Sex Is Natural

I’ve noticed that when it comes to sex many people are very uncomfortable with the idea of it and their own sexuality.

Men are often insecure about the size of there penises and women are far too concerned with being labeled as a slut if they have sex with a guy too quickly.

It appears that everyone is neglecting the fact that sex is indeed natural and something that has been around for the since the beginning of creation. Everything and everyone has sex, do you think female lioness’ are concerned about wether they will appear like a slut if they have sex with a male lion too soon? So why is it that we as humans share this concern?

Society has indeed taken it’s toll on the way we think and construct our lives and I believe its time that we take control over our own destinies. You ever hear beautiful women say something along the lines of…

“I won’t sleep with a guy to soon because he’ll think I’m a slut”

” I don’t kiss on the first date ( because I don’t wanna seem like a slut)” etc.

When girls I’m seducing seem concerned with looking like a slut, I like to ask… Are we both not indulging in the same experience together? How could I feel that a woman is a slut for having sex with me on the first day, if I am at the same time having sex with her and vice versa.

Sex Is Not “Getting Lucky”

When it comes to sex it seems like many women feel like they are giving something up and Men tend to feel like they are getting something; hence the expression ” Getting Lucky”.

In my reality sex is something that two people share and not something that one or the other gives up. This is something that I often explain to the women I date an hearing this makes them a lot more comfortable with me and a lot more comfortable with their own sexuality.

So Gentle Men, When it comes to the idea of sex and intimacy with the opposite sex you want to make it feel as natural as possible. Its no different than breathing, eating and drinking water.

Sex is and essential part of life and completely necessary for the continuation of humanity. Sex created you and sex will create everything after you. I can’t stress this enough; engrave this concept into you mind because the more natural you think sex is the more sex you will have.

Are you ever without oxygen? Are you ever without water? Are you dying of starvation? If you are on this site I doubt it and that is mainly because those things are natural to you and there is an abundance of it around you.

Take the similar approach and view point that you do to sex as you do to inhaling oxygen and I promise that you will never be without it. Studies show that at any given time of day there are 8 million people having sex simultaneously. Now if that doesn’t show you how natural of a thing sex is then I don’t know what does.

Get grounded in this idea and be completely comfortable talking about sex and getting sexual around women. They will enjoy you for this and it will help them feel a lot more comfortable discussing the subject with you because you will have this easy going care free vibe toward the subject.

This also helps you avoid a lot of the last minute rejection many men are facing when its time to take their clothes off, because she knows that you aren’t judging and you admire her for being a sexual being.

Encourage any women you meet to open up and be comfortable with their sexuality and they will be thanking you for a long time. Sex is natural! Sex is natural!! Sex is natural!!!

Go Get Em Guys!

By Eddie Fews


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