Relationships – Why They Fail


With the national divorce rate at an all time high, its pretty obviously that relationships/marriages just aren’t working out the way they used to. Additionally, the couples that do stick together often appear glum and miserable.

Some men blame it on the feminist movement in which women are seeking out equal treatment economically and socially; and some women feel like a mans ego and desire to “stick it in anything that moves” is what keeps them from developing any trust in their partner.

Personally, I feel like an entire collective of twenty first century phenomenons are responsible. But no matter what you feel is responsible for the destruction of long lasting relationships, it doesn’t change or help the issue.

There are however, a few things that you should take a good hard look at, if you want to increase the chances of your relationships working out.

Relationships And Social Media

How much time do you spend each day creeping on your boyfriends or girlfriends Facebook profile and twitter for traces of infidelity?

Ever since it became cool to publicly document every thought and action you are taking in life, communication between couples changed.

Honestly, why bother asking your partner what they’re doing or what they feel like the current state of the relationship is, if they can just log on to your twitter and find out?

Trust; what 45% percent of people feel is crucial to a successful relationship has now become a extraneous. Is it possible that if social media websites lost their appeal to the new generation, we would see an increase in the amount of successful relationships ? If you want to have a happy and long-lived relationship, relying on your partners word and not some social media site definitely seems like the healthiest thing to do. I’m not saying you have to delete your Facebook; but a little self control will take you a long way. Make an effort to discontinue obsessively stalking your partner every chance you get.

Relationships And Pornography

Men now have the ability to view millions of naked women in the comfort of their homes with the click of a button. Anyone else see how this is taking a toll on relationships of this generation?

Why should any man feel motivated to seek out a relationship or build upon any current relationship when sexual release has become so easily accessible? Especially with obesity being such a epidemic; finding a woman that mirrors the image of the women on our computer screens seems near to impossible. And with the rate at which technology is growing; the “virtual Girlfriend” is certainly seeming like a possibility.

Its vacuous to think that you can enjoy and unlimited source of free porn and some day have what it takes to maintain a relationship. Men, less porn and more physical interaction with women is what is going to shape you into the man that is prepared to sustain a relationship.

Relationships And Marriage

Is it possible that the concept of marriage itself is detrimental to a durable relationship?

I find that when two people are a team and having a goal they are both striving toward they tend to stick together until that goal is complete at the very minimum.

It appears that when two people first begin dating they have a common aim of taking things to an exclusive relationship level; following this they desire to get engaged, move in together, and then get married; Whats next? Is marriage the final milestone in your current relationship?

If it is, this could be the very reason couples are divorcing and breaking up. To have a successful relationship it is important to have a goal that is higher in significance and value than marriage. A relationship like any other project that you want to see grow abundantly needs aims, goals and direction.

Too many people are getting married because that’s what they feel they’re “suppose to do”; the same reason why many people are attending college today. Have an understanding of why it is you want to be in a relationship or why it is you want to get married before you just jump into one blind folded.

In conclusion

If you’re lazy you will acquire all the the things that lazy people have; a bunch of failed attempts and unfulfilled dreams. Its time to become industrious and work hard toward what it is you want to see success breed from in your life. With consistency and diligence success is always right around the corner.

By Eddie Fews


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