Reject me, I Dare you

After a two month hiatus I went out a couple clubs and bars this weekend and to my surprise not one of the guys I saw was doing anything other than standing around with a drink in their hands.

I could practically see the boredom dripping off of the dresses of some of the sexiest women New York City had to offer; just wishing someone was brave enough to show them a good time. The saddest part is when I looked at the male bystanders I could see the child in their eyes just wanting to come out and play. A blind man could spot how bored these women were but for whatever reason the men’s social conditioning was sitting in the drivers seat; and the inner child was in the back seat asking ” Are We There Yet? so I can get out and play”. I instantly understood why so many of our women are becoming lesbians; what other choice do they have? From the looks of things, other girls are the only ones who aren’t afraid to approach and dance with each other. The majority of our men have turned into dry, loose, and smelly pussies.

You would think with all websites like this and the popularity of the whole ” Pick Up Artist” scene that their would be more hero’s saving the day out there. Instead, there is just a bigger audience ready to cheer on the guys like us who are getting involved. Just happy for the knowledge but lacking all the motivation to actually make something of themselves.

Anyways; I wasn’t going to stand around much longer, my friend Myles was in town today; not to mention I paid a $20 cover to get into the place. I was with a group of four (Not a good number for picking up chicks by the way) and after two mins of checking out the nervous Men and bored/Fed up with these losers’ hot girls I made my first move. I turned directly around to a group of about seven girls who were standing behind me. I threw my arms around the two who were closest to me, and spoke to the group: ” Guys come dance with me and my friends. There’s no way you guys came out to stand around”. I could instantly tell the majority of the group was excited they had finally been approached; their eyes lit up, and then they looked at the ” Group Leader ( the prettiest Girl Of The group)” for confirmation. And instead of grabbing her hand and pulling her out onto the dance floor, I waited around for her response which was a poorly played move on my part. ” Um umm umm I think we’re just going to have a ladies night tonight” was her response. The rest of the group looked like deflated balloons after this; if no one else approaches them, they could be having another boring night. I engaged the pretty girl of the group in conversation trying to reason with her so she would give her pawns permission to go out and finally dance. We laughed a bit, she offered me her number for a rain-check, I declined and turned around to see my three friends still standing there.

We split into groups, I took Myles with me and my other two friends went their own way. We made our rounds at the place and made a few more small approaches and danced with a few girls. My attitude the entire night was ” Reject me! I dare you” and I would look into the eyes of every girl I approached with that same intensity. ” Go on and reject me, I dare you to”. All that did was put them on their toes, few of them actually had the balls to take me up on that dare. Ironically enough, I had been away from the scene for so long that I was nervous before every approach I made this entire night. But what’s nerves to a guy like me? Can you please remind me. I wasn’t out to gain anything in particular on this night; I’ve been pretty comfortable with the woman I have at the moment. My mission was to make sure my group, got with chicks and had a good time.

Shortly after the groups separation, Myles taps me on the shoulder and points to a group of about 8 or 9 girls all standing in a corner alone – barely even talking to each other. I wasn’t going to make the same mistake again. I walked right on over to the group, grabbed the hands of the most attractive one out of them all and pulled her onto the dance floor. Myles followed up and did the same, we danced with them a bit and the rest of my group spotted the scene and joined in. They exchanged contact info with the girls and then after we had approached every attractive girl in the entire club, we moved on to the next one to do the same. Myles went on to tear the clubs up that night – that guy was on fire! I wished you guys could of seen him; he had the exact same attitude. It wasn’t “I don’t care if I get rejected”, the attitude was ” Reject me.. I dare you” and he meant it.

If you read Way Of The Player there is no reason for you to be a WallFlower and if you live in New York City or are anywhere near and would like me to show you how to shred the clubs to pieces out here; My Email address is at the bottom. when you approach women anywhere, even if you are approaching them during the day. Approach them with the attitude ” Reject me.. I dare you”. Women aren’t as ballsy as us at Way Of The Player; master that attitude and the amount of rejection you deal with will cut in half.

Peace & Love

By Eddie Fews


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  • Nathan

    Great article. The only issue is that you seem to equate sacless guys as the reason “lesbiansism” is increasing. People are just born that way.

  • Tuval

    *Applauding* This was so inspiring!! Awesome

  • Kelso Benavicci

    one of the few articles on the subject where the word preach never left my mind

  • Cheng

    A fantastic post about the mentality that one should don when approaching the field. Sadly, there’s a cultural gap between such approaches and in Asia, it’s a bit better to warm up the girls a bit before going on as they’re more keen to be more conventional! ~Just my 2 cents.

    Keep up the good job!

  • syn

    Just what the doctor ordered. Splendid article dude. Even if you do get rejected, “to succeed, you must fail”.

  • costin

    I just wanted to extend an open invitation. Should you ever found yourself in Italy (I live in Milan), I’d love to show you around and maybe hit the clubs with you.

    Oh, and keep writing great articles = D

    Do have a nice day,