Story: Saucy Debauchery In London Town.

seduction story

By Ken

This is the story of how I seduced and shagged a very hot American girl in a London hostel the same day that I met her. It was on my third night in London and I was just recovering from a long haul flight and a bender that followed.

When I had first arrived at the ‘Palmers lodge’ a rather ostentatious restoration of an old mansion located in the suburb of ‘Swiss Cottage’ in central London, I was dead to the world having only hours earlier arrived at Heathrow airport with bloodshot eyes and crippled by fatigue. 

Somehow in my unfortunate state I still managed to navigate my way through customs and tube trains and taxi ranks until I found myself checking into the Palmerston hostel. I went straight to bed that night without another thought and slept for a good 14 hours.

“She vigorously attacked my mouth like it was Poland”

I woke up the next day around 4pm in the afternoon and that night I hit the bar making some friends and I ended up kissing a pretty German girl but had no luck in pulling her back to my bedroom.

I have always found the German’s quite hard to read and she was no exception, her body language had suggested that she wasn’t the slightest bit interested but at the insistence of my South African wingman I went for the kiss regardless and to my surprise she vigorously attacked my mouth like it was Poland.

When it came to taking her back to my room she had resisted intensely and insisted that we accompany them back to their hostel a few blocks away only to leave us sexually frustrated and unsatisfied. This was how my second night in London ended.

So on the third day/night of my time in London I found myself downstairs drinking large amounts of cider with a large Icelandic Man and his punk rocker girlfriend and an Australian bartender who was off-duty.

“My Australian bartender friend asked me if I’d like to join him for a smoke of marijuana”

The conversation had gone everywhere from genital piercings to ritualistic pagan sacrifices and to say the least it was the brilliant kind of conversation you can only have with a diverse bunch of multi-lingual hard drinking Europeans on holiday.

As day turned to night and the Scandinavians left us to prepare to get ready, my Australian bartender friend asked me if I’d like to join him for a smoke of marijuana, to which in my inebriated state I gingerly agreed and we left the comfort of the bar hostel to go around the corner and have a toke.

“Backpacker game is different to home game”

I have found over the years that backpacker game is pretty different to home game because everyone is generally up for a good time and always willing to share drugs and fun times with strangers, it is one of the many reasons that I love travelling, the other predominant reason being the copious amounts of sex with beautiful women.

So Australian bartender and I were sitting on the side of the road taking in turns at puffing away at our marijuana pipe when two pretty American girls approached us and asked if they could join in. Being the gentlemen that we were, we couldn’t possibly refuse their request so we invited them to join us and so it began.

The shorter and prettier of the two was a very cute brunette with a certain librarian look about her. When I say ‘librarian look’ I don’t mean the old biddy who would sit behind the school librarian desk telling people to be quiet and complaining about how poorly students treated the books.

“She was like the librarians you see in high quality porno”


No, this particular girl was far from that, she was more like the librarians that you see in high quality porno, the kind of girl that would look sensational without glasses but wears them because she goes to university and wants guys to take her seriously and not treat her like another American airhead.

One thing I should mention here is that I had not had very much marijuana by the time they joined us and seeing how hot they were I decided not to partake in much more because otherwise there was a very good chance that the combination of excessive alcohol and weed would turn me into a drooling, red eyed, paranoid freak; so seeing this sudden opportunity present itself I decided to refrain from getting more inebriated just in case I had a shot with the hot American girl.

“she was laughing and we were flirting”

It turns out my gamble paid off, from the moment she sat down next to me and we started talking and she was laughing and we were flirting, I could tell that she was into me. So after the smoke we walked back up together and we sat in the lounge of the hostel and flirted away, her friend had left us possibly to go with the Australian guy but I wasn’t paying attention so I’m not totally sure.

We were on the couch together and I was experimentally touching her to gauge her reaction, she wasn’t throwing my hand off her leg or anything so I decided that I was definitely in with a good shot and I should make a move.

It was a bit strange for me because this particular room was packed and brightly lit, the bar downstairs had closed and there wasn’t any good alternatives around, so if I was going to make a move it had to be here.

So I waited until we were talking closely with one another and then I went for the kiss, praying that she wouldn’t knock me back in front of the 40 or so people sitting around us.

Thankfully she kissed me back and in no time we were making out on the couch.

“she was totally against one night stands”

This making out session continued for awhile and then I suggested to her that we take things upstairs. Then BAM, hit a brick wall, she said she was totally against one night stands and had only met just met me yada yada yada…

Normally that would have been all good and fine I would have just waited and romanced her for another night or two until things were ready to go to the next level; only problem was, she was leaving for Italy the next day, so if I didn’t make something happen tonight, then it was never going to happen.

So at first I tried convincing her, telling her stuff like, you’re only young once and I know you want too etc. Pretty much anything I could think of to try and talk her into having a one night stand with me…But her mind was made up and she wasn’t budging no matter what I did.

So I realised then and there that if this was going to happen I was going to need to be creative.

I remembered something someone once told me about seduction being about ‘baby steps’ and escalating sexual tension one step at a time. For instance, if you were to go up to a hot girl and say to her, ‘hey do you want to have sex with me?’ then most of the time they will tell you to get lost but if you were to go up to the exact same girl and sweet talk her, buy her drinks, take her to dinner, take her back to your place and then proposition her for sex, chances are you will get it.

So in this case I figured how can I use that same strategy here to talk this hot American girl into a one night stand and I devised a plan.

After another lengthy make out session I looked around me at all the people and I said to her, ‘hey its kind crowded in here, don’t you feel weird making out in front of all these people?’

She thought about it for a moment and then she agreed, so I suggested we go out into the hallway to make out where there was less people.

So we go out into the hallway and we start making out there but there are people checking in behind us, so I say to her, ‘It’s still a little busy here, why don’t we go up a level where it is quieter’ to which she agreed and upstairs we went.

At the top of the stairs there were people coming and going up and down and to and fro the bathroom so I said to her, this corridor over here looks a bit quieter why don’t we go down there to make out. At this stage she was getting a bit suspicious but she agreed nonetheless.

“I had enabled the situation for her to be able to get in bed with me”

So we get to the hallway and we are making out and she stops me and says ‘this is the door to your room behind you isn’t it?’, it certainly was the door to my room and she had obviously caught onto my plan but in doing so I had enabled the situation for her to be able to get in bed with me without feeling like she was being a slut because I had ‘tricked’ her.

So I smiled cheekily and I said, ‘you know what, that is my room and I bet you anything my bed is a lot more comfortable than this brightly lit hallway.’ And to my joy, she reluctantly agreed.

We went in my room and started making out on the bed and I used an old trick I had learnt where, rather than asking her if she wants to have sex or not I asked her if she wanted me to use a condom? Regardless of her answer I would have used a condom but whether she said yes or no to this question she is still agreeing to sex so it is a great way to seal the deal.

She said yes and I got a sheet from my bed and put it up around my bunk making a Dutch Curtain so no-one else could see. I undressed her and we had sex and then after I kissed her goodbye and we both went to our separate beds, then that following morning she was off to Italy and made sure to add me on facebook before she left.

The highlight of my next day at the Palmerston hostel was when I was downstairs getting a cider and an Irish guy came and sat down at my table and asked me ‘Was that you last night?’

I had said hello to this guy the other day because he was staying in the same room as me, I answered apprehensively expecting him to have a dig about me keeping him up. ‘Ah yeah it probably was, sorry if I kept you up’

He then reached over and shook my hand enthusiastically and said ‘Nice work, she was a really hot bird!’

That Irish gentleman and I have been friends since.

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