Reach Beyond The Stars

Reach beyond the stars and worst case scenario, you might land at the moon.

Seduction is by far, more about what you create then what already is. Too many people are waiting to only do what they already feel is possible. Very few are seeking to achieve anything that hasn’t been done before.

It’s like we believe that unless we have seen something with our own eyes or heard of it from someone we trust, we don’t even think it can be accomplished.

There was a time when it was considered scientifically impossible to perform a backflip on a motorcycle. If you have seen the X-games lately you know that guys are now performing double back flips. All it took was for one guy to decide that he would attempt the “impossible” and that alone inspired other men to do the same.

Think big guys; reach to accomplish what society, science, and religions say are impossible. A little faith goes a long way… Isn’t that what seduction is all about anyway, believing that the girl is already attracted to you?

I bet if you saw me walk into a bar and leave out with a woman I didn’t know in 5 mins, you would then be able to get up and do the same. But why should it take that? Don’t you guys understand that anything is possible?┬áPeople are constantly breaking records and pushing the limitations that have been put on life.

Try this, mentally travel back in time 1000 years and try to explain to someone the concept of an ipod.. You would probably be stoned to death for speaking of some “impossible foolishness”.

Believe in yourself, not science, the world was scientifically “flat” just over 500 years ago. And we look at that generation like they were idiots.

“How could they think the world was flat, that’s stupid”..

Do you doubt that in the next 500 years, they will perceive our generation as idiots too? “How could they not know that they can move objects without hands, they were stupid” Science has had to adjust to the times since the beginning of civilization.

We Should All Try And Reach Beyond The Stars

I believe that faith in yourself is far more important than any science. Reach beyond the stars and seek to make the impossible, possible. Jay-z once said in a song ” difficult takes a day, impossible takes a week” and his story speaks for itself.

A street thug/drug dealer, now on his way to becoming a billionaire. Do you ever percieve hoodlums and thugs like they could become future billionaires? Maybe you should, because if they believe it, they can get there.

I challenge you to see everyone as being “god like” and capable of accomplishing anything, and treat them accordingly. There is nothing more seductive than making a girl feel like she can accomplish anything with you.

Satan did it to eve in the first chapter of the bible, seduced “Gods” first creation into doing what he wanted by simply making her feel she would be great by following his orders. “If you eat this apple, you will be like god”.

Did the “holy” bible just teach us how to seduce?

Now do be careful to use this for good, there is more to life than lying to get beautiful women into bed. You would be a lot more satisfied in your relationships with honesty. That’s all for now, stay true.

By Eddie Fews


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