Quiz: How Likely Are You To Get Laid?

Want to have a greater chance at success tonight than that odd libido that always leaves you in front of a computer screen at 5 a.m. with some Vaseline? Well look no further: this questionnaire is designed to test your awareness while simultaneously increasing your knowledge of your female counterpart.

While we cannot guarantee that taking this quiz will ensure that you will get laid, we can certainly assure you that it will teach you some valuable lessons that will lead towards success in bed.

1. Which One Of these things Means a girl wants to sleep with you? 

A.     She Pokes you back on Facebook

B.     She Inboxes you because you liked her LMS status

C.     She Likes One Of You’re pictures

D.     None of the above

E.    All of the above

Answer: E.  All Of The Above

All players have come to follow one distinct principal – ” Assume Attraction “. Any interest being shown from a girl that you find attractive is a direct invitation to make your move. Don’t sit around thinking ” Is she interested? “. Know she’s interested and speak to her as if you know she is already interested.  Assuming Attraction, followed it up by action and your chances to get laid will go from zero to fifty.

2. You are walking down the street and the girl of your dreams is towards you. When you two are close enough, you look at her and she holds eye contact while smiling. What do you do? 

A.     Quickly look at the ground and pick up you’re pace speeding up the street

B.     Confidently hold her gaze back, mirror her smile and stop dead in you’re tracks so she knows that you want to talk and do more than just stare. 

C.     Get excited and wide-eyed, flash a big goofy smile and begin waving

D.     Avoid her stare by looking up at the sky, cockily pretending she doesn’t even exist. 

Answer: B. Confidently hold her gaze, mirror her smile and stop dead in your tracks so she knows that you want to talk and do more than just stare

Any woman who holds direct eye contact with you while smiling obviously wants more than a little attention. Make your move and make sure it is smooth; this is why mirroring her reaction towards you is a suave way to let her know that you want to have a social interaction with her.

Also, studies say that when making eye contact with a woman, if she looks directly at the ground after first making eye contact it is because she finds you attractive; if she looks up at the sky, she sees you as having little value; and if she looks left or right, she is indifferent toward you. And of course, if she holds your gaze and does not look away, you know its on.

3. You walk into a bar and notice a hottie sitting at the bar having a drink alone. What is your next move?

A.     Assume she is probably waiting on her boyfriend to get out of the bathroom and pretend she doesn’t exist.

B.     Walk up to her, tap her on the shoulder and ask, ” Hello, can I buy you a drink?” 

C.     Sit in the barstool directly next to her, order yourself a drink and then look over introduce yourself. Reach out to shake her hand and hold onto it until she follows up by telling you her name. 

D.     Sit down somewhere at the bar and stare at her, hoping that she looks in your direction so you can flash her a smile. 

Answer: C. Sit in the barstool directly next to her, order yourself a drink and then look over introduce yourself. Reach out to shake her hand and hold onto it until she follows up by telling you her name

If you must buy a girl a drink, make a point to never ask, “Can I buy you a drink”, or “Would you like a Drink?” It shows you are waiting on her approval and are not taking the initiative you need to show that you are aggressive. Instead, something along the lines of “Let me get a Long Island Ice Tea and get the lady next to me one too.” This directly shows confidence and assertiveness; she will love you for it.

4. You wake up early on a Saturday morning and throw on whatever you can find. You head out to you favorite bookstore, and a cute brunette comes over to tell you that she loves your shirt. What does she mean?

A.     Nothing. She was just telling me she liked my shirt; it’s a genuine compliment

B.     I’m being aggressive here, so please say something other than thanks

C.     That shirt is hideous, I hope he doesn’t know I’m being sarcastic

D.     None Of The Above

Answer: B. I’m being aggressive here, so please say something other than thanks

If a women is not involved in your social circle and she is coming up to you to let you know that she likes your shirt, she is often trying to drop a subtle hint. The best option in this situation is to say thanks and introduce yourself. If in a book store, your follow up after you introduce yourself would be to ask about what genre she reads and what book she is currently looking for. This will lead into a world of other conversations. So who knows, you guys could be headed out for coffee shortly after.

5. Which Pick Up Line Is most likely to land you with a Phone Number?

A.     Hey, my name is _____ (followed up by reaching out for a hand shake)

B.     Hey, how about you come sit on my lap and we talk about the first thing that pops up?

C.     Do you work for UPS? Because I could of sworn you were checking out my package 

D.     People Call me Eddie, but you can call me tonight

Answer: A. Hey, my name is ______ (followed up by reach out for a hand shake)

The simplest opening line you can use is going to get you the furthest. All of those cheesy and perverted pick up lines will either get you smacked, or laughed at. The best thing you can do is to say “Hello”, then state your name and reach out to offer your handshake. Once you have her hand, it is best to hold it while maintaining eye contact up until she reciprocates your interest by stating her name as well.

