Story: Sex On The Beach

sex on the beach

By John Smith

Hello, my name is John Smith.

That isn’t my real name of course, but I have friends who visit this site and due to the nature of this story, I prefer to remain anonymous, so John will do just fine for now.

Not so long ago, I was spontaneously invited by some friends to go on a road trip to the iconic Australian surfer town ‘Noosa heads’.

For anyone who hasn’t been or heard of Noosa, it is pretty much like the Miami or Cancun of Australia and every year around summer a small hippy beach town in South East Queensland is filled to brink with backpackers, recently graduated students and enthusiastic surfer types like me and my mates.

Now you know how most groups of mates usually have that one dude that nobody really likes but you’re mates with him regardless because you’ve known him since forever and he always drives when you go out or his parents are loaded or something.

Well our “friend”, lets call him Jack (as in Jack off), had both those perks which made him tolerable for the most part. His Dad was very high ranked in a very well known company and his parents owned a bunch of properties all over Australia, most of which they rented out over the peak periods to make some nice dosh.

Well something you should know about Jack is that he is an only child and not just that but he is the most spoiled self centred fuck you’ve ever met and his parents would do practically anything for him, when we were growing up he would chuck massive parties in his house in which shit would get broken and/or stolen every single time and his parents would just bare it without giving him the slightest bit of discipline.

So when Jack told his parents that he was going to be staying at their 3 million dollar Noosa holiday house on the beach during peak season with all his mates, they allowed it and next thing I know a bunch of us are in a minivan driving up from Sydney with our surf boards stacked on top and a trunk full of party supplies.

Now I am by no means a rich kid but I did go to an all boys private school and at that private school I made a lot of rich mates, so we knew that we’d have some friends up there, amoung them were a group of young beautiful women from our sister school who were already up there, one of them was Jack’s girlfriend and we’d known these girls for awhile but since Jack started going out with, lets call her Jill, we had started hanging out with them a lot more and I’d even hooked up with one of her friends at a party but nothing more than your standard dancefloor make out and grope.

So a couple of hours after we had arrived and everyone had claimed their beds. I got shafted on this and had to share a bed with my mate Joe because even though there were five bedrooms and five blokes, Jack made me and Joe set up shop together because he wanted to keep a spare room in case his dickhead cousin wanted to crash (this guy is an even bigger wanker than Jack and never even ended up showing) so after an argument that ended with Jack saying ‘my house my rules’, we decided to let it go and all started downing bruskies in the swimming pool whilst Jack and Josh went into town to meet the girls.

That’s right a swimming pool, not only did Jack have a beautiful two storey house right on the beach but it even had a heated pool, the lucky bastard.

It wasn’t long before the Jack, Josh and Jill and her friends rocked up. Now there’s something you should know about Jill before you read any further, Jill is a drop dead gorgeous blond babe, the kind of girl that makes you hard just thinking about her and not only that, she was cool and her parents were well off. For the life of us none of us could understand what she was doing with a wanker like Jack, she could have had any guy she wanted.

Jill’s friends were pretty cute too but ever since we’d first started hanging out, there had always been a bit of chemistry between Jill and I.

Jack was completely clueless but everytime we’d talk alone at a party or online, most of the time she was just complaining about how much of an asshole Jack was being and at this juncture in time I was starting to think that she was just using me as a sympathetic ear because no matter how much she complained it seemed like she would never leave him, they’d been together since year 12 in high school.

We hit the beers pretty hard that afternoon. Before coming up we had each bought a bottle of spirits and put in for three slabs of Corona’s, the booze was supposed to last us the whole week but by the time it got dark we had already downed half of it and everyone was pretty wasted including the girls who had bought their own supply of cheap nasty sparkling wine and mixer drinks.

We had made an attempt at Barbecuing by the pool but most of the charcoal remains of our dinner was left untouched, regardless everyone was having a great time except for Jack who was acting like an especially obnoxious prick.

Joe had spilt some sparkling wine on the carpet inside and Jack had gone nuts at him acting like he gave a fuck about his parents house, which he himself was trashing. It was just Jack trying to show off to the girls as to how much of a hard-ass he was and we were all getting pissed off at him.

Once everyone had calmed down, myself, Joe, Josh and Jack decided to play a game of centurion while ‘Jake’ worked on one of Jills friends ‘Jane’. When we reached about 80 in centurion (I never lose at this game) Jack started to look really drunk and was slurring his words, Joe and Josh had already caved at about 50 and were just watching on but Jack was determined to win this time even though he’d never won before.

For those of you who don’t know, Centurion is a game where you have to have 100 shots of beer in one hundred minutes, so that’s a shot every minute. It doesn’t sound like a lot but 100 shots of beer works out to be a lot of beer in a pretty short time.

It was at this point when Jill came over and told him he needed a break and Jack cracked it at her telling her ‘Don’t tell me what to do!’, Jill looked really embarassed and just said ‘fine’ and left us to it. I would have told Jack that he should go say sorry but to be honest I was enjoying the fact that they were fighting.

A few more rounds go by and sure enough Jack keels over to one side and throws up, then tries to stand up and falls on his ass. It was one of the most comical things I had ever seen especially when we tried to help him get up and he just pushed us away prefering to pass out on the tiles.

Now we have a tradition in my group of friends wherein if someone gets too drunk and passes out they become fair game, meaning that we would try and come up with new and creative ways to fuck each other over. So out came the textas and after some very diligent work by our talented artists, Jack had become our canvas for all the funny dirty things we could think of.

