Story: The Girl On The Train From Spain

By Juan

Hello, my name is Juan, like Don Juan, I come from Spain.

I am going to tell you the story of how I seduced a girl on the train on the weekend.

I apologize if you experience difficulty reading this; English is not my first language.

I have been reading articles on Way of the Player now since late last year and during that time I have gained a lot of insight into what I have been doing wrong for years.

It took me awhile to admit this to myself but for years now, I have been a coward when it comes to women.

When I first finished school and started going out I only approached beautiful women on a handful of occasions.

Every time I would approach expecting to get rejected straight away and that is what happened normally.

After the first few times I got rejected I kind of gave up talking to women, I decided that if they wanted me then they would come talk to me and as a man I didn’t need to do anything.

I’ve come to believe that my childhood had a lot to do with my fairly emasculated (up until recently) adult self.

When I was about six years old my father would go on regular trips to the Philippines because the company that he was working for had some factories over there.

On one trip he came back from the Philippines and he told my mother that he was moving there without us because he had met a woman there and she was having his child.

My father packed up and left and only came back every couple of years to visit our family, my mother never moved on and became very bitter towards men and Filipino people as a result.

I grew up in a household of women, with my mother, my two younger sisters and my pet terrier Fidel was the only other boy.

As a result of this, I think I was acting like less than a man, I was acting like a woman in many ways because that was what surrounded me.

At my school I did not have very many friends and I was never a big fan of soccer which didn’t help, I preferred to have artistic pursuits like painting and sculpturing.

I am currently studying to become a curator at a museum.

“Women only wanted me as a friend”

When I was at school I was called Gay a lot because of my preference for the arts, this affected my confidence a lot and I had many unhappy teenage years.

Once I finished school and started studying at University things changed a lot, there were lots of people like me there and I made lots of friends.

Some of the new friends I made were pretty girls and I thought that perhaps I would finally get my first real girlfriend.

But this was not to be, every time I would make friends with a girl that I liked when I would try and be more than friends I would keep getting rejected, they would tell me that they do not feel those feelings for me, that they just wanted to be friends.

Women only wanted me as a friend, they did not see me as an attractive man.

“I got my first girlfriend”

I did not understand this because people would tell me that I am a good looking guy, that I would be a good boyfriend, I was confused.

Eventually I got my first girlfriend, she did one of my classes and decided to take an interest in me, I was so flattered to have a pretty girl talking to me, and I ignored her bad personality.

She would order me around and expect me to pay for everything, she would insult me in front of my friends and every time we had an argument it would always be me who asked for forgiveness.

She treated me like a dog and had no respect for me, she would tell me that I am weak and that she wishes I was a real man.

When we would go out she would flirt with other men and I knew that she had cheated on all her boyfriends but I didn’t think she would do it to me.

I was wrong.

“she had been cheating on me”

My friends were telling me all along that she was bad for me, that this was not what it was supposed to be like but how could I know any better? She was the only girlfriend I had ever had and to me, this was love.

Then one day after we had been together for over three months, I got the first wake up that I needed.

My French friend ‘Edmon’ told me that he had seen her at a local bar and she was kissing another man.

At first I did not believe him, I was angry at him and I told him he was mistaken, I did not talk to him for two weeks after.

I was in denial and it was not until I stopped being angry at Edmon and decided to investigate that I would discover the truth.

First I asked her if she had been at the bar where Edmon had seen her and she told me she had been studying but then I checked her Facebook page and I discovered that she had made a post saying that she was going to that bar on that day, so she had lied to me.

When I confronted her about it she got very angry and started throwing things at me calling me lots of horrible names, this time I did not back down and when I pressed her further she told me about the other men.

I discovered she had been cheating on me the entire time that we were together and had even slept with one of my good friends.

I was so embarrassed that I left University and went home for a few days because it was too much to stay in the same town as her.

When I realized that I was missing too much study and I was bored of being home, I returned to University to face my problems.

We broke up, I left her and this horrible experience had left me scarred and I was worse off than I had even been before.

“I decided to become a Player”

After around a year of being separated from my ex-girlfriend, I decided that I no longer wanted to feel sorry for myself, that I would try and find a way to fix the source of my unhappiness.

So I looked to the internet and I read lots of advice and articles, I bought a few e-books and they helped a little but it was not until I found this site that I was able to make some progress.

At first I thought that it would be teaching men how to treat women badly and I did not like this but when I read more I realized that the lessons it taught were actually more noble than I believed originally.

After reading and trying some of the advice given on here, I found that it worked and I started getting better responses from women I would talk to.

Then one night when I was out with friends I tried approaching a pretty girl using the advice I found here.

I did not sleep with the girl that I approached, she was the first I had a approached at a bar in a very long time and I did get to go on a date with her we kissed.

This was a big accomplishment for me.

It was the beginning of my journey to self transformation, from that day onwards I decided to re-invent myself to be a man who is attractive to women, and I decided to become a Player.