6. What type of conversation do the majority women enjoy taking part in the most? 

A.     Academic conversation

B.     No conversation. All a girl wants to do is cuddle and kiss

C.     Emotional Conversation

D.     Self-Centered Conversation

Answer: C. Emotional Conversation

Talk to a women about school or work and you will be instantly thrown into the “Another Boring guy category”. Chances are that she is working or going to school 5 days a week, so she wants to escape thinking about professional topics. Questions like, “Where do you work?”, “What to do you?”, and “Where did you go to school?” are the equivalent of shooting yourself in the foot.

Women enjoy a conversation that revolves around emotions. In other words, a women wants to know that you connect with her emotionally. She could care less if you relate to her professional, or educational background. Speak to her about her passions and her childhood; ask a women about the things she fears and you will be well on your way towards a sealed relationship – if even for one night.

Another good example of an emotionally based conversation is, “What do you think the world would be like with out love?” This i much more engaging than her past communicative experiences. You should be trying to rid yourself of every dead end, one word response question, so use leading statements and open ended questions when having a conversation.

7. You are texting a girl you met on a drunk night out. Every response you get contains one word answers, so what is she trying to tell you?

A.     Let’s just be friends

B.     Take a hint and fuck off, weirdo  

C.     I have a boyfriend

D.     You’re boring me, so try harder  

Answer: D. You’re boring me, so try harder

Chances are that if she is still responding to your text messages, she is not exactly blowing you off – yet. Odds are that she is just trying to let you know that you are not engaging enough. Too many guys fall into a trap by composing a text that says, “Whats up?” Of course she will respond with, “Nothing much, you?”

When he responds ” Just chilling, how are you?” She will predictably respond with, “Good, you?” You, my friend, have now found yourself in a dead end – your only reply can be “Good.” We doubt that a conversation like this will ever be fun for you, and it will certainly never be fun for her. When you text you should be creative; we honestly do not see how a guy can have all the time in the world to think of a quirky, creative text, yet they still cannot think of anything better than “How are you?”

8. When making out with a girl in public, what do you do with your hands?

A.     Reach up her shirt and begin fondling her breast while kissing

B.     Hold her right around her lower waist a few inches above the butt 

C.     Place both hands on opposite sides of her cheeks and squish them together while you make out.

D.     Reach Right around her waist and begin tightly gripping her ass

Answer: B.  Hold her right around her lower waist a few inches above the butt 

If you are the PDA type then it would be best if you would refrain from getting too hot and heavy while still in public. The last thing you want is for the both of you to get “in the mood,” and then have nowhere to go. A firm hold around the waist and light casual make-out is a sure way to show affection for one another without pissing off a father walking his little kid down the street.

9. When can you profess that you are deeply in love with a women? 

A. Instantly! Love at first sight, baby!

B. Between Dates 3 & 5

C. Never. Who believes in love anyway?

D. None Of The Above

Answer: D. None Of The Above

Now there is nothing wrong with telling a woman that you love her – but only when you have been with her long enough to actually know your feelings are certain. However, the popular cliché goes, “Actions speak louder than words.” This statement could not be any more fitting for than for this question.

When you genuinely love a woman then it is not your words, but your actions that you are measured by. We are sure that every woman on earth would much rather you show her you love her through your actions. Rather than listening to you tell her how much you love her all of the time – especially when your actions express the exact opposite. Show her before you even think about telling her.

10. What is the most effective form of seduction?

A.     A direct and honest approach

B.     Sell dreams and lie your way into her bed

C.     Buy her a ton of expensive gifts until she agree to sleep with you

D.     Pour your heart out, beg and plead for her love

Answer A. A direct and honest approach

There is nothing worse than lying to a woman – especially about your income, the car you drive and the feelings you have for her. You will then have to face that deer-in-the-headlights moment when she finally catches on to the truth. Being direct and honest from the start will spare everyone from the disappointment of heart break. So, if you are driving a 1997 Honda Accord, it would be best to be honest about it, or at least leave it out of the conversation all together. Eventually the truth will come out, and who wants to look like liar?

She is either going to accept you for who you are, or reject you. So the sooner you get that out of the way, the better your love life will be. Be honest with a woman and be honest with yourself. Your encounters with women and the quality of your interactions will only increase exponentially.

How did you score?

Eddie Fews


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