The One Ability That Will Solve All Your Issues With Women

I’ve began to understand that every issue men have with women stems from the exact same place. Too often men are attacking the minor issue, where if they would just destroy the foundation that is keeping them from getting what they want, the entire “issues with women” building would come tumbling down. Its like cutting weeds, if you just cut the part of the weed that you can see it will continue to grow back. But if you would just dig down and pull the weed up from its root, it’ll have no base to return from.

So whats at the root of every mans issue with women?

I had been listening to a Snoop Dogg interview in which he told a story that has the answer directly in it.

Snoop had joined platinum recording R & B artist “Usher” on a cruise ship filled with women to shoot a music video. When snoop arrived to the video shoot, he greeted usher and was introduced to Ushers new “lover”. Snoop claimed the lover was smoking hot and one of the more attractive women he has seen in a long time. Usher had then revealed to him that he found the girl special an was romantically into her.

Long story short..

They wrap up the video shoot and Usher says to snoop ” Hey man, I don’t want to send you away empty handed. Pick out a couple of these women and I’ll send them with you on your boat.”

Snoop looked at Usher, smiled and jokingly said ” The only one I want is your girl. The one you introduced to me earlier”.

They both laughed and without hesitation Usher called her over and sent her with Snoop.

Snoop then says to the interviewer “And that’s what you’re suppose to do. She doesn’t belong to you, she belongs to the game.”

Can you imagine?

You finally meet one of the “Special” girls that you really like and then having to give her up right when things are getting serious?

I’ve always been taught, that you can have anything at will when you learn to live without it. I’m willing to bet, Usher went on to meet three more girls who he felt were more special than the girl he let go.

Guys that deal with a lot of women know what I mean by ” Special” girls. There are always those women who shine a bit brighter than all of the rest. When you run into these types you’ll often feel like you have met the one. And they will stick around as long as you are willing to let them go – when and if it comes down to it. If things don’t work out and you “completely” let them go, you will be happy to discover that there are more of these “special” women out there.

You may even notice this when it comes to a persons financial life. The people that hoard all their money and are always bickering about who has to pay what never seem to have much money. I know this first hand because I was once one of those people; all of my money was “mine” and mine only. This resulted in me being broke all of the time. When I finally realized I was being cursed by my own decision making I made a complete turn around. I began chipping in more while out with friends and paying for them when they didn’t have enough. An abundance of career opportunities began to come at my from all angles and I was able to have more money than ever before.

When you learn to let go and come to the understanding that there is an abundance of everything you could dream of, life will become a bit bigger and you will have access to all the things that have been slightly out of your reach.

Generous people always have lots to be generous with and this didn’t come from them being cheap until they had something to give. They all started out by being willing to give when they had very little. There is an ancient story in the Bible in which a man with $100,000 gave a $1,000 to his church and a poor widow with only 1 penny, gave her only penny. It then states in Luke Chapter 21 verse 3-4 “Truly I tell you,” he said, “this poor widow has put in more than all the others. All these people gave their gifts out of their wealth; but she out of her poverty put in all she had to live on.”

Now I’m not getting religious on you, this is Way Of The Player, but the proof is all over the pudding. The Ability is the ability to “Let go” and dive into uncertainty with faith that you will be rewarded.

Let go of something that you have been holding onto today and marvel at the life changes you will experience.

Eddie Fews

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  • Scottish31

    Great job Eddie! I’ve been following you work for the past year and I am a huge fan. Keep them coming.

  • Maria Santiago

    Once I read the titled I didn’t want to agree with the article, but after reading it I have to say that there I no denying this. However this does apply to women just as much as it applies to men. Whenever I wasn’t afraid to lose a guy he always seemed to stick around. Never the less I enjoyed it.