“How I seduced a beautiful woman on a train”

This is what led me to the story that I will tell you now, the story of how I seduced a beautiful woman on a train.

As part of my studies, we are expected to make a trip to a museum somewhere in Europe and do a project on it.

For myself and my project partner Joaquin, we decided that the subject of our study would be the ‘Musee du Vin’ in Paris.

Unfortunately The Louvre was already taken by another group so we decided that a wine museum would be the most interesting for us.

Joaquin is a good friend of mine, the best friend that I have in my class and he is aware of what I have been doing with my extracurricular time.

It was Joaquin who first noticed a difference in me after I started practicing the Way of the Player and he is almost as enthusiastic as I am, he is my Wingman and we are having much fun together.

We decided to take the train across the Spanish border to Paris instead of flying; this was because Joaquin had a fear of flying and would not step foot on an aeroplane, even though it was more expensive and took longer.

We bought our tickets and arrived at the train station; we then boarded the train and sat down in our cabin.

“The most beautiful woman I had ever laid eyes on”

At first I thought it would just be Joaquin and I with a cabin just for us but then as the fates would have it, a girl came into our cabin and she was one of the most beautiful women I had ever laid eyes on.

She had long tanned legs, a very tight fit body, deep brown eyes and dark red hair. I could not believe my luck that such a hot girl would be sitting across from me on a 12 hour train ride.

Not so long ago there was a time when I would have said nothing to her, when I would have sat in my seat feeling unworthy and if she had spoken to me I would have thought it was to be friends and no more.

That person, that silent coward was dead to me now, for I had become so much more since then and even a woman of such amazing beauty did not frighten me anymore.

When she sat down, I immediately introduced myself and started discussing small things with her, Joaquin also contributed to our discussion but he knew that I was interested so he supported me like a good Wingman.

Her name was Chantel and she was a French girl who was visiting her cousin in Spain, she was about two years younger than I but she seemed wise beyond her years.

I made sure that when I spoke to her that I was not too needy or clingy and kept taking breaks to do my own thing like watch movies on my laptop, play cards and eating.

Every time I would go to do one of these activities I would politely invite her to join in like it was no big deal and she always said yes.

Once the sun went down we started watching movies together on my laptop, Chantel sat on one side to me and Joaquin sat on the other.

“My new confidence and masculinity was working”

With her sitting there cuddled up next to me her head against my shoulder watching ‘The Hangover’ I couldn’t help but marvel at how well I had done so far and how much my new confidence and masculinity was working.

At one point Joaquin must have sensed that he was cock-blocking, so he excused himself to go to the toilet and to get some snacks.

I had an opportunity to try something and I felt a great rush through my body as I thought of what I was about to try and do.

Suddenly I felt nervous and I had to stop myself thinking the worst that could happen if I was to kiss her in this moment.

I reminded myself that I would have more regret if I did not try than if I did and so I summed up the courage and I turned my head to look at her.

She just watched me expectantly like she was indifferent to what was happening but she had not pulled away from me so I assumed she would let me kiss her.

I leant in and I kissed her soft pink lips, she was the most beautiful girl I had ever seen and I was kissing her, it was the happiest moment of my life.

“She said we could stay at her apartment”

When Joaquin returned we stopped kissing, it was our little secret and she snuggled into me even more.

When the movie finished I put the laptop away and I slept next to her for the rest of the journey.

We arrived in Paris and we were preparing to part ways, I was about to ask her for her phone number so I could call her after the museum the next day but instead she asked me where we were staying.

I told her we were staying at a hotel and she said that we should stay at her apartment with her room-mates, when she saw me smile she added, the two of you can share the couch.

Of course we agreed and we went to Chantel’s apartment in Paris.

Once I would have been dissuaded by her implying that I would not be sharing her bed but I went to that apartment believing so strongly that I would be seducing her that night.

We went to her apartment and met her housemates, two girls and one guy.

They were all very cool hippies, they did not mind her bringing home two Spanish strangers from the train which surprised me but I was not going to complain.

We drank red wine and talked about our studies and nonsense until late in the night, I played it cool and did not kiss her again or act clingy at all.

It was getting close to night time and when she went to get a jumper from her bedroom, I got up and told her to show me her room which I had not seen yet.

When we got to her room, I grabbed her gently and I started kissing her, she pulled away from me but then I just smiled and drew her in closer.

“I closed the door and she started pulling at my jeans”

Once I had kissed her it was like a switch had been flicked inside her, she turned into a voracious animal.

I closed the door and she started pulling at my jeans like she was hungry for me and before long we were making love while our friends sat in the next room laughing and getting drunk.

She was the most beautiful women I had ever made love too and the next day it was all Joaquin and I talked about.

I had heard stories about French women being amazing lovers but she was unlike any girl I have ever had and up until recently there were not very many.

This was the night when I exceeded my own expectations when everything I had learnt came together to make a perfect seduction.

This was the night that Juan would become a Player.

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