Balcony Sex In Ibiza

A story of partying and sex in Ibiza.

When I was 18, I finished school and I went on my first trip overseas, to Ibiza in Spain. I had recently lost my virginity and I was eager to get laid again.

In the interests of keeping things cheap. The lads and I drove from our hometown of Cork to Dublin. This was so we could get a flight to Ibiza at a fair price without paying out of our arses.

In my backpack I had a bunch of board shorts, singlets, some cheap nasty cologne and a big pack of condoms for once I got to Ibiza. I had left in such a rush that I had forgotten to bring my cell phone. Which would actually cause a bit of a stir but I will get to that later.

We get on the plane and we are all sitting down. As luck would have it, a very minxy blond Irish lass named ‘Sinead’ came and sat down next to me with the two pretty friends she was travelling with sitting across the aisle.

I know right now you might be thinking ‘mile high club’ but I’m sad to disappoint. That’s not what happened. We did however have a really great chat. As great a chat as you could have in a few hours and then we arrived at our stop-over point in Cologne.

The lads and I waited around at the airport for our connecting flight to Ibiza and Sinead and her friends were no-where in sight until about 10 minutes before departure.

We got on the plane again and would you believe it, Sinead and her friends were sitting next to us again, only this time they were in the seats in front of us.

So I had a second chance to make romance happen and this time I moved to a spare seat next to her so I could talk to her. After awhile of fun conversation and asking what they were planning on doing in Ibiza, favorite DJ’s etc. I asked her for her number but then when I looked for my phone I couldn’t find it so I gave her my number.

Big mistake.

Once we got off the plane and arrived at our hotel I scrimmaged through my bag and couldn’t find my phone anywhere. Finally after looking everywhere and freaking out I checked my email and my mother had sent me an email telling me that I had left my phone on the kitchen counter at home…

I was pretty blue to say the least but that night we went into town and we got on the pints and who should we run into randomly but Sinead and her friends. It was pretty incredible and after that there was clearly something between us.

We hung out with them the whole night and went to one of the biggest nigthclubs on the island with them. Then, after that, we went back to the girls hotel which was just down the road from ours. We got into the bevvies back there.

We started playing drinking games in true backpacking style. After the first game was over the music got amped up. We started getting a bit crazy and dancing like idiots.

I went out to the balcony for a cigarette. Sinead came with me. Somehow we started snogging out there on the balcony. The door was closed and we were in a little alcove where we thought no-one could see us. Sinead was being very frisky.

One thing led to another. I suddenly have her sitting on the edge of the balcony her arms and legs wrapped around me and I am inside her shagging away. My boardshorts have fallen down. I’m having a great time. She’s moaning away. I’m loving her tight tw*t and sucking on her sweet cherry nipples.

Maybe it was the music drowning out the rest of the sound. But as I was getting close to climax I thought I could hear the sound of cheering… I look down towards where the hotel next door pool is. There is a group of at least 30 young people cheering us on and whistling at us.

We had been so caught up in the spontaneous sex that neither of us realized that we had quite the audience from the hotel next door’s Ibiza pool party.

Our romp was cut short but that didn’t stop it from happening in the privacy of her bedroom the next morning. Definitely one of the more memorable experiences of that trip. It was especially great when the next night, I had some Italian lads come up to me and call me ‘The Balcony Boy’. They then insisted on buying my drinks for the rest of the night.

True story.


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