Players Don’t Blame


Part of becoming a Player and growing as a man is learning to take responsibility for your own successes and failures.

When men are too afraid to look internally and take responsibility for their own development and success… They typically blame external factors that they have no control over.

Then… They feel sorry for themselves and continue the same miserable cycle with women over and over again.

This might have worked for some people when they were little. They could throw tantrums when they didn’t get their way. But eventually if we don’t learn to put our ‘Big Boy Pants’ on and take responsibility for our own lives and destinies then we can’t expect other people to take us seriously.

If you are not getting the success you want with women, then don’t get angry. Get better.

Once you start feeling sorry for yourself you have given up and you have pretty much made yourself a waste of life.

Sounds harsh? The world is harsh.

No-one owes us anything in this world. Not your parents, not your friends and certainly not women you have never met before.

It is your responsibility to make your own success as a Player. No-one will care as much about you getting what you want as you do, so it’s up to you to make it happen.

A Player Learns From His Failures

If you approach beautiful women and they reject you, then don’t get angry and call them superficial or bitches. Instead, take a look at yourself and think of what you could of done better.

Learn from each interaction and choose the lessons you come away with. You can’t always control the outcome of an approach but what you DO have complete control over is what you take away from it.

Choose to take away the right lessons and craft your own development as a Player.

If a girl breaks up with you, then instead of getting angry, bitter or depressed; ask her what she thinks you could do better next time. Take whatever she says as constructive criticism and look at the big picture. She just saved you a lot of time. Now you have the chance to meet a girl you are better suited to.

It might be hard to make ourselves think this way while we’re upset but I guarantee you it is totally possible. Human beings have powerful intellects capable of removing us from our instinctive emotional responses. Use this intellect to rise above your lesser needs and wants. Use your intellect to win in life.

If you were playing Chess with a friend and you lost, would you get upset and throw the Chessboard at the wall? Some people would. It often feels like something that we want to do because we don’t like losing. But the people who do that usually have a tough time finding others to play with.

If you played again, would you make the same move knowing that it would likely achieve the same result? Or would you try something different and in doing so, improve your chances of success and winning the game.

Treat the seduction game the same way. Become a better Player. Develop your skills with the ultimate goal of winning. Take responsibility for your own success and use your intellect to change the way you play the game.

By Kieran Black

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