Primitive Player


Becoming a Primitve Player.

Let’s face it. Men have been picking up women since men and women were invented. In those days they didn’t have dating websites, social networking, text messages or phones. And you know what? You’re here, I’m here, so those guys must have known what they were doing. When we look at seduction as a purely animalistic or primitive instinct, it takes on a whole new perspective.

For starters, the only communication was face-to-face. That meant, getting in front of a woman, stating your sexual interest and then hoping she was interested. You know what? Not much has changed. Just get out there, go talk to women and if the circumstances are right, you’ll probably get a date.

Often guys will want to know what to ‘open’ with, what to do, what to wear, what to talk about. These are all first world problems. Seriously, if you have to think that much then I’m tipping you don’t do a lot of approaches. Which brings me to my next two points.

How To Be A Primitive Player

Player Point #1 — Don’t think, feel. We all have an unconscious—the feeling mind, and a conscious—the thinking mind. We men are guilty of spending far too much time in our conscious minds and repressing our unconscious feelings and emotions. This is actually pretty unhealthy. Try to connect with your feelings, emotions, libido and try expressing how you feel in words. What that means is if you see a woman with amazing hair and it gives you goosebumps, tell her!

Player Point #2 — Meet more women. It goes without saying, that the more women you meet, the more opportunities you create. If you’re stuck in your head and have reservations about approaching, you are limiting your opportunities. Think what the primitive you would do, if he saw an attractive woman? Hopefully he wouldn’t hesitate to go up to her and see if she was interested!

Putting things in the context of a primitive man makes everything so much easier. It’s a matter of knowing that you have to go and meet women face to face, test for interest, follow your instincts, express your feelings and meet more women. And remember, if in doubt, ask “what would the primitive me do?”

By Glen Clive

 True Masculine

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