Story: Rub And Tug In Dubai.

rub and tug in dubai


You guys can call me Jay. I am a professional, as a result of my work I need to travel overseas occasionally (all expenses paid of course) and when I travel overseas I tend to be a very naughty boy.

On one such recent occasion traveling from Sydney airport to London, I stopped over in a fascinating little city called Dubai, the stop over was only for nine hours and I was feeling very jet-lagged at this point having spent almost the entire trip over from Sydney in between a smelly fat lady and a squealing baby/mother combo.

Now normally I would have just waited around the airport either reading a book sipping overpriced beers at uncomfortable airport bars whilst watching the cricket on TV but on this particular occasion I felt like I needed to unwind and after all I’d heard about Dubai, I have to admit I was more than a bit curious.

So I decided to go for it and checked out of Dubai airport and got into the first taxi that stopped to pull me over, the taxi itself was quite nice, air conditioned fairly new model Toyota sedan and the taxi driver was very pleasant and asked me in a very thick Arabian accent ‘Where would you like to go my friend?’

I sat there for a moment under the gravity of the question and I realized I had no idea where I wanted to go, I knew nothing about Dubai, so in the spirit of adventurous traveling I shrugged and said ‘wherever I can have a good time’, the taxi driver tweaked his head to one side and asked inquisitively ‘Do you like girls my friend?’

Just as I was answering the man nodded his head quickly and said ‘I know best place in all of Dubai, I take you there now’ and off we sped on an adventure I now know I will never forget.

We were traveling for about 45 minutes before we reached our destination and during that time he was asking me lots of questions about Australia and in particular ‘blonde Australian women’. As often as I travel it never ceases to amaze me just how many people in the world think all Australian’s are blond bronzed beauties who never leave home without a surfboard.

Finally after what seemed like a long drive from the airport, we arrived at our destination a place called the ‘Jasmin mens health club’, it was a very ornately decorated building and foyer in an otherwise mediocre area (by Dubai standards).

When I entered the building I was greeted by a very pretty little Asian girl in a red singlet and tiny shorts, it was a nice change from the very conservatively dressed women of Dubai; she spoke little English but enough to tell me to go upstairs with her and offered me her hand.

At this stage I was not sure what I had gotten myself into, she didn’t look like a prostitute but as she led me upstairs into a room with a bed, this woman was possibly one of the most attractive Asian girls I had ever seen so I have to admit I felt very enthusiastic about the idea.

I’d never paid for sex before but as I took off my shirt and waited for things to progress she pointed to a pair of pajamas at the foot of the bed and instructed me to put them on, then to my disappointment she left the room.

I took off my clothes and put on the pajamas then on second inspection I noticed that there was a face hole in the bed which come to think of it actually more resembled a massage table draped in plush linen, I was wondering why it was only a single.

Feeling a little embarrassed and wanting to hide my excitement (my boner) I lay face down on the bed and waited for her to return.

When she came back she had some warm oil in a bowl which she started rubbing into my legs, then slowly started moving up my legs until to my own delight her hands made contact with my old fella on more than one occasion.

Then things got interesting, as she started moving up from my legs she got on top of me so that I could feel the warmth of her crotch on my back and it sent a shiver up my spine, with every push of her oily palms into my back the sexual intensity just seemed to rise within the room, when she finally asked me to roll over I felt like I was ready to go then and there and she noticed.

She got on top of me so I could feel the warmth of her pussy grinding against my rock hard dick and she massaged her hands into my chest the sensation drove me crazy, I put my hand up and cupped her ass and she let me and as I moved my hands up to her chest she removed her top for me showing two beautifully sculpted breasts, I went to take it further when she stopped me and smiling, she made a jerking motion with her hand and I understood, two and a half hours after arriving at Dubai international airport and I was being jerked off with warm scented oil by a ridiculously cute Asian girl.

I had never cum from a hand job before but this girl was a professional and as I blew my load all over her perfect round titties I thought to myself that I could get used to a city like this.

Afterwards I thanked her for her efforts and took a nice warm shower in a marble bathroom with heated tiles, I got dressed, paid the lady at the counter for the service and stepped outside to see my taxi driver waiting with a knowing smile. The jet lag fatigue from before had nearly all but dissipated and I was filled with a renewed vitality, I got into the taxi and thanked the driver for taking me to such a wonderful place and then he asked me the same question he had before ‘Where would you like to go my friend?’

I sat back and thought to myself for a moment before saying ‘take me to the best nightclub in Dubai’ and once more we sped off into the night.

Soon we arrived at tall hotel with Russian writing on the front and a big red Russian star at it’s entrance, I asked the driver if he was sure this would be a good place for an Australian to go and he told me in that same thick accent, ‘trust me my friend’.

In Dubai all the nightclubs are inside hotels, something I was to discover that night, I entered the hotel a bit unsure and then asked them where the nightclub was, they directed me to some lifts and I took the lift to the top floor, upon stepping out I was amazed to see a sea of foreigners dancing and jiving to loud techno music before me and every woman I laid eyes on was stunning, I was definitely in the right place.

I went to the bar and I ordered a beer and within minutes a very attractive blonde Slovakian girl named Anna had approached me and was asking me questions about Australia, I knew I probably looked like crap after a 9 hour flight and a rub and tug but I decided to try it out anyway, after some small talk and within the first ten minutes of arriving I asked her if she wanted to get out of here and to my joy, she told me she was going to go get her bag and to meet her at the lift.

At this point it did cross my mind that Anna might be a prostitute, I had heard that it was quite common in Dubai but I figured at this point I had already crossed that line once today and this girl was so ridiculously stunning, it wouldn’t hurt to see where it goes.

We get in the lift and she wraps her arms around my neck and starts kissing me, then teasing me and smiling when I went to kiss her back, she asked me if I had a room here to which I told her my plane is leaving in 4 hours, she said we could go back to her place but she had a room-mate. I didn’t want to make things more complicated than they needed to be and I knew I was short on time, so I went downstairs to the clerk and booked a 300 dollar a night room, Anna was worth it.

We went upstairs and we didn’t muck around, upon entering the room we were aggressively removing each others clothes and before I knew it I was inside her on the bed, I was going for a good 30 minutes before I finally came and when I did she seemed almost disappointed and I felt slightly embarrassed at how little I had actually produced, I guess I must have got it all out of my system at the massage salon.

I was still unsure whether she was going to ask for money or not, but I didn’t say anything of course and as we both started getting dressed she told me that she was glad I came along when I did because she was just out for work drinks with friends when she saw me and was about to head home.

I kissed Anna passionately and we exchanged contact info on our iPhone before I rushed downstairs to check out and found my taxi driver still waiting. He drove me quickly back to the airport and I gave him the tip of the century before going through customs and boarding my flight to London and as I sat contently on the plane feeling like the King of the world I promised myself, never again would I let another stop-over go to waste.

By Jay

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