Standards, Every Man Should Have Them


This article is about the importance of having standards.

How many of you guys would stick your ‘man tool’ in just about any girl that looks half-way decent?

Lets say right now you get a text message from some girl you went to school with a few years ago. It said “Hey, my boyfriend is out of town and I’m horny, could you come over?”

Would you run to the nearest pharmacy, grab a box of Trojans and plow through her front door like a wrecking ball? If the answer to this question is yes, then this is exactly why things like this don’t happen to you as often as it happens to Players.

People naturally want what they can’t have, therefore a girl is most likely to text the guy that will likely reject them; or at least make them work a bit for them before they just run on over there. My response to a text message like that will go a little something like this.. ” You think this is free?” Which will be responded too in one of two ways.

Either she’ll beg and begin to prove herself to me and give me reasons why I should come over (Come on… Please, I’ll even cook you breakfast) or she’ll move on and send that same text message to another guy she wants to bang. If she ignores it and moves on she’s failed my first test and that just says to me that’s not the kind of dirt i want my shovel digging in. She’s probably slept with a million guys before me.

Women Want Men With Standards

Beautiful women are attracted to men with standards; and MOST feel attracted to a man who’s standards ostensibly exceed them. Ever wonder why it is always the over weight or unattractive girls that are being forward and coming on to you? This is exactly why, because they don’t have a chance; your natural instinctive standards rise high and far beyond them.

As a matter of fact, you know in the depths of you’re heart that if you were out with me and i pointed to a girl that was 475 pounds eating a donut. That you could walk right over to her and get her phone number and possibly even make out with her if you wanted to.

You can apply this same exact principle to beautiful women, however your standards must first penetrate deeper than the physical.
Now I know that a man falls in love with his eyes and a women with her ears but do you even know what kind of woman you want? Do you care if she has a sense of humor, is intelligent, adventurous, or conservative, artsy and traditional? Or will you just tackle on anything with a pretty face.

Beautiful women find it extremely attractive when you feel you are measuring them up with a list of questions tied directly to your standards and when you are willing to walk away from the conversation with a polite ” it was nice talking to you” if they don’t live up to you’re standards. Also the higher your standards the higher the quality of women that will be coming into you’re life.

A woman wants to feel like you could have any beautiful woman in the entire room if you wanted to but you choose her because of some distinct qualities she possesses. In fact women below your standards will be winking at you, bumping into you and coming at you from all angles. They will be fairly attractive as well, being that your standards go deeper than the physical.

However, it’s you’re mission to hold up to yourself to the standards you have set for yourself and stick by them no matter what. Do this and watch the quality of the beautiful women waking up next to you in the morning go right through the roof.

Kieran Black even said to me and I’ll never forget it “It’s great when we meet interesting people who have a profound affect on us and our lives but your sex is valuable and the more freely and without discrimination you give it out, the less valuable it becomes.”

Put some value on you flag poles guys, there are a lot more attractive women out they’re that are willing to sleep with you once you understand that your roll of coins is just as valuable; if not more valuable that their change purse.

I challenge you to take 20 mintues out of your day, get a sheet of paper and make a list of all of the qualities you want in and out of a woman. Hang it on your bedroom wall and read it every morning when you wake up until it’s ingrained in your memory and hold every woman you meet up to that list.

Ask them questions that reflect the standards on your list. For example if you want a conservative girl ask a girl you meet something like ” Do you like to go out and party?” If she says yes, be willing and ready to walk away.

Watch how many women try to prove themselves to you a little like this “I go out and party at X bar (look for your reaction) but I don’t go much anymore, I actually like to stay home and read now” Now I’m not saying that you’ll get everything but if you have a list of twenty things and you meet a woman with fifteen out of that twenty, that ain’t bad. Until next time guys.. Raise Your Standards!


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