Players Love Adventure


To become a Player, one must first accept that there will be challenges along the way but it is all part of the adventure.

To look for adventure means to take a risk, to actively push yourself out of your comfort zone for the purpose of finding something new and exciting.

We all want an adventure, we try to experience it vicariously through books, television and video games but this is never the same as actually living it.

Living adventure takes guts and it takes a man who is determined to shape his own destiny. Since you are here reading this you are on the verge of becoming such a man, you just need to take the first step.

Player Risk Versus Player Reward

Living an adventure means actually taking risk and being an adventurer means living a lifestyle which potentially exposes you to bad outcomes as well as good outcomes.

If you live an adventurous lifestyle with women, then you will find yourself constantly chasing after women in search of adventures. Sometimes chasing women will result in you getting laid or making a new friend, however sometimes it will result in you getting rejected. It’s all part of the adventure.

If you look of it in terms of immediate risk versus reward then you will always get stuck in that place of indecision which can stop you from going after adventure by approaching a girl. But, if you look at the big picture which is, the more women you approach the more you increase the likelihood of eventually finding the perfect girl for you.

Well… Only an idiot would look at the small picture because the ultimate reward of taking the adventurous path is surely worth it.

The more women you approach the more experience you will get, the better you will get at presenting yourself well to women, the more your confidence will grow and the easier it will become to approach more women. Adventure is a winning formula for success, you can only get better by taking the adventurous path.

The safe path on the other hand will never take you anywhere interesting, it will just keep leading you back to the same place again and again, a depressing place littered with bad memories and feelings of inadequacy. This is a place that all of us have visited at some point in our lives and a place that we need to escape if we ever want to live good meaningful lives.

Become A Player Adventurer

The meaning of ‘Player’ is actually very similar to adventurer, in fact they are practically the same thing. A Player is someone who is involved in the game of life. A Player is someone who is putting themselves out there and living their dreams rather than watching from the sidelines.

To become a Player means to become an adventurer, like Lewis and Clark or Christopher Columbus. These men and many others risked everything in the pursuit of adventure. They were so determined to live exceptional lives that they went up against impossible odds to earn themselves a place in the history books. And you can do the same.

You don’t even need to become as historically significant as Lewis and Clark to become a Player. A Player who is able to attract and seduce beautiful women at will. That’s actually quite easy in the scheme of things and any guy can do it but first he needs to develop an appetite for adventure.

Most of the men who come on here to become players find themselves achieving their goals and becoming men who are very attractive to women. However, once they get to that stage I have never witnessed any of them (including myself) being content with that. Instead their success at becoming a player has caused them to develop a lust for life and adventure and they go on to do great things in other areas of their lives.

We as men often believe that finding the perfect woman is the most important part of our lives. It is beneficial that every man who can, starts his adventure seeking here. Because once you become a player with women, you can become a player at anything. But it all starts with accepting risk as part of adventure and glory and deciding to fill your life with adventure.

By Kieran Black

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