The Seven Powerful Principles Of Every Player

Becoming a player is like pledging for a fraternity or joining a secret society. There is a series of trials and tribulations you must first endure before you can even consider yourself worthy of the title. 


Prior to receiving this badge of honor that women claim to despise, you MUST live by these seven principles regardless of how many dates you’ve been on or how many players you’ve spent time with in the past .

1. Fail To Prevail

Are you ready to be laughed at, made fun of, and rejected by countless amounts of women? Are you prepared to risk being thrown from clubs by security, splashed in the face with drinks, and even be on the receiving end of possible lawsuits?

You see, being a player is risky business, leaps of confidence have to be taken time and time again that usually result in failure. These failures are how you learn and perfect your game, so it must first be embraced until it is conquered.

Failure is our first love and later becomes our mistress. When we aren’t making love to women, we are banging failure in every position until it quits and runs for the hills. Although we love failure with all of our hearts, eventually we will part from it, only purposely returning to it to feel that excitement it once gave us.

2. She Wants You No Matter What

Although rejection is something we all have to come to terms with, a player is never ready to give up. We see rejection as an opportunity to prove to ourselves how good we are with women.

She rejected us only because she wants to see us try a bit harder and respond to her dismissal with wit and charm. All women love us, some of them just need a bit more convincing than others. Think about it: we’re spontaneous, adventurous and good looking.

What woman in her right mind wouldn’t want to spend the rest of her life with us? If a bouncer throws us out of the club for coming on to a woman too strongly, we think ” Man.. I almost had her”. You see, there isn’t one woman on earth that doesn’t wanna rip our clothes off upon first meeting us; sometimes we just say or do a little too much before it happens.

3. There Is No Competition

We see a guy hitting it off with the girl we’ve had our eyes on all night, we go over, pretend he’s our friend and tell the woman so many great things about him to solidify his chances with her. Players are generous, we want every guy out there to get laid and enjoy sex just like we do.

If a guy attempts to cock block us, we introduce him to the woman we’re talking to and move on to someone else because if we we’re doing our job properly, he wouldn’t of been able to grasp her attention enough to cock block effectively. Good job on his part, he can have her, he deserves it. Jealously is the farthest thing from our character: ” Go get em guys, we’ll get ours” .

4. Put The Pussy On A Pedestal

The one thing that all players share with guys that don’t get laid at all is the fact that we both put women on a pedestal. The only difference is, we are already on our own pedestal; we are only bringing her up to level terms with us.

This is easily done by raising her self esteem and confidence, through “elaborate” compliments and physical gestures of affection. We want women to feel good, we want them to share the same happiness we do. In fact, part of the reason we sleep with them in the first place is to share our mutual love of orgasmic bliss.

5. Obsesses Over Female Sexuality

Steve Jobs said in an interview ” You can only continue to do something you’re failing at if you love it”. And we love women, we love woman more than anything in the world.

We love the way they stride down the street, the way they giggle at our jokes, even the way they cough and sneeze. We find everything about women so amazing that it makes it impossible for us to settle down, because we constantly find ourselves in love over and over again.

Women are our purpose in life, God placed us here to bring happiness into their lives. Our pursuits are only what has been instructed to do by God himself. Those who don’t love women, don’t do well with love. All true players share and immense passion for female sexuality.

A passion so intense that it propels us into the night multiple times a week just to be in the presence of femininity once again. Women are, scientifically speaking, all we truly live for.

6. Lies Are For Losers

If we have a girlfriend, and the woman we are currently pursuing asks us if we are single, we are confident enough in our ability to seduce to tell her the truth. The lips of a TRUE player never tell a lie to a soul. The way we see it, if we have to lie to get a woman in bed, we aren’t players, we are liars.

How can we consider ourselves a player if we have to lie about our circumstances just to be seductive? The liars are the impostors, and we are completely apologetic to all the women that have been victims of such men. Our favorite response to a woman accusing us of being a player is ” So..” and then resuming as if the question had never been asked.

7. Help Others

We aren’t trying to be a secret; we are constantly building and helping everyone else around us develop the same talents we have. We want more players to be part of the congregation, we want to increase the size of our society with men that fit the description of what a player is.

Therefore, as players we must help every man in need of our wisdom. If we see a guy struggling with his girlfriend or stressing over a past relationship, we take him out, get him laid and help him get over it. We teach him the secrets within these fundamental principles that we all live by. We train him and push him into becoming a player just as we became one.

I’m Player, Lifestyle consultant Eddie Fews and these are the seven fundamental principles that every player MUST live by. The road to being a player is no walk in the park, it takes lots of handy work and effort. There are many of us out there that will help you along the way.

If you would like to be personally trained by me Email me at an you will be contacted by me or one of my representatives in 24 hours or less. Good Luck to the rest of you, and I wish you much success on your quest. Peace & love.

Eddie Fews


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