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Since I began professionally coaching men on meeting and dating women, I have noticed a common theme with the guys that I work with it; they tend to invest the most of their energy and thought space into making the first move, instead of investing energy into their ‘end goal’. I’d even go so far as to say that most men don’t even know what their end goal is.

Too many men put their energy into building the courage to approach a woman, then, once they do, they freeze up and are at a lost for words.

Approaching is the easy part fellas, drill that into your brain. When I enter a nightclub or bar one of the first things I do is I figure out where the best dark corners or isolation spots are that I can take girls to. I do this because I’m “assuming” that I’m going to be interacting with lots of beautiful women. Everything before that in my mind is ‘Easy’ and I’ve conditioned myself to think this way.

When you go in for a job interview, are you thinking”I hope they hire me” or do you have the confidence to ask yourself “Would I enjoy working here?”

Personally, I wouldn’t work for anyone that I do not admire or respect, so after I’m interviewed, I interview my ” future boss” as well to see if he’s someone I could see myself working for. I want a general understanding of his morals and ambitions before I align myself with him or his company; and if I don’t agree with them, I have no problem walking away from the opportunity because I’m confident enough to know that options are infinite. Never settle, ever.

A man focused on his end goal has a little something women admire called direction. If you’re out approaching women during the daytime you want to figure out where the coffee shops, diners, or bookstores etc. are far before you make an approach. That way you can easily transition the interaction into an instant-date if need be. Approaching is the easy part, getting a phone number is child’s play, its time to start challenging yourself.

Think about this for a second: The men who spend all of their mental energy racking up the courage to approach a woman, rarely if ever, make a decent approach; men who spend all their mental energy on what they’re going to say to a woman, rarely if ever can make any solid conversation. The men who spend all their mental energy thinking about how they’re going to have sex with a woman, rarely if ever have sex with women. So what do you think you have to do? That’s right, ‘focus’ your energy on something far beyond what you think you want or better yet, try not to think so much at all.

I firmly believe that “thinking” is meant for alone time, thinking for me is an activity, something I do when I have free time or when its necessary. Because when I’m thinking, I’m not “doing”, and as a Player, I have come to understand how much more important my actions are than my words and thoughts. The mind isn’t “YOU”, the mind is a tool and it can become your worse enemy if you let it run rampant. Take some control over your thoughts and you will begin to take control over your life.

In this day and age we are constantly bombarded with information from every angle, so that our minds rarely have time to turn off and rest; and what happens if you don’t rest? As a result we have developed an over-active mind that rarely gives us a break. This is why many cultures find meditation to be such an important practice, it allows the mind to rest and recharge.

Take some time to think about what you want; then raise the bar far above and beyond that, that is your end goal. Make that your main focus and everything lower than it will come to you easily and naturally. Never settle, dream big, and you will never be without. Peace

By Eddie Fews


I’m Dating & Seduction Coach ‘Eddie Fews’- I work with men on various things from improving their text messaging to approaching and meeting women on the sidewalks, stores and coffee shops all over the world.

Although we have shortcomings, we should constantly be working on improving and building ourselves into better more efficient people.

If you need that extra push and motivation to get out there to meet and date more women and want to expand upon your seduction skill I could be the coach for you. You can Email me: to check my availability ,rates, and you will be contacted by me or one of my representatives within 24 hours.

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