Secret Weapon: Social Dynamics (The Wall Lean)

Secret Weapon: Social Dynamics (The Wall Lean)

What do you see when you walk into a club/bar? You start to identify the various characters in the room right? The girl with the fake…(well they look fake) tits, the d-bag with chest hair getting tangled in his gold chain, the good looking, the ugly, the cool, the hipster…we like to categorize. Hey don’t worry, people are judging you too.

Many of you have heard of social dynamics and what it entails, here’s a small refresher:

Social dynamics, in a way, is what explains the variety of “perceptions” that we have of one another. Regardless of what anybody says, we all judge, we all make assumptions, we all incorporate race/religion/politics when we assess people or a situation. That’s just life.

The split-second judgments we make in these social situations is extremely primitive, so help yourself out a little bit.

Look at this like the actual “first impression.”

But first,

Let the other dudes do this

When women walk in and see a dude with an arm on the wall, leaning in and talking to a girl, they think “predator.” The forward posture, the girl looking vulnerable against a wall, it indicates to the girl that you are on the prowl. This isn’t vaginal kryptonite or anything; it’s just the way she perceives you.

You do this instead

When you ARE talking to a girl up against a wall (or any situation where you are speaking AT her), spin her around and switch positions (now YOU are up against the wall and it appears that SHE is the “predator”). What is great about this simple move is that it gives you a great opportunity to get some kino in (especially if you’ve been slacking until that point) and now it looks like you are being pursued by her (she’s speaking to YOU), thus you are a “prize” in the minds of other women.


A simple way to do it is when somebody walks closely behind you, do one of those “man I’m in the way or something” moves and get closer to her while grabbing a hip/elbow and making her face you, but this time with your back on the wall. She’s now talking to YOU instead of vice versa.

This tells other women that you are DESIRED. This automatically boosts your status as somebody who gets pursued…you MUST have something that these girls want, right?

Lots of talk has heated up recently on message boards regarding looks and how much water they hold in the grand scheme of things. Social dynamics is just another way to be attractive through an understanding of how people are wired. It’s pretty sciencey…and pretty awesome too.

Test it out!



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