Jill came over while we were drawing on him and everyone expected her to try and help him but when she did the opposite and picked up a texter herself and drew a cock going into his mouth, I will re-iterate Jill is a cool babe. It wasn’t long before everyone forgot about Jack and we all kept drinking.

A little while later one of the guys spotted a bonfire down the beach and in our drunken state we figured it would be a good idea to head on down.

Joe rolled the unconscious Jack onto his side where he’d fallen and covered him in a blanket.

We carried some drinks down to the beach towards the bonfire and as we walked along I got talking to Jill and before long we were walking behind the rest.

She started playfully hanging off my arm as we walked and talked so I offered her a piggyback which she enthusiastically accepted. I remember how good it felt with her on my back and her legs wrapped around me, I’d never wanted her this bad before.

When we got to the bonfire instead of it being a big beach party as we’d hoped, there were just a few beach hippies smoking a doobie and playing a guitar around the fire.

Back in Sydney if you went up to some guys smoking weed on the beach, chances are they would either tell you to fuck off or rob you for your cash and drinks, these hippies however were uber cool and as soon as we came over they offered us some weed so we returned the favour by offering some beers.

We sat there for a bit smoking some hippy weed, when someone noticed that Jake and Jane had disappeared and we all knew what had happened, they’d gone off to hook up while we’d all gone down to the bonfire.

As Jill was sitting next to me being really flirty I figured this would be my best shot if I ever had one to make a move, so I turned and asked her ‘do you want to come get them with me?’, to my relief she said yes and I announced to the guys that we were going to go get the others from the house, luckily everyone else was either too lazy or too stoned to make the trip.

As we walked back casually in the dark the house lights illuminating the beach a couple of hundred meters ahead of us, I remember feeling really nervous when I felt her hand brush against mine and even more nervous when I held her hand and her hand squeezed mine.

I felt an overwhelming rush as I took the initiative and stopped in our steps and pulled her towards me, ‘what are you doing?’ she asked me, ‘this’ I said as I lent in and kissed her.

She kissed me back with her soft pink lips and before long we were on the ground and I was undoing the buttons on her jean shorts, she kept on saying ‘what if we get caught?’ but the thrill of the danger just spurned me on more.

I had my hand down her pants rubbing her wet pussy, whilst I kissed her lips and neck, I started pulling her shorts down when she stopped me, ‘wait not on the sand’. For a moment I was confused by what she was saying and thought she wanted to stop but instead she got up and looked around then started undressing. I sat up and watched her undress and I could see and hear my friends in the distance by the bonfire.

I stood up and took off the bathers I was wearing and watched her smiling at me as she took off her bikini bottoms, I stepped in to embrace her but instead she ran away from me towards the water and I chased after, she dived into the water and I came after. The water was freezing cold and when I brought my head above the surface I could see her perfect breasts glistening sliver in the moonlight and she looked so sexy with her wet blond hair swept back.

This time when I went into grab her she didn’t move away but instead returned the affection putting her tongue in my mouth and her hand around my cock.

The waves lapped gently against us as we embraced in the cold Noosa water under the bright moon and as she wrapped her legs around me and I grabbed her ass firmly while slowly easing my cock into her, I remember that initial penetration still vividly to this day.

She moved with ease in the water but I was finding it hard to balance so I carried us back towards the shores edge until I could sit on the sand in the water. She rode me at the waters edge until I told her I was coming and then she got off me and finished me off with her hand. I remember the strange feeling of blowing my load into cold water, with my balls as shrunk up as they were it felt really unusual and particuarly intense.

We put our clothes back on our wet bodies and we crept up to the house. I told Jill to wait out of sight until I checked the coast was clear, as I walked up the wooden steps into the house I realised the cd in the player was finished and I could hear Jake and Jane fucking loudly, I walked into the pool area and Jack was still passed out where we’d left him, I grabbed my towell from where I’d left it drying besides the pool and took it down to Jill who was nervously waiting in the dark, ‘the coast is clear’ (pardon the pun), I led her quickly back up to the house and we stepped carefully around Jack’s passed out form, the man was out cold.

We went upstairs to Jack’s room and Jill started drying her hair, she told me ‘you probably shouldn’t be in here’, I agreed with her and then started kissing her again. We has sex, missionary style on Jack’s bed while he was asleep downstairs and I had to put my hand over her mouth because this time she came with me and when she came she was practically screaming.

We were up there for another two weeks after that night and during that time we managed to slip off for sex twice more during that time.

The first time I had fallen asleep on the couch because Joe had picked up a girl in town and was using the bed, Jill came down and woke me in the middle of the night by putting her mouth around my cock.

The second time, the night before a bunch of us were leaving, a few of us left the nightclub early to go back while Jack and some others stayed on. Jill and I pretended to go off to our beds only to sneak off to have a cheeky shower together.

After the trip was over Jill stayed with Jack for a few more weeks before he caught her cheating with another dude which wasn’t me. We never got together just because of how complicated it was.

That was the first and last time I have ever had sex on the beach and I can honestly say that I still tug the old fella regularly to the memories of that amazing beach trip and if I ever get another chance, I will definitely have hot beach sex with Jill again.

The surprising thing is, to this day Jack still doesn’t know about what was going on under his nose at that beach house, even though everyone eventually found out but him, no one has wanted to tell him.

The rest of our friends were smart enough to put two and two together but not arrogant spoiled Jack, he just goes on thinking he is top shit and the world revolves around him and to this day he still has no idea how many of his friends secretly resent him.

It just goes to show, Karma is a motherfucker Jack and the next cool hot girlfriend you treat like shit, I’ll be waiting, ready to seduce her too mate.

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