was feeling pretty down on myself for awhile, I was drinking a lot and hitting on girls at parties but I was in a massive dry patch, it was like I had forgotten how to talk to girls, I even got set up with one by one of my bro’s and it was going to be a sure thing but then I freaked her out because I told her that I wanted to get to know her better and she just wanted a fling.

This just made it even worse, I started drinking more and getting crunk every time I went out and my game went from bad to worse.

It wasn’t until one of my best friends levelled with me and told me that my game sucked and that’s why I wasn’t getting girls and I realized then and there that something had to change.

The next day I sat down and got my priorities together, the first thing I did was I started working and cut down on alcohol, I started spending more time working out and less time getting drunk and miserable and I started feeling more empowered.

I started surfing the net for self help stuff, I read some Tony Robbins which was great, I read the 48 laws of power which gave me a lot more confidence and of course I found Way of the Player which really changed a lot of my attitudes towards women and dating, it taught me how to be a playa.

Thing is, I have always been a bit of an academic; I had gotten good grades at school, I got into a really good College, I have my shit together and when I apply myself to learning something I learn it well.

“It made me hungry for revenge”

I got my confidence back, I started getting laid and my life was back on track; only thing is I kept seeing that bitch and her @#%!sucker boyfriend everywhere I looked, it was like they were taunting me and seeing that hairy @#%! walking around with his arm around her showing her off like she was some kind of prize, it made me hungry for revenge.

I decided I would find a way to get even, at first I was thinking of printing out pamphlets or something saying how much of a dirty whore she is but then it occurred to me that doing something like that would probably get me expelled and that was NOT on the agenda.

I also considered sneaking into his or her room and putting chilli powder all over their underwear, I almost put sugar in his gas tank, I even went to the store and bought the sugar then found that he had moved his car.

I thought of all sorts of stuff and then one day I was looking at his Facebook and I saw a comment by his little sister, “Can’t wait to come up and party with you for Spring break BB!! xxxxxx” I looked at his sisters profile and she was 18 and hot, so I figured I may as well give her a poke and see what happens.

“epic Facebook pull”

So I poke her on Facebook and log off, next time I get back on she has sent me a message. Our messaging went on for awhile so I’ll just copy paste the important parts.

First contact

Her -hey do i kno u? x

Me- Nope, I go to the same Uni as your bro but we’re not friends or anything

Her – okei, so y did u add me?

Her – helloo?

Me – Well I don’t normally add girls I don’t know. Especially highschool girls but your kinda cute so I made an exception

Her – lol not a highschool girl im finished but thx x

(This goes on for awhile, we get to talking and I tease her about being young and stuff, I get a feeling she digs college guys)

Under BB’s big nose

Me – sup Eskimo?

(I call her Eskimo because she was wearing a hood in her last profile pic)

Her – lol cant call me that nemore i changed x

Me – What like a sex change?

Her – haha u so funni 😛

Me – So how long till your coming to visit me?

Her – haha u wish 😛

Me – Maybe I do

Me – You want to party College style?

Her – maybe 😛 wat did you have in mind?

Me – It’s a surprise, what’s your digits?

Her – y?

Me – So I can hear your pretty voice 😉

Her – lol ok romeo (gives number)


So it was a pretty epic Facebook pull and from here on out it’s mostly texts and calling but the run down on what happened is this, when she got here her bro tries to c-block me and tells her to stay away from me, that I’m bad news and I’m only interested in her because I want to piss him off.

So she gets bored of hanging around with him because he’s a boring loser and starts texting me behind his back, I end up getting her to sneak away from her brother and come to a frat party with me.

As soon we meet up, we got on like a house on fire and we start drinking and really flirting with one another; we both get drunk and I end up having sex with her back in my dorm room.

It was totally consensual; I’m not one of those evil rapist frat boys everyone talks about.

The next day she does the walk of shame back to her brothers and we swap a few flirty texts but I don’t end up seeing her again and she goes back home soon after.

“We have a winner!”

A few days later I’m trying to think of the best way to make sure that it gets back to this hippy asshole that I porked his sister and then one of my bro’s shows me some photos he took of the night and one of them is of us kissing up against the wall with her hand feeling my cock through my pants. ‘We have a winner!’

I post it up on Facebook and I tag her on it, her brother finds out, my ex finds out, everyone on campus knows I fucked this dudes sweet innocent little sister, it was the best week of my life.

