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Hi there,

I’ve been reading some of the stories on here and I decided to send in one of my own.

I go to Brown University in Rhode Island but I’m from a town called Burlington which is in Vermont. It’s a four to five hour drive home (four hours if I speed) so normally I send the word out through the social networks and I share the drive home with someone local but on this occasion I was the only one heading back to Burlington, so I was driving solo.

I drive a 1984 Black Chevy Corvette, it’s my pride and joy and it was a graduation present from my folks. Chicks dig it, I always get a lot of attention when my boy and I are I’m cruising around town in it. The only is, it’s done a lot of miles, over 450… So there’s a few things that don’t quite properly but I haven’t had the spare cash to get fixed. Like the passengers side window is jams, the cigarette lighter doesn’t work and more importantly, the fuel gauge is faulty.

On the trip home I decided to take a different route to what I normally go this time because I was told that it was only a little longer but the views on the way are much nicer. I enjoy the trip a lot more if I’m seeing new stuff that I haven’t seen before, otherwise it just feels like a chore.

I’m driving along this highway, I’ve been in the car for about three hours and I’m thinking that I’ve got at least a half a tank of gas. I look down at the dash and it’s on empty. So I freak out a bit knowing I better find a gas station soon otherwise I’ll be in some trouble.

“up sh*t creek without a paddle”

Well next thing I know, my car starts spluttering and it dies on me. I pull over to the side of the road and I try the ignition, nothing. I’m totally out of fuel and stranded on the side of the highway, up sh*t creek without a paddle so to speak.

I think about calling up my folks and getting them to drive down with some gas but it’s Saturday and every Saturday my old man plays golf and my Mum is with her Church friends, so I know that it would be pretty darn hard to get them to drive a few hours just to bring me gas.

So I grabbed my Jerry Can and I waited by the side of the road to see if I could get someone to give me a lift into town and the first car that came past was an old truck with a couple of guys in it. I was thinking chances are they were friendly country people who would be willing to help a stranger out, instead they just honked the horn and shouted out something I couldn’t understand.

So I started walking towards the closest town, which was 10 miles away and I hear another car coming and I stick my thumb out and who should come to my rescue but a car full of girls.

“one of the girls who was sitting in the back, speaks up and say that she’ll sit on my lap”

A couple of them are pretty hot and they ask me if I need a lift into town, the car is full so one of the girls who was sitting in the back, speaks up and say that she’ll sit on my lap and I’m just thinking to myself someone up there likes me.

So we’re driving into town and on the way there these girls are telling me about this party that this cook-out they’re having at some dudes house named ‘Ned’ and as we get to the gas station the one sitting on my lap Eloise tells me that I should come. I tell them that I can’t and thanks for the ride and everything and Eloise tells me to take her phone number in case I change my mind.

I take her number and I get out and get my gas and then I walk back along the highway until I get a  lift with an old guy with a cowboy hat in the truck.

“why the hell not? It could be an adventure”

I put some gas in my car, I go fill it up and I pay the guy and get ready to drive off. I’m sitting there in my car and I think to myself, why the hell not? It could be an adventure. So I figure what the heck, there’s no rush to get home I can checkout Ned’s cookout and get to know Eloise a bit better, might just be fun.

So I call up Eloise and I tell her that I’ve changed my mind and she tells me that they’re going into town soon and she asks if I have ID so I can buy some liquor for them. For a moment I’m all worried that they might be 16 or something but it turns out they’re all 19-20 so I’m down.

I drive into town and after about 20 minutes trying to figure out where the hell I’m supposed to meet them at this diner, I find the place they were talking about and I park my car and then I get in her friend Hannah’s car so we can go get the alcohol.

So it all goes off without a hitch, it’s about 5pm in the afternoon and I follow them in their car to Ned’s cookout, which is actually on a pretty big property with lots of trees and a big two story house with a pool. Ned’s loaded and I was surprised because I was expecting a trailer park or a paddock or something.

I get in there and I’m being introduced to all these strangers I will never see again as their friend and a few times it felt a bit awkward because guys were asking how I knew the girls and I didn’t want to say that I met them hitchhiking so I just kind of said we were old friends from way back.

“I’m thinking she wants it bad”

As the night goes on Eloise keeps looking over at me and every time I’m talking with another girl she always suddenly appears and joins in the conversation, so I’m thinking she wants it bad.

I knew for sure when I was talking to her about college and she tells me that she wants to see my car and I’m like sure lets go.

So we head outside and I walk over to the car with her and I figure now is the time to make my move, so I put my arms around her and start kissing her against the car.

Some guys who were walking into the cookout shouted out something like “Woohoo” so I open up the drivers door of the car and I get inside with her on top of me and we start screwing like animals on the front seat… It was the best 20 seconds of my life!

Ha ha just kidding.

But she was a really awesome lay and after we finished I told her that it was getting late and I had to go, so I walked her back into the party and a gave her a kiss goodbye and then I headed on home; couldn’t stop grinning the whole trip back, I was just thinking to myself, I am so glad that I decided not to be a pussy and took a chance and I would say the same to you guys.

Sometimes you got to take a little risk and go on a bit of an adventure, because you never know, you might just get laid.


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