Players Thrive On Challenge


If you want to become a Player, then you need to learn to love a good challenge.

As humans, we have an innate desire for familiarity, we crave consistency, sameness, order and security. It is for this reason that some immigrants who move to a new country will seek to surround themselves with neighbors of their own ethnicity and rarely associate with people from their new home.

They changed their environment with the understanding that this challenge would lead to growth. Then their primal instinct of familiarity kicked in thus limiting their ability to learn the local language effectively and stifling their immersion with the culture of their new homeland.

If you’re new to meeting women, it’s going to be pretty scary. You’ll probably need to force yourself to leave your house, you have to go up to complete strangers and start talking to them. This is very intimidating the first time you do it, and believe me, those feelings never completely go away but you do get better at it, and your proficiency will increase. But you have to keep doing it, you have to keep challenging yourself. If you take the path of least resistance by doing a few approaches and giving up, you are being just like the Italian immigrant who only associates with Italians, you’re going to stifle your own growth.

Just as keen sailors set out to sail the unknown seas and chart new territories, you are doing the same. It takes all the courage you can muster but that’s what being a man, being a player, is all about. It’s about creating opportunities by being courageous, getting out of your comfort zone and then staying out of your comfort zone for extended periods of time. The fear for the sailors was rational, they could have been swallowed up by the ocean, or eaten by cannibals. You on the other hand are approaching women, a fear of women is irrational.

So remember, familiarity is our driving instinct, it’s how we recognise things, it’s how we feel safe and secure. We need to override our desire for familiarity with a desire for challenge. Because challenge is what leads to growth. You need to keep challenging yourself and not revert back to familiar ways, and slowly your player skills will increase.

You need to be like the explorers who charted new territories, you have to go out of your way and make your own discoveries, create your own opportunities, because they won’t come to you.

You have nothing to fear, unless you are actually afraid of girls, in which case you need to remind yourself that you are a man, you are physically superior and you live in a man’s world. You live in a Player’s world. This may not be fair to women, but that’s the world we live in.

By Glen Clive

 True Masculine

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