You’re probably thinking that’s a pretty sweet revenge story right? Well it gets better; this next part is what makes it the best revenge story ever.

So after this happened, my ex wouldn’t even talk to me right, which suited me fine because the only reason I even talked to her anymore was because I loved reminding her of how much of a shit person she was.

So it wouldn’t have been a big deal but the only thing was, I hadn’t realised it at the time we broke up but I had actually left one of my textbook’s over at her place and I needed to get it back, so since I couldn’t reach her, I reached out to her best friend.

Her best friend was a pretty nice babe, big tits, pretty face, a little chubby but you wouldn’t kick her out of bed, she was probably like an 8 out of 10, so all in all she was a pretty nice package.

I called her and asked her to get the book for me and she told me she would and we would meet up the next day for lunch in the cafeteria.

So I rock on up the next day and I’m expecting her to just want to get in and out kind of thing and instead she wants to get some food and we sit on down by ourselves and she starts telling me how sorry she feels for me and asking me if I’m okay and what’s more, while she’s doing this she’s holding my hand.

When I was going out with my Ex I never really sensed like she was into me, like when we’d go out she’d never really talk to me and stuff, so I just always assumed that she didn’t like me. So you can imagine my surprise when she starts flirting with me out of no-where.

I’m sitting there like, ‘is this girl into me?’ Once upon a time I would have thought ‘no-way man, keep dreaming!’ but not anymore. I read somewhere, I think it was on WOTP that you should always just assume that every girl is attracted to you, if even just a little bit because you will get a lot more results assuming that than you will assuming the opposite.

So I’m thinking, fuck it, I’ve got nothing to lose. I tell her that we’re heading into town for some drinks that night and if she can come then it would be great to catch up on old times. She says yes.

So this is like, incredible for me, I suddenly have this amazing opportunity to get revenge on my ex and it just fell into my lap.

I go back to my place and study for a few hours and then I tell the boys what’s happening and we start getting ready for a big night.

“Is she going to bring my ex?”

We head out that night and she texts me to say that she’s running late and she’s bringing some friends, I’m thinking to myself ‘fuck, is she going to bring my ex’ but then she rocks on up half an hour later and she’s with these girls I don’t even know.

So we’re all playing pool and drinking brewskis and one of my boys starts hooking in with one of her friends on the dance floor while the rest of us are sitting down, so I turn to her and ask her if she wants to dance and she says “sure but I just need to go to the ladies room first”

So like all women she takes her spare friend with her who is a bit of a grenade and my boy is like “She is totally into you dude! If you don’t go for it I will” He never had a chance.

So we get on the dancefloor and sure enough I make my move and she is totally up for it, no “oh but your my friends ex” or “I can’t because of my friend”. I’m pretty sure her attitude was ‘fuck that friend’, she didn’t give me any resistance at all and one hour later we are back at my pad ripping each other’s clothes off.

I should probably mention at this point that some of my bros are big Tucker Max fans, so you have my word that what happened next was totally unprecedented.

“four of my bro’s burst in with a video camera”

I am getting it on with her missionary style and I suddenly hear the door creak open behind me and I can hear guys whispering. I turn around and four of my bros burst in with a video camera and start chanting “Rodeo, rodeo”

Even though I have done this to other guys since I have been at College it totally sucks when someone does it to you, so I lost my shit and threw them out of the room naked and put a chair up against my door so no-one could get in again.

We finish up and I walk her back to her sorority and all in all she’s actually pretty cool about the whole thing and wants to see me again.

What happens next is really going to blow your mind.

So you know how I said about the filming and everything, well at our college we have like an unofficial message board where people can post random funny shit up anonymously; one of my bro’s thought it would be good for a laugh to post up the clip of them bursting in on me and my ex’s best friend getting it on.

Once again there was documented evidence of me fucking someone close to them and my ex girlfriend found out and was so furious she refused to ever talk to her ex best friend again.

I became like a folk hero for our frat, people are still talking about it and this was like three weeks ago.

Since then I have kept seeing my ex’s ex best friend, not to get my ex back more but just because she is a totally cool chick and an awesome lay, I felt pretty bad about that video getting uploaded but she trusted me that I didn’t do it on purpose, so all in all it’s pretty cool.

So how do I feel about getting cheated on now?

Pretty awesome! Ever since I learnt how to be a playa I feel like nothing can slow me down.



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